Urban Co-Works Partners with Scranton-Based Artist for First Friday 

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Urban Co-Works is excited to announce a new partnership with Scranton-based, Queer Asian-American Artist, SACHIKO, who will curate art to be displayed in the coworking space during First Friday events. The artist SACHIKO will use their marketing and consulting expertise to secure four local artists to showcase diverse and beautiful artwork each month during First Friday.

“We feel incredibly privileged to collaborate with The Artist SACHIKO in curating artists year-round at Urban Co-Works for First Friday in Scranton,” said Jeff Goronkin, Urban Co-Works CEO. “Our modern, adaptable office space provides an ideal canvas to showcase the richness of our local talent. We are thrilled to join the First Friday venue community, dedicated to uniting artists, art aficionados, and collectors under one roof.”

The artist SACHIKO will seek artwork that stands out for its creativity and originality while ensuring cohesion within the venue. Valuing diversity in styles and backgrounds, they aim to create an inclusive space that encourages engagement and dialogue among viewers. The artist’s ultimate goal is to curate shows that ignite inspiration and celebrate the rich artistic talent in our community.

“I met Jeff when I went down to Urban Co-Works to tour the space and discuss exhibiting my work. I was captivated by their vision and ethos for the space, said the artist SACHIKO. “During our conversation, I shared my recent collaboration in curating the show, ‘A Collective of NEPA Artists’ for Little Wild Refillery, alongside my professional background. We sensed a natural alignment for collaboration and the rest is history.” 

In addition to the gallery at Urban Co-Works, First Friday Scranton features a wide variety of cultural events found in some of the city’s best restaurants and cafes, as well as galleries, boutiques, and other small businesses. All events associated with First Friday Scranton take place from 5-9 PM in a walk-able, close-knit footprint, though a trolley bus is available to provide shuttle service at designated stops.

“Heading into 2024 we were thrilled to see new venues registering for the event. Urban Co-Works, which opened its doors this past December, was quick to recognize the event is a great opportunity to highlight their amazing space which is filling a much-needed gap in our Downtown,“ said Jack Reager, president of the board of First Friday.

Urban Co-Works currently has 3 brilliant artists on display and 14 amazing artists booked so far. The company is in the process of finalizing our 2024 schedule. Please visit https://urbancoworks.com/scranton/ for calendar details.”

If you are an artist interested in showing your work at Urban Co-Works, please contact gallery@urbancoworks.com. A full list of scheduled artists is below.

For more information on Urban Co-Works or to interview Jeff Goronkin or the artist SACHIKO, please contact Susan Bardack at susan@buzzmediasolutions.com or 518.867.7940. You can learn more about Urban Co-works at www.urbancoworks.com