WVIA & Geisinger Launch Podcast

WVIA and Geisinger have launched The Mind Over Matter Podcast.  Hosted by Tracey Matisak and produced by Jim Donnelly, The Mind Over Matter Podcast is a continuation of the award-winning mental health initiative produced by WVIA in partnership with Geisinger. Over the next 24 weeks, hear from leading experts who will provide helpful information on a variety of mental health disorders including anxiety, depression, grief, and substance abuse.

On the first episode which premieres on Thursday, January 12th, Monica Mongiello, who has been living with psychosis for more than 20 years, turns to her mother and others within her support network for strength and perseverance. Hear her story of living with her illness and how it led her to become an advocate for others going through similar struggles.

On the second episode Geisinger’s Operations Manager for Virtual Care Ben Gonzales discusses his road to long-term recovery, what led him to seek help, the support he received from loved ones, and how it can serve as a model for others who need help.

On January 26th, host Tracey Matisak speaks with Amber Viola. Amber grew up in NEPA and graduated from North Pocono High School. She left the area to join the United States Navy. Amber was a Gunners Mate and Naval Military Training Instructor. While in the Navy, Amber worked as a Department of Defense Sexual Assault Victim Advocate.

Future podcast guests include Isabella DiBileo, Dr. Samantha Fitzgerald, Dr. Jessica Sevecke, Darren Weber, Dr. Joshua Blum, and many more.

Listeners can find the show at wvia.org/mindovermatterpod or subscribe through any major podcast provider, including Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon Alexa, Stitcher, and Pandora.

Marywood University Announces “The Counselor Next Door Podcast”

Marywood University’s Counseling and Student Development Center (CSDC) is offering its podcast, titled “The Counselor Next Door,” each Friday through the conclusion of the semester on Friday, May 7, 2021. The podcast’s aim is to present thoughtful conversations to support wellness, drawing from the experience of Marywood’s community.

Each episode of “The Counselor Next Door” covers a topic related to health and wellness from a counseling perspective, discussed by a counselor from Marywood’s CSDC, as well as a member of the University’s community. The topics are varied, ranging from equity and equality to art therapy, spiritual wellness, and more.

Episodes air every Friday, at anchor.fm/marywood-csdc. To learn more about Marywood’s Psychology and Counseling programs, visit marywood.edu/psychology-counseling/index.html, or call the Office of Admissions at (570) 348-6234.