Ideaworks Marketing Wins “Best in Show” at AAF NEPA’s 2021 Virtual Addys

Ideaworks Marketing is proud to announce that the agency won four awards at the American Advertising Federation – NEPA Chapter (AAF NEPA)’s 2021 Virtual American Advertising Awards on Friday, March 12, including the coveted Best in Show Award.

The agency captured the Best in Show and a Gold Award for its integrated branded content campaign, snacktiME. SnacktiME is a pop-up concept the agency created for Sodexo (an international contract management company) as part of its Universities segment’s resident dining promotion series. The program itself includes 12 pop-up “snack spots” that will satisfy students, no matter what they’re craving. Each pop-up station name and design pulls in the word “ME” from the snacktiME logomark (e.g. Treat ME; Give ME Global), demonstrating the highly personal, functional benefits of foods and how they augment a customized dining experience for today’s discerning college students. Campaign materials included poster artwork, social media graphics, an easy-to-follow implementation guide for dining teams and more.

Ideaworks also took home two Silver Awards: one for its “Hide and Reveal” Limited-Time Offer collateral for Sodexo’s K-12 Schools segment, and another in the self-promotion category for the agency’s 2021 Calendar, “Together As One,” which celebrates the beauty of diversity with an originally created set of calendar cards that form a mural.

Ideaworks is a proud member of AAF NEPA and is humbled to have achieved the top honor at its 2021 Virtual Advertising Awards, as the team always strives to produce award-winning work for its valued clients. The agency congratulates all winners and would like to extend special thanks to AAF NEPA for a great event.