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SkyPacket Networks Open House

SkyPacket Networks, a locally-based fixed wireless Internet service provider is hosting an open house on Wednesday, December 21 from 12-4 p.m. at 50 Alberigi Dr., Suite 119 in Jessup.

Buying Internet service should be simple, convenient, and reliable. Join us to learn more about SkyPacket Networks.

RVSP by Dec 17th, to

Wolf Administration, AARP Highlight Safety for Drivers

With nearly a quarter of Pennsylvania’s licensed drivers 65 years of age or older, the Pennsylvania departments of Transportation (PennDOT), Aging (PDA) and the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP), along with the AARP, hosted an event today at The Manor at Oakridge, a Holiday by Atria community in Harrisburg, to highlight the unique challenges faced by older drivers during Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, which is observed December 5-9.

“Mobility is essential to quality of life at any age,” said Kurt Myers, PennDOT Deputy Secretary for Driver and Vehicle Services. “Many older drivers have a lifetime of valuable driving experience to draw from, and PennDOT continually seeks to balance the safety of our roadways with the need for independence and autonomy.”

Approximately 25% of Pennsylvania’s 9.1 million licensed drivers are 65 and older. In 2021 there were more than 19,700 crashes involving at least one driver aged 65 or older, which resulted in over 300 total fatalities. This represents about 17% of all crashes and about 25% of all fatalities.

“As Pennsylvania’s aging population continues to grow, the Wolf Administration is committed to ensuring that older adults have the resources they need to remain active in and connected to their communities,” said Secretary of Aging Robert Torres. “Driver safety awareness is a big part of that picture and if older adults need to make adjustments, accessible and available transportation alternatives become key to getting around. Pennsylvania is fortunate that our lottery proceeds help to fund these alternative services.”

Representatives from PennDOT, PDA, PSP, AARP and others provided information to help older Pennsylvanians extend their years on the road, and to make them aware of other transportation options available to them.

Pennsylvania has a network of shared-ride service providers dedicated to keeping older adults mobile, safe, and engaged in their community. This free transportation program allows citizens ages 65 or older to ride for free on a local, fixed-route service whenever local public transportation is operating. During FY 2020-21, there were 1.7 million Senior Shared Rides.  

Additionally, working with the PA Department of Human Services and transit agencies, PennDOT recently developed an online tool called Find My Ride that allows older drivers to access free ride services online. Find My Ride allows transit agencies to process applications more efficiently, so users can access benefits more quickly. Find My Ride can be found at You can also find it at by clicking on Travel in PA, then Public Transit Options.

“Along with the unique challenges already faced by older drivers, winter weather conditions, longer nights, and heavy holiday traffic create challenges for drivers of all ages,” said Lieutenant Adam Reed, Director of the Communications Office with the Pennsylvania State Police. “Before getting behind the wheel be sure you are up to date on eye exams and understand how your prescribed medications could affect your driving. Remember to buckle up every time!”

While every person ages differently, aging typically brings certain — sometimes subtle — physical, visual, and cognitive changes that could impair an older person’s ability to drive safely. Older drivers and their families should work together to identify potential issues that may affect driving, outline courses of action to assist the older driver, and plan for when it’s time to hang up the keys.

Signs that can indicate it may be time to limit or stop driving altogether include:

  • Feeling uncomfortable, fearful, or nervous when driving;
  • Unexplained dents/scrapes on the car, fences, mailboxes, or garage doors;
  • Frequently getting lost and frequent “close calls” (i.e. almost crashing);
  • Slower response times, particularly to unexpected situations;
  • Difficulty paying attention to signs or staying in the lane of traffic; and
  • Trouble judging gaps at intersections or highway entrance/exit ramps.

The Wolf Administration encourages older drivers and their loved ones to review PennDOT’s Seniors Driving Safely publication series, which can be downloaded for free from the PennDOT Driver and Vehicle Services website. These publications help older drivers assess their abilities and offer guidance on next steps if their medical condition is reported to PennDOT. The series also includes a publication designed to guide family and friends of older drivers in what can sometimes be difficult conversations about deciding to stop driving, as well as information for healthcare providers on PennDOT’s medical reporting program.

The following safe-driving habits, which should be routine at any age, are especially useful to older drivers:

  • Plan ahead: lengthy car trips should be made during daylight hours. Morning may be best because most people aren’t as tired as they are in the afternoon. 
  • Don’t drive in rush-hour traffic if you can avoid it. Plan trips after 9:00 AM or before 5:00 PM. Know what roads near home are most congested and avoid them.
  • When driving long distances, especially in winter, call ahead for weather and road condition updates.
  • Look ahead. Good drivers get a jump on trouble by looking far down the road and making adjustments before encountering problems that may involve other vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists or animals. 
  • Maintain a safe speed. This depends on what the road is like, how well the driver can see, how much traffic there is and how fast traffic is moving.
  • Keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you. The PA Driver’s Manual advises that you should always keep a 4-second gap between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Additional information on older driver safety and mobility resources is available at both PennDOT Driver and Vehicle Services and the Department of Aging websites.

Hourigan, Kluger & Quinn’s Free Movie Event

A free, family-friendly holiday event returns to the Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre this month after a two-year break. The law offices of Hourigan, Kluger, and Quinn are once again sponsoring the free movie event for kids of all ages.

“We are so proud and so happy to bring back this holiday tradition that was put on hold for two years because of the pandemic,” said lead HKQ Attorney Joseph A. Quinn, Jr. “We truly hope the free movie event will add to the wonderful holiday spirit that’s so strong here in northeastern Pennsylvania.”

It all takes place on Saturday, December 17, beginning at 12 p.m. at The F.M. Kirby Center in Downtown Wilkes-Barre.

This year’s free movie event will feature Disney’s ENCANTO, which the studio describes as “the tale of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia, in a magical house, in a vibrant town, in a wondrous, charming place called an ‘Encanto.’”

Doors at the Kirby open at noon on Saturday, December 17, with live entertainment. The movie begins at 2 p.m. and includes free popcorn and a special gift for children 12 and under. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

All are welcome to attend as a holiday gift to the community from Hourigan, Kluger & Quinn.

The law firm has offices in Kingston and Scranton and serves Wilkes-Barre and all of Luzerne County; Scranton and all of Lackawanna County; Allentown and all of Lehigh County; and Stroudsburg and all of Monroe County.

AAA North Penn Member Benefits

AAA is expanding its capabilities and membership perks by creating innovative roadside solutions geared toward electric vehicle owners. But – AAA is not new to the electric vehicle space. Over a decade ago, as the electric vehicle market began to heat up, AAA launched a mobile charging pilot for electric vehicles in select markets. AAA also continues to invest in research related to electric vehicles to understand consumer opinion, vehicle functionality, and other areas of interest. As the popularity of electric vehicles continues to grow, as indicated by a recent AAA study, AAA is prepared to service any vehicle type, whether electric or gas.

“If you’re a AAA member, you already know that we’re more than just roadside assistance service.” “In fact, we currently have an EV charging station at our Viewmont Drive office in Scranton. This has been a great addition for local charges and those driving through the state.” said Nina Waskevich, AAA North Penn Vice President Brand & Membership.

Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging Now Available in Select Cities

AAA is excited to announce a new phase of mobile electric charging solutions in 14 markets across the country. This is the second pilot of its kind that AAA has brought to the marketplace in the last decade. The purpose of the first pilot, launched in 2010, was to explore a few prototype technologies that could be used to charge electric vehicles at the roadside. After 10 years of service, all the original prototype vehicles (five total) were retired. AAA took learnings from that pilot to inform this next iteration.

Range anxiety has been the number one barrier between consumers and wider EV adoption. AAA can help ease this anxiety with specialized trucks equipped with mobile electric vehicle chargers that provide enough range to get drivers home or to the nearest charging station.

This program is currently being piloted in the following cities: 

Orlando, FL

Nashville, TN

Charlotte, NC

Denver, CO

Grand Rapids, MI

Avon, MA 

Providence, RI 

Peabody, MA

West Springfield, MA

Bend, OR

Portland, OR

Indianapolis, IN

San Francisco, CA

Philadelphia, PA 

For AAA members, this service is provided at no additional charge. AAA will continue to assess the demand for mobile electric vehicle charging and will add locations as needed. As part of this evaluation, AAA will also explore various mobile charging methods to deliver the best experience to its members. Subscribe to the AAA Newsroom to receive the latest updates surrounding the mobile electric vehicle charging pilot.

AAA Roadside Service Information: Training and Education for Technicians

AAA is continuously developing resources that inform roadside assistance teams or those in the industry of the newest updates in electric vehicle technology and systems. AAA’s Roadside Service Information (RSI) system demonstrates techniques to provide safe roadside service to electric vehicles through tutorials and videos. This resource can be used at the roadside via mobile devices, is shared with others in the towing industry, and is available to public subscribers. To learn more, please visit

Road Trip Planning with AAA

AAA has publicly-available digital tools to help with planning road trips – for gas-powered or electric vehicles. They can be used to locate charging stations, save favorite or frequent trips for future travel, and discover extensive destination information including points of interest.

•            TripTik: The AAA TripTik Travel Planner is a free point-to-point directions tool that travelers can use to map their routes, specifically plotting the location of electric vehicle charging (or gas) stations. Charging stations are currently displayed under fuel and identifiable with unique iconography  . Travelers see the level of charging available and can zero in on station           details. AAA is regularly adding new features and soon users will have the ability to create curated road trips with electric charging stations and content. 

•            Tour Book Guides: Since 1926, AAA members have trusted the travel information in AAA’s free TourBook guides to help them plan their most memorable vacations. Now in digital form, travelers can plan stops at electric charging stations that are currently displayed in individual listings like hotels.  

•            Trip Canvas: A brand new digital planning tool, Trip Canvas provides new ways for travelers to dream, plan, and share future road trips by selecting where and when they want to go. This tool will soon have many integrated features designed with electric vehicle drivers in mind.              

AAA Trusted and Tested, Research that Charges Forward

Electric vehicles are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and reduce dependence on imported oil because they use domestically produced energy. If you’ve never ridden in an electric vehicle, you may find them intimidating or unapproachable. But electric vehicles are not that different from their gas-powered counterparts and understanding what makes them “go” may be easier than most people think.

To help educate the public, AAA conducts research surrounding electric vehicles including consumer sentiment surveys, testing to determine factors impacting electric vehicle range, the true cost of electric vehicle ownership, and a survey on consumers’ experience with going electric. To see the full body of research, visit AAA Newsroom.

AAA Car Guide

AAA also provides consumer education pieces like the AAA Car Guide, produced by the Automobile Club of Southern California’s Automotive Research Center. The Guide aims to help car buyers understand the latest automotive technology so they can purchase vehicles that best suit their needs. This work began over a decade ago with the first edition of what was then known as the AAA Green Car Guide, intended to help consumers navigate the electric vehicle marketplace. While the parameters of the Guide have evolved to include things like driver assistance features, interestingly many of the top-rated vehicles are also electric.   

Public Charging Access at AAA Branch Office Locations

Even though 75% of charging is done at home, a concern that is often expressed by those unsure of electric vehicles is that there are not enough public charging stations. This means that while charging at home may be a good option, charging outside the home seems to be another mystery all its own. To address this issue, many AAA clubs, including AAA North Penn, are installing charging stations at select branch office locations to offer members another easy and convenient charging option.

Cash-Back Rewards for EV Charging

AAA is proud to offer extraordinary credit cards designed to reward consumers for everyday living. This includes cash-back rewards for electric vehicle charging.

What AAA Thinks

Electric vehicles are the future of transportation.  As the advancements of models and range continue to improve, they become an even more viable option for many people.

Consumers interested in electric vehicles, but still unsure, should research and learn as much as possible about these types of cars. AAA also recommends drivers visit a dealership, test drive an electric vehicle and ask as many questions as possible of the dealer and other electric vehicle owners. It is also important to understand charging options available at home to ensure consumers can take full advantage of electric vehicle technology with maximum convenience.

Treasurer Stacy Garrity Features All 67 Counties in Campaign

Treasurer Stacy Garrity announced today that manufacturers and makers from all 67 counties across the Commonwealth have been featured in the #MadeInPAMondays social media campaign since the initiative began in May 2021.

“Manufacturing is the driving force behind Pennsylvania’s economy, employing millions of hardworking Pennsylvanians and generating billions of dollars for our economy,” Treasurer Garrity said. “The time I spent in the private sector showed me firsthand the difference a business can make in its community. That’s why I make it a priority to visit manufacturers and makers from all corners of our state and highlight the incredible work they do through this social media campaign.”

“Manufacturing upholds the quality of life in communities across the commonwealth,” said David N. Taylor, President & CEO of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association. “Our sector adds the most value, generates the most jobs in related industries, and provides the best wages and benefits in the marketplace. Manufacturers are also significant local taxpayers, sustaining important public services including schools, first responders, and public infrastructure. We are grateful to Treasurer Garrity for showcasing our amazing Pennsylvania manufacturers and the way they innovate, invest, and make the goods that sustain our American civilization.”

The #MadeInPAMondays campaign, which can be seen on Instagram (@PATreasury), Twitter (@PATreasurer) and Facebook (PA Treasurer Stacy Garrity), features a different Pennsylvania manufacturer or maker every Monday.

Manufacturers and makers from a range of industries have been highlighted, including agriculture, chemical, machinery, and electronics.

Some of the recent companies featured in #MadeInPAMondays are Dynamic Manufacturing in Armstrong County, Ebtech Industrial Building Solutions in Fayette County, and Logyard Brewing in McKean County.

Dynamic Manufacturing, which was acquired by Matric Group in 2005, has provided electronics contract services for a variety of industries, including aerospace and transportation, for more than 30 years.

“As a Pennsylvania manufacturer dealing with the current decline in the workforce, we must invest more in our youth, so they want to stay and work in the area,” said Brad G. Turner, Vice President of Business Development & Marketing at Matric Group. “Matric and Dynamic Manufacturing continue collaborating with the region’s education system to promote electronic manufacturing job opportunities to high school juniors and seniors. Through co-ops, internships, and apprenticeship programs, students learn about what we do and the jobs we offer. When they graduate and join our team full-time, they can take advantage of our tuition reimbursement program. Electronics manufacturing is an exciting industry, and we invite you to join us!”

Founded in 1995, Ebtech Industrial is a global manufacturer of modular building solutions and leading defense contractor for shelters.

“When we bought Ebtech Industrial Building Solutions 15 years ago, we had worked with five states to discuss the relocation of this business from Missouri,” said Donald Travis, Managing Partner at Ebtech Industrial Building Solutions. “The state of Pennsylvania stepped up and provided us with a package that incentivized us to move here. Since that time, Ebtech Industrial has grown to a GSA listed defense contractor and global supplier of modular buildings and is the largest manufacturer and provider of some very specific types of structures in the USA. We are very proud of our people and our company’s growth and the support we have had by being in Pennsylvania.”

Located in the Allegheny National Forest, Logyard Brewing is a hyper-local brewery with a designated PA Preferred status through the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

“We chose Kane, Pennsylvania, over Arlington, Virginia, for our home base and production facility for Logyard Brewing because we knew the positive economic impact it could have on our rural communities,” said Royce Novosel-Johnson, Co-Founder of Logyard Brewing. “We’re very proud of being a PA Preferred brewery, which shows our commitment to Pennsylvania agriculture and farmers. It means a lot to us to be featured and included in #MadeInPAMondays because being made in PA is something we’re very proud of.”

NBT Bancorp and Salisbury Bancorp Announce Agreement To Merge

NBT Bancorp Inc. (NBT) (NASDAQ: NBTB) and Salisbury Bancorp, Inc. (Salisbury) (NASDAQ: SAL) announced today that they have entered into a definitive agreement pursuant to which Salisbury will merge with and into NBT. The merger consideration is 100% stock and is valued at approximately $204 million and is expected to close in the second quarter of 2023 subject to customary closing conditions, including approval by the shareholders of Salisbury and required regulatory approvals. The combination, approved unanimously by the boards of directors of both companies, will provide market extension for both institutions and join two high-quality franchises with long histories of service to their customers and communities.

Salisbury is a premier community bank franchise headquartered in Lakeville, CT and had assets of $1.51 billion, deposits of $1.33 billion, and net loans of $1.18 billion as of September 30, 2022. Its primary subsidiary, Salisbury Bank and Trust Company, is a Connecticut-chartered commercial bank with 14 banking offices in northwestern Connecticut, the Hudson Valley region of New York and southwestern Massachusetts.

Under the terms of the merger agreement, each outstanding share of Salisbury common stock will be converted into the right to receive 0.7450 shares of NBT common stock upon completion of the merger, which equates to a value of $35.00 per Salisbury share and based on NBT’s volume-weighted average closing stock price of $46.98 for the 10-day trading period ending on November 29, 2022. The transaction is intended to qualify as a reorganization for federal income tax purposes, and as a result, the receipt of NBT common stock by shareholders of Salisbury is expected to be tax-free.

NBT expects the transaction to be approximately 9.8% accretive to first full-year proforma GAAP earnings per share after close and 4.9% per share accretive to cash earnings excluding the impact of purchase accounting adjustments, including fair value marks to securities and loans and the establishment of a core deposit intangible asset.

“We are very excited to partner with Salisbury and to extend our footprint into their attractive and complementary markets,” said NBT President and CEO John H. Watt, Jr. “Importantly, the organizational values upheld by the Salisbury team align very well with those of NBT. We look forward to welcoming these dedicated financial professionals to NBT and growing our combined company together. We are also pleased that Rick Cantele, Salisbury’s President and CEO, will become a member of NBT’s Executive Management Team. Salisbury has an impressive history of service to their customers, communities and shareholders, and we are honored to have the opportunity to build on these relationships.”

“We are proud to become part of a long-standing, high-performing franchise like NBT Bank,” said Salisbury President and CEO Richard J. Cantele, Jr. “We believe this combination will create significant value for Salisbury shareholders, both immediately and longer term. Furthermore, we are confident the operating philosophies shared by NBT and Salisbury will ensure that our customers continue to receive high-quality service from people they know and trust. NBT has been consistently recognized for superior customer satisfaction and offers comprehensive omni-channel solutions. Through the partnership between Salisbury and NBT, our customers will gain access to an expanded set of products, services and capabilities.”

 In recognition of both organizations’ strong community focus, NBT has committed to maintaining charitable support in the markets served by Salisbury at consistent levels following the merger. NBT has also pledged to contribute an additional $500,000 in incremental support to demonstrate the company’s ongoing commitment to these markets.

Keystone College To Host Holiday Concert

The Keystone College Department of Performance Music will host its winter holiday concert, “It’s Not Just a Day,” on Sunday, Dec. 11 at 7 p.m. in the Theatre in Brooks.

The free concert, which is open to the public, will feature familiar vocal and instrumental music ranging from traditional holiday favorites to jazz arrangements of music of the season. In addition, audience members can enjoy complimentary holiday treats, visits from seasonal characters, and gifts for children.

Those attending will also have the opportunity to make donations to three local charities: The Griffin Pond Animal Shelter, Toys for Tots, and The Catherine McCauley Women’s and Children’s Shelter.

For more information, email,visit, or call (570) 945-8599.

Crystal Windows Earns Industry Sustainable Recognition

National manufacturer Crystal Window & Door Systems recently earned another industry recognition for its sustainable production operations.  Leading national fenestration publication US Glass Magazine named Crystal Windows a 2022 Green Award winner for Production Efficiencies in the November 2022 issue.  Crystal was one of only five companies this year (and one of only two based in the USA) whose products or production processes were recognized for extraordinary efforts to provide a more healthy, sustainable living environment.  Earlier this year, Crystal’s New York facility received an environmental award from national Door & Window Market (DWM) Magazine.

“Crystal has long fostered a corporate culture to reduce, reuse, and recycle everywhere throughout all our factories,” said Andy Shashlo, COO.  “Each of Crystal’s sustainable actions by itself may be small, but when added together, the impact on our operations is impressive.  It is very rewarding to have our efforts recognized with this industry award from US Glass Magazine.”

Crystal uses domestic suppliers for nearly all its product materials and components, it recycles all production scrap in various ways, and it optimizes logistics to coordinate between facilities, customers, project locations, and even supplier warehouses to reduce transportation.  Besides seeking to ensure production processes are as environmentally friendly and efficient as possible, Crystal made a significant step this year with a one-MW solar electricity generation system installed at its New York headquarters and main production facility.  The system will offset almost 35% of the company’s overall electricity needs at this location.  Crystal also receives hydropower for another 25% of its electricity needs under a separate arrangement.

Each year, US Glass Magazine selects Green Award winners based on strategies and commitment to environmental and operational performance, as well as high-performance architectural products.  For 2022, along with Crystal Windows, US Glass Magazine recognized two international glass manufacturers, AGC Glass Europe (at its facility in Belgium) and Saint-Gobain (at its facilities in France, Spain, and Germany), for low-carbon glass production, and Dow for carbon-neutral silicone products.  South America-based glass and window fabricator Tecnoglass was recognized for its green production processes.