Strategic Plan & Program of Work

Strategic Plan 2022–2025

Download a copy of the 2022–2025 strategic plan below.


Attract, sustain, and grow business throughout northeastern Pennsylvania


To be a catalytic leader in business growth for northeastern Pennsylvania by building strategic partnerships, results-driven economic initiatives, and facilitating valuable and inclusive connections for our stakeholders


Leadership, Collaboration, Equity, Inclusion, and Resourcefulness

Strategic Priority Pillars

Outcome based objectives that reinforce our strategic priorities

Facilitate access to quality networking, business-to-business opportunities, and educational resources

Serve as a voice for business with government and community partners throughout the region

Establish a clear and consistent brand for the Chamber and its affiliates

Promote large and small business attraction and growth, employer engagement, entrepreneurship, and access to capital

Serve as a catalyst for workforce development, career readiness, talent attraction, and professional leadership development

Address resource development, sustainability, staff alignment, and volunteer engagement

Program of Work 2022–2023

How The Chamber supports businesses through challenges and opportunities to ensure economic prosperity for our region. Download a copy of the Program of Work below.


Challenges and Opportunities
  • Investment structure offers limited options
  • Perceived low membership value (by some sectors)
  • Membership retention rates declining
  • Volunteer and member engagement can be improved
How The Chamber will support
Membership Services
  • Component #1 — Grow membership by offering services and benefits that demonstrate stakeholder value
  • Component #2 — Facilitate a welcoming and inclusive culture among members and volunteers
  • Component #3 — Increase volunteer engagement
  • Component #4 — Communicate consistently the value of a Chamber membership to members and future members


Challenges and Opportunities
  • Legislative advocacy is not always visible to members
  • Underrepresentation of emerging cultural constituencies
How The Chamber will support Government Affairs & Advocacy
  • Component #1 — Increase member awareness of legislative advocacy to promote pro-business policies, programs, and services
  • Component #2 — Establish regional public affairs partnerships
  • Component #3 — Engage emerging cultural constituencies to ensure inclusive


Challenges and Opportunities
  • Need more clear and cohesive communication as number of affiliates make messaging complicated
  • Need for more impactful media and social media engagements
  • Increase communications on member stories
How The Chamber will support Marketing & Communications
  • Component #1 — Establish a singular, cohesive Chamber brand
  • Component #2 — Strengthen media and social media opportunities
  • Component #3 — Increase member value through enhanced communications tool
  • Component #4 — Proactively promote stories on diverse members


Challenges and Opportunities
  • Need to support businesses of all sizes and sectors
  • Grow a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Leverage value of staff expertise
  • Provide access to business capital
  • Facilitate community investments and partnerships
How The Chamber will support Business Development
  • Component #1 — Develop, monitor, and market real estate investments
  • Component #2 — Promote entrepreneurship by offering a diverse set of resources and programs
  • Component #3 — Support development in businesses of all sizes and constituencies
  • Component #4 — Seek ways to market staff services (direct or in-kind)
  • Component #5 — Develop a portfolio of resources that offer access to capital to the business community


Challenges and Opportunities
  • Available talent pool is not meeting employer demand
  • Exploit opportunities for member talent recruitment and retention
  • Need for community access to career readiness resources
  • Professionals (of all ages) need access to career and leadership development
How The Chamber will support Workforce & Leadership
  • Component #1 — Grow talent pipeline that meets employer demand
  • Component #2 — Provide platform for business community to recruit and retain employees
  • Component #3 — Expand community access to leadership and professional development
  • Component #4 — Create tactics to retain high school, secondary, and post secondary graduates in our region


Challenges and Opportunities
  • Need for long-range community planning
  • Need to strengthen organizational financial sustainability
  • Leverage the expertise of board and volunteers
  • Evaluate staff to align with strategic plan
  • Strengthen organizational culture for staff and members
How The Chamber will support Organizational Excellence
  • Component #1 — Provide catalytic leadership for long-range community visioning
  • Component #2 — Formulate financial sustainability plan
  • Component #3 — Align staff and resources with strategic plan
  • Component #4 — Improve board and volunteer engagement