Mark Your Calendars for First Friday Set for April 5

Here’s your friendly reminder as a valued venue to register your event for the
April 5th First Friday Scranton art walk.

Registration closes Sunday (3/24) at midnight.

Sign up here.

Looking for an artist? These artists have expressed availability for April.
Their information is below:

Name: Anthony Mascaritola
Medium: Digital art
Show Title: Zuranime
Sample Artwork:

Name: Iris Johnston
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas, embroidery
Show Title: Little Heart
Sample Artwork:

Name: John Kevra
Medium: Acrylic Paint
Show Title: True Grit
Sample Artwork:

Name: Dawn Watson
Medium: Ink, charcoal, pastel and water on canvas
Show Title: IndescriptParadigm
Sample Artwork:

Name: Larissa Frye
Medium: Graphic design
Show Title: Plant parlor
Sample Artwork:

Name: Erin Boughton
Medium: Acrylic art/Abstract art
Show Title: Always the same.. always different
Sample Artwork:

Name: Jennifer Heege-Coulter
Medium: Paint on canvas, beaded jewelry
Show Title: Heege Creations
Sample Artwork:

Name: Jessica Johnson
Medium: Multi-Media Canvas Art
Show Title: The First Light
Sample Artwork:

Name: Vero Factum
Medium: Digital
Show Title: Saturday Mourning Post
Sample Artwork:

Name: Georisell Vazquez
Medium: Multimedia illustrations
Show Title: Fantasy Sketches and Drawings
Sample Artwork:

Name: Sam Kuchwara
Medium: Painting and mixed media
Show Title: Recent works in Painting and Mixed Media
Sample Artwork:

Name: Sindy  Estévez
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Show Title: The Women
Sample Artwork:

Name: Smilez
Medium: Acrylic Paint On Canvas
Show Title: Art Outside The Box
Sample Artwork:

Urban Co-Works Partners with Scranton-Based Artist for First Friday 

Urban Co-Works is excited to announce a new partnership with Scranton-based, Queer Asian-American Artist, SACHIKO, who will curate art to be displayed in the coworking space during First Friday events. The artist SACHIKO will use their marketing and consulting expertise to secure four local artists to showcase diverse and beautiful artwork each month during First Friday.

“We feel incredibly privileged to collaborate with The Artist SACHIKO in curating artists year-round at Urban Co-Works for First Friday in Scranton,” said Jeff Goronkin, Urban Co-Works CEO. “Our modern, adaptable office space provides an ideal canvas to showcase the richness of our local talent. We are thrilled to join the First Friday venue community, dedicated to uniting artists, art aficionados, and collectors under one roof.”

The artist SACHIKO will seek artwork that stands out for its creativity and originality while ensuring cohesion within the venue. Valuing diversity in styles and backgrounds, they aim to create an inclusive space that encourages engagement and dialogue among viewers. The artist’s ultimate goal is to curate shows that ignite inspiration and celebrate the rich artistic talent in our community.

“I met Jeff when I went down to Urban Co-Works to tour the space and discuss exhibiting my work. I was captivated by their vision and ethos for the space, said the artist SACHIKO. “During our conversation, I shared my recent collaboration in curating the show, ‘A Collective of NEPA Artists’ for Little Wild Refillery, alongside my professional background. We sensed a natural alignment for collaboration and the rest is history.” 

In addition to the gallery at Urban Co-Works, First Friday Scranton features a wide variety of cultural events found in some of the city’s best restaurants and cafes, as well as galleries, boutiques, and other small businesses. All events associated with First Friday Scranton take place from 5-9 PM in a walk-able, close-knit footprint, though a trolley bus is available to provide shuttle service at designated stops.

“Heading into 2024 we were thrilled to see new venues registering for the event. Urban Co-Works, which opened its doors this past December, was quick to recognize the event is a great opportunity to highlight their amazing space which is filling a much-needed gap in our Downtown,“ said Jack Reager, president of the board of First Friday.

Urban Co-Works currently has 3 brilliant artists on display and 14 amazing artists booked so far. The company is in the process of finalizing our 2024 schedule. Please visit for calendar details.”

If you are an artist interested in showing your work at Urban Co-Works, please contact A full list of scheduled artists is below.

For more information on Urban Co-Works or to interview Jeff Goronkin or the artist SACHIKO, please contact Susan Bardack at or 518.867.7940. You can learn more about Urban Co-works at

Marywood University Alumnus to Reveal Martin Luther King, Jr. Mural

Marywood University alumnus, Emmanuel Wisdom Adjei, bachelor of fine arts in graphic design graduate, and Eric Bussart, bachelor of fine arts in illustration graduate, will reveal their mural, “The Dream,” of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., at the City of Scranton’s First Friday event on July 2, 2021, at 5:30 p.m. The mural is located at the intersection of Adams Avenue and Mulberry Street, Scranton, Pa.

Scranton Tomorrow sponsored the grant that funded the mural project and is also organizing the unveiling. The mural, which will occupy the entire side of a building, as well as the imagery and messaging, is aesthetically outstanding and powerful.

Inspired by Martin Luther King (MLK), Jr., “The Dream” pays tribute to the American civil rights leader who changed the world. Artist Eric Bussart incorporated morning glory flowers into the design because they are resilient, just as his hero, MLK, was. With lettering by artist Emmanuel Wisdom Adjei, the mural encompasses a wide array of interests, including diversity, positive messaging, inclusion, urban gentrification, and art. The messaging and art work conveys a timeless message for the greater community, enhances the aesthetic appeal of the city, and showcases how graduates of Marywood University’s art programs are applying their talent and creativity to elevate humanity, a universal, as well as a Marywood, core value.

For additional information about Marywood University’s art department, please visit, or call the Office of Admissions, at (570) 348-6234. For additional information about Scranton Tomorrow’s mural projects, please visit

Scranton Small Business Relief Fund Established to Host Inaugural Scranton Ice Festival

A small group of community-minded volunteers in partnership with First Friday Scranton, Scranton Tomorrow, The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce, and the Scranton Area Community Foundation, have joined together to host the inaugural Scranton Ice Festival, which will be held on Friday, February 5, through Sunday, February 7, 2021 in Downtown Scranton. 

The Scranton Ice Festival will feature a number of ice sculptures in front of businesses  in downtown Scranton including various businesses located on Adams Avenue, North Washington Avenue, Penn Avenue, Linden Street, and Wyoming Avenue. Family-friendly activities are also planned. Some of these activities include ice sculpting demonstrations, musical acts, and more. The event coincides with First Friday. The Scranton Ice Festival aims to bring people to downtown Scranton to support small businesses after a challenging year caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This free and largely outdoor festival will be an opportunity for the community to safely patronize local businesses and generate charitable support for the Scranton Small Business Relief Fund at the Scranton Area Community Foundation, which will help small business owners and employees experiencing hardship during the coronavirus pandemic. Any and all remaining proceeds from this nonprofit event and its sponsorships will go towards this charitable fund. Contributions will be tax deductible.

Small businesses and those interested in getting involved in the Scranton Ice Festival can email

“The Scranton Small Business Relief Fund at the Scranton Area Community Foundation was established by community members, who really want to make a difference in the lives of small business owners and employees experiencing hardship during the coronavirus pandemic,” Scranton Area Community Foundation President and CEO Laura Ducceschi stated. “The Scranton Ice Festival aims to be a novel charitable event to bring the community together safely during these challenging times while bringing awareness to the small businesses in the area,” she added.

“We want to encourage everyone to use this upcoming First Friday event to show the small business people of downtown Scranton—your friends and neighbors—that you support them during these challenging times,” stated Robert Durkin, President of The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce.

For questions about the Scranton Ice Festival, please email