PennDOT Driver License, Photo Centers Closed for Christmas Holiday

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) today announced that all driver license and photo centers, including the Riverfront Office Center in Harrisburg, will be closed Saturday, December 25, in observance of the Christmas holiday.  Additionally, the Pittsburgh Driver License Center and all services at the Riverfront Office Center in Harrisburg will be closed Friday, December 24. 

Customers may still obtain a variety of driver and vehicle products and services, including all forms, publications and driver training manuals, online through PennDOT’s Driver and Vehicle Services website,   

Driver and vehicle online services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and include driver’s license, photo ID and vehicle registration renewals; driver-history services; changes of address; driver license and vehicle registration restoration letters; ability to pay driver license or vehicle insurance restoration fee; driver license and photo ID duplicates; and driver exam scheduling. There are no additional fees for using online services.

A complete listing of PennDOT driver and photo license center closings in 2021 is available online.

Motorists can check conditions on major roadway miles by visiting 511PA, which is free and available 24 hours a day, provides traffic delay warnings, weather forecasts, traffic speed information, and access to more than 1,000 traffic cameras.

511PA is also available through a smartphone application for iPhone and Android devices, by calling 5-1-1, or by following regional twitter alerts accessible on the 511PA website.

FNCB Bank Donates Scholarship Funds to Saint Dominic’s Academy

FNCB Bank, locally based since 1910, has announced a $7,500 Pennsylvania Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) donation to Saint Dominic’s Academy in Honesdale.

The donation will help provide tuition assistance to families of currently enrolled children, and those enrolling at Saint Dominic’s Academy.

Since 2010, FNCB has contributed just under $2,500,000 to local educational and scholarship organizations through the EITC initiative.

The support of Saint Dominic’s Academy is part of FNCB’s larger Community Caring initiative. As a true, local community bank, FNCB Bank is making a difference through volunteerism, donations and outreach programs.

Safety Program at Tobyhanna Army Depot

Tobyhanna Army Depot’s Safety and Occupational Health Office (SOHO) is earning rave reviews for its efforts to ensure a healthy workplace for more than 3,700 team members.

The SOHO team successfully led Team Tobyhanna through a sweeping, four-day audit by external Department of Defense (DoD) officials earlier this fall. Representatives from the Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) Directorate of Safety were on site to evaluate the effectiveness of Tobyhanna’s safety and occupational health program. CECOM personnel noted multiple depot best practices during the visit.

One such best practice was Tobyhanna’s extensive COVID-19 mitigation strategies, especially the COVID-19 Task Force, praised by auditors for its comprehensive methods to keep employees safe during the unprecedented pandemic. The cross-functional group, which meets regularly, is charged with ensuring depot policies are focused on employee safety and in accordance with applicable DoD, federal, state and local public health guidance. Among the Task Force’s accomplishments is the procurement of more than 7,000 face coverings to distribute to personnel and visitors; the installation of ionization systems and self-check temperature stations; and the deep cleaning of nearly 1M square feet of depot property. The Task Force also spearheaded a detailed contact tracing process on-post to prevent the virus’ spread.

Auditors also lauded the depot’s lifting devices inspection program. The SOHO has three full-time equipment inspectors who maintain the program. The trio examine depot equipment such as overhead cranes and pallet jacks for operability and safety to Army and Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards.

“Our mission covers a variety of equipment. Basically, if it lifts or holds weight, we inspect it and make sure it is safe for our depot teammates,” said Michael Lazowski.

Lazowski and his co-workers, Darren Stout and David Huntz, conduct an average of 600 inspections per month for Tobyhanna equipment as well as assets belonging to tenant activities. They also perform physical load tests, inspection of fall protection harnesses and provide support for unforeseen requirements, such as re-inspections of new and repaired equipment.

Stout says depot personnel can help make the program run even more smoothly.

“We have a great working relationship with our customers; however, there are two things they can do to make our process even easier for all involved. First, they can proactively schedule their inspections, which helps us with our demanding schedule; and second, they can self-report in advance when they need a reinspection. Both of these actions are small, but important, ways to help us serve our customers better.”

Lazowski says there is never a dull moment in the life of an equipment inspector.

“This position allows us to experience the many different parts of Tobyhanna’s mission and facilities – and we know what we do matters, which makes it even better.”

Several opportunities for improvement were also identified by CECOM, according to Bilotta.

“During the audit, it was noted that our existing Safety Hazard and Near Miss Reporting process was effective, but could be further improved. In the coming months, our team will be working to streamline this process.”

Reflecting upon another successful audit, Bilotta noted SOHO could not do it alone.

“The workforce does a great job making safety a priority and we attribute our successes to their effort and enthusiasm.”

Tobyhanna’s safety program adheres to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 45001 safety standard, recognized across the world as benchmark for workplace safety. Tobyhanna was the first organization within the Department of Defense to obtain the ISO 45001 accreditation in 2019.

Employee safety is a fundamental part of Tobyhanna’s long-range strategic plan, TOBY2028. The plan aligns with the depot’s four strategic focus areas: Investing in Our People, C5ISR Readiness, Shape the Future and Strategic Communications; and aims to posture the organization for future success.

External auditors will return to Tobyhanna in January and February for further reviews.

Wolf Administration Wraps Up 2021 Construction Season in Northeastern PA

As 2021 nears its end, PennDOT Engineering District 4 is wrapping up another busy construction season in northeastern Pennsylvania.

“The 2021 construction season presented us with some unexpected challenges, including two major tropical storms that created additional projects in all six counties,” said PennDOT District 4 Executive Richard Roman, P.E. “Our design, construction and maintenance teams came together to find innovative solutions, complete most projects ahead of schedule, and kept the importance of safety for the traveling public and our employees at the forefront at all times.”

The six-county district, which includes Lackawanna, Luzerne, Pike, Susquehanna, Wayne and Wyoming counties opened bids for 68 contracts totaling nearly $197 million in value. Of those contracts, 48 were for roadway work and 20 were for bridge work.

Work was performed on 55 state-owned bridges by contractors. This included the replacement or rehabilitation of 47 bridges and preservation work on eight bridges to extend their life. Work was performed on 279 state-owned bridges PennDOT crews. The district has been able to stretch limited resources by using in-house capabilities to complete work.

More than 205 miles of paving and 561 miles of seal coating (oil and chip) were completed by contractors and PennDOT crews in the district in 2021.

In addition to programmed work, the district responded to challenges following the flooding and above-average precipitation that has impacted northeastern Pennsylvania in 2021. Flood damage for most sites occurs during the event itself, but in some cases embankment failures or landslides occur several months or even years later. While repairs for most of the damaged areas are complete or are currently under repair, the long-term impacts from the flooding will be felt for many years.

Below is a list by county of the major projects that were under construction in the district in 2021. Some of the largest are multi-year projects that started prior to 2021.

Lackawanna County:

  • Interstate 84 over Lackawanna Railroad, Roaring Brook and Route 435, Dunmore Borough, bridge replacement and interchange reconfiguration. Construction will continue through 2026. $113.2 million;
  • I-84, Roaring Brook Township, resurfacing of I-84 eastbound and westbound and bridge rehabilitation. Construction will continue through 2023. $18.9 million;
  • Bridge rehabilitation on Route 407 over Lackawanna Lake, North Abington Township. Construction will continue through 2022. $1.9 million;
  • Bridge preservation, various routes and municipalities. Construction will continue through 2022. $5.6 million;
  • Bridge rehabilitation on Route 6006 over Racket Brook, City of Carbondale. Construction will be completed in 2021. $796,000;
  • Emergency bridge repair on Route 690 over Bear Brook, Moscow Borough. Completed in 2021. $92,000;
  • Resurfacing 12 roadway miles, various routes and municipalities. Construction will continue through 2022. $4.8 million;
  • Route 1037, Dickson City Borough, Dundaff Street Flood Repairs. Construction was completed in 2021. $473,000;
  • Bridge rehabilitation on Route 4005 over D&H Railroad, Benton Township. Construction will continue through 2022. $2.4 million;
  • Milling and resurfacing on I-84 and ramps in Lackawanna and Wayne counties. Construction will be completed in 2022. $17.5 million;
  • Guiderail project on I-80 and I -81 mile marker 143 to 160 complete in 2021.  Planned for 2022 is mile marker 160 to 232 on I-81 and I-84. I-80 work is planned for 2023. $15.9 million;
  • Keystone College Community Gateway Project. Completed in 2021.  $826,000; and
  • Paving on Route 1010 and Route 3018. Construction completed in 2021.  ADA ramps have also been started on other state routes.  Final paving in 2022 on Routes 247, 2026, 2028, 3033 and 6011. Construction will be completed in 2022. $4.2 million.

Luzerne County:

  • Culvert replacement on Route 239 in Huntington Township. Construction completed in the summer of 2021. $420,000;
  • Culvert replacement on Route 118 in Lehman Township. Construction will be completed in 2021. $1.1 million;
  • Culvert conversion on Route 315 in the Borough of Laflin. Construction will be completed in 2021. $140,000;
  • Multiple bridge preservations on Route 309 in Kingston, Hanover, and Foster townships, Bridges in the project were Route 309 Section P15 over Toby Creek, Route 309 Section P16 over Toby Creek, Route 309 Section P14 over Pine Run, and Route 2044 Section P18 over Pond Creek. Construction will be completed in 2021. $1.3 million;
  • Bridge rehabilitation on Route 2010 over Route 29 in Hanover Township. Completed in 2021. $4.2 million;
  • Bridge rehabilitation on Route 11 over Norfolk Southern, Reading, Northern, and Blue Mountain Railroad, and Mill Creek in the Borough of Dupont. Construction will be completed in 2022. $1.9 million;
  • Roadway extension on Route 424 in Hazle Township. Construction will be completed in 2024. $17 million;
  • Surface treatment project in various municipalities and including Route 18, Route 1013, Route 1015, Route 1029, Route 2025, Route 2027, Route 2028, Route 2020, Route 2035, and Route 3030. Construction will be completed in 2022. $6.5 million;
  • Resurfacing project in various municipalities and including Route 315, Route 1014, Route 1019, Route 2013, Route 2022, and Route 3021. Construction will be completed in 2022. $4.7 million;
  • Safety improvement project on Route 309 in Wilkes-Barre Township. Construction will be completed in 2022. $1.3 million;
  • Resurfacing on Route 315 in the Borough of Laflin, Plains Township, and Jenkins Township. Construction will be completed in 2022. $1.9 million;
  • Resurfacing in various municipalities on Routes 11, 2019, 309, 92, and 2045. Construction will be completed in 2022. $9.3 million;
  • Bridge preservation on I-81 in Hanover Township, Wilkes-Barre Township, and the Borough of Ashley. Construction will be completed in 2023. $7.3 million;
  • Route 2036 in Bear Creek Township, Roadway Emergency Flood Project from Hurricane Henri. Construction was completed in October 2021. $369,000;
  • Route 2039 in Plains Township, Roadway Emergency Flood Project from Hurricane Ida. Construction was completed in October 2021. $194,856;
  • Route 239 in Nescopeck Township, Roadway Emergency Flood Project from Hurricane Ida. Construction was completed in October 2021. $55,000;
  • Route 2035 in Bear Creek Township, Roadway Emergency Flood Project from Hurricane Ida. Construction was completed in October 2021. $246,147;
  • Route 2020 in the City of Wilkes-Barre, Bridge Emergency Flood Project from Hurricane Ida. Construction will be completed in 2022. $415,510;
  • Route 2036 in Bear Creek Township, Roadway Emergency Flood Project from Hurricane Ida. Construction will be completed by the end of 2021. $448,003; and
  • Route 437 in Wright Township, Roadway Emergency Flood Project from Hurricane Ida. Construction will be completed in the spring of 2022. $213,670.40.

Pike County

  • Culvert rehabilitation on Route 507 in Palmyra Township. Construction will be completed in 2021. $843,062;
  • Milford-Bushkill roadway reconstruction including realignment and shoulder/lane widening on Route 2021 in Lehman Township. Construction will be completed in 2021. $30 million;
  • Reconstruction, resurfacing and rehabilitation and culvert conversion on Route 6 between Boroughs of Milford and Matamoras. Construction will be completed in 2021. $5.1 million;
  • Slope repair on Route 2002 in Delaware Township. Construction will be completed in 2022. $547,000;
  • High friction surface treatment safety improvements on Route 6, Route 507 and Route 2021. Construction will be completed in 2021. $397,000;
  • Resurfacing on Route 590 in Blooming Grove Township. Construction will be completed in 2021. $926,000;
  • Cleaning and washing various bridge structures located within PennDOT District 4. Project will be completed in 2021. $623,000;
  • Paving on Route 739 in Delaware Township. Construction will be completed in 2021. $2 million;
  • Route 6 in Lackawaxen Township, Roadway Emergency Flood Project from Hurricane Ida. Construction completed in 2021. $69,426;
  • Route 1012 and Route 1014, Shohola Township and Lackawaxen Township, Roadway Emergency Flood Projects from Hurricane Ida. Construction completed in 2021. $149,000; and
  • Route 2009 in Dingman Township, Roadway Emergency Flood Project from Hurricane Ida. Construction will be completed in 2021. $23,000.

Susquehanna County

  • Lanesboro Streetscape Project. Completed in September 2021. $620,000;
  • Bridge rehabilitation on Route 11, Route 29 and Route 1011. Completed in July 2021.  $3 million;
  • Rehabilitation of Route 11 bridge over railroad in Great Bend and emergency deck repair on Route 4008. Completed in September 2021. $820,000;
  • I-81 in Great Bend to New Milford from mile marker 223 to 232. Construction will be completed in 2021. $3.5 million;
  • Local bridge replacement on Carmalt Road in Choconut Township. Construction will be completed in 2021. $1.1 million;
  • Replacement of three box culverts and intersection realignment at Route 267/Route 706 intersection in Rush Township. Realignment completed in September 2021. Box culverts will be replaced in 2022. Construction will be completed in 2022. $4.3 million;
  • Bridge replacement with box culvert on Route 1033 in Great Bend. Construction will be completed in 2021. $1 million;
  • Bridge replacement on Route 1010 in Oakland Township. Construction will be completed in 2021. $1.9 million;
  • Emergency slide repair on Route 11 in Great Bend. Completed in March 2021. 280,000;
  • Bridge replacements on Route 3029 in Jessup Township. Construction will be completed in 2023. $2.1 million;
  • Base repair on multiple state routes in Susquehanna and Wyoming counties. Construction will be completed in 2022. $3.6 million;
  • Base repair on multiple state routes in Susquehanna, Wyoming and Pike counties. Work in Susquehanna County planned to begin in 2021, with Wyoming and Pike in 2022. Construction will be completed in 2022. $2.1 million;
  • Slide repair on Route 1009 in Harmony Township. Construction will be completed in 2022. $585,000; and
  • Paving on Routes 11, 858 and 1031 in Susquehanna County and Route 87 in Wyoming County. Construction will be completed in September 2022. $4 million.

Wayne County

  • Surface treatment on Route 6, Route 196 and Route 296 in Wayne County and Route 92 in Wyoming County. Construction will be completed in 2021. $2.3 million;
  • Pavement base repairs on Route 191, Route 247, Route 371, Route 652, Route 670, Route 11, Route 1014, Route 3028, Route 2048, Route 2049, Route 4021, Route 4023, Route 4025 and Route 4031 in various municipalities in Wayne County. Construction will be completed in 2021. $2.4 million;
  • Bridge preservation on Route 507 in Dreher Township, SR 4003 in Dyberry Township and SR 3003 in Eaton Township, Wyoming County. Construction will be completed in 2022. $915,000;
  • Resurfacing on Route 191 in various municipalities. Project was completed in 2021.  $4.5 million;
  • Paving on SR 6, SR 652 and SR 4005 in various municipalities. Construction will be completed in 2022. $4.4 million;
  • Route 3017 in Salem Township, Roadway Emergency Flood Project. Construction will be completed in 2022. $208,000;
  • Bridge preservation on I-84, Route 196, Route 670, Route 11 and Route 3028 in various municipalities. Construction will be completed in 2021. $843,000;
  • Resurfacing on Route 11 and Route 2013 in Dyberry Township. Construction will be completed in 2021. $1.5 million; and
  • Pavement Base repair on various SRs in Wayne County. Construction completed 2021. 3.5 million.

Wyoming County

  • Rehabilitation of three structures on Route 1027, Route 292 and Route 2031. Completed in May 2021. $2.4 million;
  • Bridge rehabilitation on Route 29 and Route 87 over the Susquehanna River and Route 4002. Construction was completed in April 2021. $430,000;
  • Stone laid arch rehabilitation on Route 92 in Falls Township. Construction will be completed in 2022. $1.6 million; and
  • Slide repair on Route 87 at Sullivan County Line. Construction will be completed in 2022. $2.6 million.

Motorists can check conditions on major roadway miles by visiting 511PA, which is free and available 24 hours a day, provides traffic delay warnings, weather forecasts, traffic speed information, and access to more than 1,000 traffic cameras.

511PA is also available through a smartphone application for iPhone and Android devices, by calling 5-1-1, or by following regional Twitter alerts.

Subscribe to PennDOT news and traffic alerts in Lackawanna, Luzerne, Pike, Susquehanna, Wayne and Wyoming counties at Find PennDOT’s planned and active construction projects at

Information about infrastructure in District 4, including completed work and significant projects, is available at

Follow local PennDOT news on Twitter and like the department on Facebook and Instagram.

The Wright Center to Deploy CDC-Funded ‘Community Vaccine Ambassadors’

The Wright Center for Community Health has been selected as one of 15 health centers across the nation to participate in a grant-funded Community Vaccine Ambassador Project, aimed at increasing COVID-19 immunizations among groups that historically have been marginalized.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will fund the initiative, which involves health centers in 12 states. The project is being conducted in partnership with the National Health Care for the Homeless Council and the National Association of Community Health Centers.

The Wright Center will receive $200,000 in grant funding to focus on administering vaccines to individuals with substance use disorders and individuals who experience homelessness. These populations have been identified as being at increased risk for COVID-19 infection because, among other reasons, they “experience barriers to accessing health care and might have low levels of trust in the medical system due to previous experiences of trauma or stigma,” according to the project’s organizers.

The Wright Center’s community health workers and certified recovery specialists will serve as project “ambassadors,” providing vaccination education and information over the year-long project to people in the organization’s five-county service area in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Since December 2020, when the new COVID-19 vaccines first became available, The Wright Center has administered more than 40,500 vaccine doses. The federal Health Resources and Services Administration earlier this year presented a 2021 Community Health Quality Recognition award to The Wright Center, recognizing the nonprofit organization’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts in response to the public health crisis.

The Wright Center, which serves as one of about 50 Pennsylvania-designated Opioid Use Disorder Centers of Excellence, has significant experience in treating and supporting individuals who are coping with substance use disorder. It has assisted individuals living in recovery who have been involved in the criminal justice system, and it co-founded the region’s Healthy Maternal Opiate Medical Support (MOMS) program, which assists pregnant and new mothers who have a substance use disorder.

For more information about The Wright Center for Community Health, call 570.343.2383 or go to  

NeighborWorks NEPA Receives Grant from AllOne Foundation & Charities

NeighborWorks Northeastern Pennsylvania (NeighborWorks) is pleased to announce it has received a $100,000 grant from the AllOne Foundation & Charities to be used towards expansion of Aging in Place services. The goal of this program will be to provide resources to help older adults overcome social isolation and health issues.

These funds will be used to increase and expand Aging in Place services with a focus on social isolation prevention. NeighborWorks will additionally be increasing the volunteer opportunities available to older adults through an expansion and reorganization of the volunteer program.

The Aging in Place program has worked with the Ignatian Volunteer Corps (IVC) through a two-year funding partnership with the Moses Taylor Foundation to recruit, train and support volunteers for the Friendly Visitor/CARE calls program to combat social isolation. This program connects volunteers aged 55 and over with older adults to engage, provide resource connection, virtual activities and someone to connect with.

This program will be modified in the coming year to use recommendations from the larger senior social isolation prevention plan being undertaken by the United Way of Lackawanna & Wayne Counties and funded by the Moses Taylor Foundation. As restrictions continue to lift from the COVID-19 pandemic and individuals become more comfortable interacting with others, NeighborWorks will reorganize and expand volunteer opportunities for civic organizations, community clubs, students, churches, schools, businesses, individuals and families. This is all with a focus on direct service to improve the lives of older adults in the community.

“We are most thankful to the AllOne Foundation for their support as a key partner of our Aging in Place program,” Jesse Ergott, NeighborWorks Northeastern Pennsylvania President & CEO, said of the award. “Over 400 older adults have received Aging in Place services since the start of the program, and this funding will allow us to make more improvements for older adults in areas that include critical safety modifications, financial coaching, and senior isolation prevention.”

Funds from AllOne Foundation & Charities will be used to serve approximately 225 older adults aged 60 and over who are at or under 80% of their home counties’ area median income. The redesigned NeighborWorks Volunteer Program will increase volunteer opportunities for various projects for older adults including the Friendly Visitor Program, expanded small home repair services and smart home device installation. Over 4,700 volunteers have been deployed by NeighborWorks over the past decade.

“AllOne Foundation & Charities looks to our partners to measurably improve access to health care in our community. The Aging in Place programs offered by NeighborWorks NEPA are an outstanding example of the power of front-line, community-based services directly reaching our senior family members, neighbors and friends. The impact of their innovative, agile and compassionate service is significant,” said John Cosgrove, Executive Director of AllOne Foundation & Charities.”

Additionally, to increase mobility and ability to provide volunteer services to older adults, a cargo van will be purchased through funds acquired by the AllOne Foundation & Charities and co-branded with the foundation.

Geisinger Limits Visitors, Sets Restrictions to Help Protect Against COVID Spread

As COVID-19 cases continue to increase systemwide, Geisinger is limiting visitors for inpatient settings. Effective, Monday, Dec. 20, one visitor is permitted per hospitalized adult patient. Other family members, friends and general visitors will not be permitted at this time.

In our system, one in four inpatients has COVID and we are reaching or exceeding capacity in some hospitals. These guidelines protect the health and safety of our patients and staff. Having fewer visitors allows our staff to focus on treating our patients.

The visitor must be designated and wear a wristband the entire time the patient is hospitalized. Visiting hours are between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. All patients and visitors must wear a mask when on Geisinger property, regardless of vaccination status. Visitors who do not comply with Geisinger’s policies, such as masking, will lose their visiting rights.

For general questions and information about COVID-19, visit

Penn State Scranton Real Estate Classes

Penn State Scranton’s Center for Business Development and Community Outreach announce the dates for Real Estate Prelicensing Classes.

Penn State Scranton offers a variety of real estate courses designed to prepare individuals for careers in the real estate field.

Who should attend?

  • Individuals interested in exploring Real Estate as a profession
  • Interested in completing the education requirements for the PA Real Estate Commission Salesperson’s license examination.
  • Anyone who has a personal interest in learning about Real Estate.

Required Real Estate Salesperson Pre-licensing Courses

The Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission approves the educational requirements for the salesperson’s examination. Both classes do not need to be taken at the same time, however both are required to sit for the real estate salesperson exam.

RE 5016A Real Estate Fundamentals (30 hours) – $199

A foundation for the study of real estate in Pennsylvania, covering language, principles, and laws that govern the business.

This course provides the student with a basic foundation for additional study and to support the practice of real estate in Pennsylvania. The course is designed to acquaint the student with the language, principles and laws that govern the business of real estate. Emphasis is on the underlying concepts of land, property, rights in the realty and the means, methods and laws that govern the conveyance of these rights.

This class fulfills the 30 hr. requirement of instruction in the following schedule:

  • Dates: January 31, 2022 – April 4, 2022
  • Time: Mondays, 6 pm – 9 pm
  • Location: Penn State Scranton Campus – 120 Ridgeview Drive  Dunmore PA 18512
  • Register Online   

RE 5017A Real Estate Practice (45 hours) – $299

An introduction to all facets of the real estate business, including a survey of areas of specialization with emphasis on the role of a real estate agent in residential brokerage. Examination of a real estate transaction, designed to provide a working knowledge of the forms and documents used-including the related mathematics.

This course provides the student with an introduction to all facets of the real estate business, including a survey of areas of specialization, with emphasis on the role of a real estate agent in residential brokerage. The course includes an examination of a real estate transaction, designed to provide you with a working knowledge of the forms and documents used along with related mathematics.

This class fulfills the 45 hr. requirement of instruction in the following schedule: 

  • Dates: February 2, 2022 – April 25, 2022
  • Days and Time: Wednesdays 6 pm – 9 pm  February 2 – April 6, 2022
  • Mondays and Wednesdays  6 pm – 9 pm    April 11, 13, 18, 20 & 25, 2022
  • Location: Penn State Scranton Campus – 120 Ridgeview Drive  Dunmore PA 18512
  • Register Online

For more information, please contact 570-963-2509

Marywood University Announces Regional Fall 2021 Dean’s List

Marywood University announces the regional students named to the Fall 2021 Dean’s List from each of its colleges, including the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Health and Human Services, and the College of Professional Studies. Students who earn a semester GPA of 3.50-4.00 on 12 or more graded credits merit this academic honor.

Area residents named to the Dean’s List from the College of Arts and Sciences, as declared by Dean Jeffrey Johnson, D.M.A., include:
Elizabeth Jo Adams, Brackney, PA; Madeline Lou Adams, Brackney, PA; Michael V. Antoniacci, Moosic, PA; Julia Antoniacci, Moosic, PA; Nicholas D. Arcarese, Pittston, PA; Olivia Marie Arcuri, South Abington Twp., PA; Cassidy Christen Asinski, Waymart, PA; Caleb Robert Bakalyar, Scranton, PA; Elizabeth M. Balanovich, Old Forge, PA; Maria Helene Balanovich, Old Forge, PA; Danielle Lindsey Banfield, Pocono Lake, PA; Megan Kylie Barrett, Jessup, PA; Emma Lyn Bellucci, Jefferson Twp., PA; Madison Alyse Bialy, Dickson City, PA; Angel M. Bieloski, Thompson, PA; Olivia F. Bloskey, Scranton, PA; Marlena Elizabeth Bompane, East Stroudsburg, PA; Ali Cassandra Brand, Hawley, PA; Margaret L. Breznay, Pittston Twp., PA; Bridgette Ann Brown, Moosic, PA; Caitlyn Marie Brown, Meshoppen, PA; Hailey M. Brundage, Jefferson Twp., PA; Jeffrey Leo Buck, Scranton, PA; Noah  Budnovitch, Roaring Brook Twp., PA; Max J. Burke, Dunmore, PA; Branielle Mae Butwin, Harding, PA; Dylan Paul Campbell, Scranton, PA; Ashley Rose Capone, Scranton, PA; Juan C. Cardenas, Jessup, PA; Jessica Ann Cardone, Hawley, PA; Jillian Carter, Jefferson Twp., PA; Rebecca Lynn Castimore, Lords Valley, PA; Maxwell  Christian, Dunmore, PA; Michael J. Cinamella, Carbondale, PA; Caroline Jane Coar, Dunmore, PA; Mason C. Coccodrilli, Waymart, PA; Ryan James Coleman, Archbald, PA; Skylar M. Conway, South Abington Township, PA; Arianna  Costanzi, Dunmore, PA; Daniele Sophia Cragle, Old Forge, PA; John A. Craunakis, Tobyhanna, PA; Seth Robert Croll, Milford, PA; Jacqueline  Cunha, Scranton, PA; Mardan Larame Daurilas, East Stroudsburg, PA; Ashley A. Deabreu, Henryville, PA; Mia  Demarco, Pittston, PA; Sarah Rosemarie Demchak, Carbondale, PA; Delayne Romayne Depietro, Archbald, PA; Shannon Elizabeth Dermody, Dunmore, PA; Drake Donald Dewald, Mountain Top, PA; Allura Dixon, Plymouth, PA; Todd Richard Dotter, Thornhurst, PA; Marissa Lynn Draim, Clarks Summit, PA; Kyle Michael Driscoll, Roaring Brook Twp., PA; Molly Ann Driscoll, Roaring Brook Twp., PA; Emily A Duris, Monroe Twp., PA; Daniel W. Edwards, Jr., Dunmore, PA; Brianna  Engle, Dunmore, PA; Dilenny A Feliz, Peckville, PA; Margaret R. Fields, Scranton, PA; Alison J. Fiorillo, Clarks Summit, PA; Madison Lee Fox, Dalton, PA; Richard Stephen Freer, Milford, PA; Dhruvi V. Fuletra, Plains, PA; Richele  Gallagher, Scranton, PA; Marla  Gambucci, Archbald, PA; Evan Richard Gedrich, Scranton, PA; Kirsten Marie Gillern, Olyphant, PA; Kaitlyn Marie Gingerlowski, Scranton, PA; Mason  Guelho, Stroudsburg, PA; Mara Joy Hamm, South Abington Twp., PA; Natasya Handijaya, Scranton, PA; Lily Rose Hannon, Greentown, PA; Nadia  Haroun Mahdavi, Scranton, PA; Matthew Thomas Hartz, Hazleton, PA; Brady Robert Hebden, Greenfield Twp., PA; Christian Andrew Herbster, Nanticoke, PA; Tyler Kenneth Hewett, Scott Township, PA; Allison Jade Hewitt, Meshoppen, PA; Sierra Grace Holbert, Stroudsburg, PA; Jason L. Holman, Taylor, PA; Emily Kate Holtsmaster, Moscow, PA; Marilyn M. Hoskins, Moosic, PA; Madison Kayle Marie Howell, Scranton, PA; Samantha Ann Humen, Archbald, PA; Corey Jeffrey Iyoob, Jessup, PA; Ty Matthew Jackson, Olyphant, PA; Gabriel Paul Jenceleski, Nanticoke, PA; Ava  Jones, Scranton, PA; Evangeline M. Kelly, Milford, PA; Aiden James Kelly, Fell Township, PA; Brigid E. Kennedy, Scranton, PA; Shaun Michael King, Throop, PA; Rebecca Lynn Klemovitch, Waymart, PA; Andrew John Kohut, Dickson City, PA; Brianna Lynn Kohut, Jessup, PA; Ian Michael Kovatch, Archbald, PA; Nina Elisabeth Kozar, Clarks Summit, PA; Kathryn Marie Kraycer, Peckville, PA; David C Kuzmick, Blakely, PA; Seung Hyun Lee, Factoryville, PA; Anthony John Leggin, Scranton, PA; Kamryn Liuzzo, Carbondale, PA; Christian Jude Maldonato, Scranton, PA; Vanessa M. Mancuso, Olyphant, PA; Aubrey Marie Mangan, Scranton, PA; Marissa Lynn Manza, East Stroudsburg, PA; Gianna Maria Manzo, Olyphant, PA; Kelsey Martin, Honesdale, PA; Nelly  Martinez, Scranton, PA; Lindsey V. Marushock, Throop, PA; Stephen Cyril Mason, Scranton, PA; Noah Michael Mauro, Carbondale, PA; Sara Mitchell McCormack, Scranton, PA; Allison Marie McDermott, Lake Ariel, PA; Grace Elizabeth McDonald, Avoca, PA; Jordyn M. McDonough, Spring Brook Twp., PA; Kayleen Grace McHale, Scranton, PA; Lyndsey Marie Medric, Throop, PA; Kirsten Nichole Melton, Shickshinny, PA; Kaileigh Lynne Miller, Effort, PA; Lilli Margaret Millon, Waymart, PA; Jonathan R. Mistishin, Waymart, PA; Nevica Lee Molinaro, Taylor, PA; Jillian Shae Mooney, Dunmore, PA; Amanda May Morgan, Greentown, PA; Kerri Ellen Mulligan, Forty Fort, PA; Samantha Diane Mushak, Scranton, PA; Shania Celine Nelson, Scranton, PA; Bethany Jane Newell, Mountain Top, PA; Mackenzie Rose Nickol, Scranton, PA; Thomas Roland Niemiec, Moosic, PA; Nicholas J. Notari, South Abington Twp., PA; Thomas Michael O’Keefe, Milford, PA; Celeste Magdalena Orchard, Lake Ariel, PA; Gabrielle Rose Pagnotti, Scranton, PA; Jessica Palauskas, Scranton, PA; Zachary Ross Parkhurst, East Stroudsburg, PA; Polina Pastushenko, Hawley, PA; Tej  Patel, Scranton, PA; Janvi G, Patel, Scranton, PA; Priya R. 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Wood, Montrose, PA; Drew Hartley Yanni, Scranton, PA; Lauren G Youngken, East Stroudsburg, PA; Natalie J Zeglen, Honesdale, PA, and Elizabeth Rosemarie Zuchinski, Old Forge, PA.

Area residents named to the Dean’s List from the College of Health and Human Services, as declared by Dean Lori E. Swanchak, Ph.D., include:
Kelsey Marie Banfield, Spring Brook Twp., PA; Paige Barillo, Lake Ariel, PA; Brian Barnum, Scranton, PA; Gavin Alexander Beck, Moosic, PA; Caroline  Bertha, Moscow, PA; Paige Rebecca Bidwell, Honesdale, PA; Megan M. Bidwell, Honesdale, PA; Elizabeth  Buczek, Tobyhanna, PA; Bethany Dalene Burns, Susquehanna, PA; Molly G. Butler, Dunmore, PA; Rylee Joann Cali, Peckville, PA; Maria Ann Castaldi, Moosic, PA; Jocelyn J. Cebrosky, Scranton, PA; Samantha June Christian, Pittston, PA; Jonah Allen Cogliette, Dunmore, PA; Jose Collado, Scott Twp., PA; Hilary  Colon, West Hazleton, PA; Cassandra Rose Cooper, Wapwallopen, PA; Meadow Rae Curyk, Scranton, PA; Pasquale D. DeSavino, Peckville, PA; Talia Marie Donati, Wyoming, PA; Sean A. Dowling, Dunmore, PA; Hailey Phoebe Driesbaugh, Clarks Green, PA; Julianne Dunay, Scranton, PA; Ayla R Eckersley, Greentown, PA; Maxine Fabrizio, Exeter, PA; Erika Lynn Freely, Clifford Twp., PA; Donna Elizabeth Frutchey, Clarks Summit, PA; Skylar Ann Gagnon, East Stroudsburg, PA; Sarah Gallagher, Scranton, PA; Hope Geis, Scranton, PA; Dominique Heidy Gomez Juarez, Scranton, PA; Matthew Michael Goodrich, Nicholson, PA; Autumn Grace Goonan, Dickson City, PA; Nina Mary Grushinski, Peckville, PA; Kortney Marie Harry, Noxen, PA; Holly Hughes, Throop, PA; Nicole Jackson, Olyphant, PA; Miya Veronica Jankowski, Bushkill, PA; Juliana Regina Joyce, Jermyn, PA; Sarah Elisabeth Kagan, Hanover Twp., PA; Kathleen Kennedy, Dunmore, PA; Natalie Kerrigan, Forty Fort, PA; Jeffrey Lake, Taylor, PA; Athena Alexis Legates, Thompson, PA; Brooke V. Longstreet, Scott Twp., PA; Bethany Carmella Maby, Susquehanna, PA; Lily Anne Mackarey, Archbald, PA; Kathleen Margaret Magda, Wilkes Barre, PA; Gianna Antoinette Marsico, Old Forge, PA; Gianna Judith Marturano, South Abington Twp., PA; Lindsey Maula, Bartonsville, PA; William R. McDonald, South Abington Twp., PA; Amber Mettin, Dickson City, PA; Brooke Ana Mickavicz, Taylor, PA; Jordyn T. Miller, Nanticoke, PA; Emily Elizabeth Mondak, Peckville, PA; Kelli Marie Moreno, Scranton, PA; Alyvia Paige Mroczka, Dunmore, PA; Allison Mary Nealon, Clarks Green, PA; Emily Marie O’Brien, Montrose, PA; Olivia L. Osborne, Scranton, PA; Elizabeth Pfohl, Scranton, PA; Marzinete Pilch, Archbald, PA; Julia Marie Polt, Damascus, PA; Allison  Rempe, Moosic, PA; Camille M. Rillstone, Ransom Twp., PA; Emily Anne Rinaldi, Duryea, PA; Gabrielle Elizabeth Roote, Tunkhannock, PA; Jocelyn Hope Ryan, Mountain Top, PA; Meredith Marie Santiago, Scranton, PA; Taylor M .Seprosky, Archbald, PA; Bethany Marie Serio, Archbald, PA; Brianna Lynn Shea, Scranton, PA; Riley I. Skelton, Honesdale, PA; Sydney Elizabeth Skrutski, Archbald, PA; Joseph Francis Slish, Olyphant, PA; Meghan L. Smith, Duryea, PA; Gianna Lynne Snell, Jermyn, PA; Megan Elizabeth Stledger, Jessup, PA; Allison Strelecki, Kingston, PA; Gesileny  Taveras, Scranton, PA; Lillian Barbara Thompson, Moscow, PA; Marissa Torres, Scranton, PA; Rachel M. Totten, Milford, PA; Kira C. Treitz, Clifton Twp., PA; Kirsten Mary Van Louvender, Moscow, PA; Kathryn Veronica Walsh, Spring Brook Twp., PA; Hayley C. Weaver, Dunmore, PA; Leigha June Welsh, Honesdale, PA; Nickolas S. Werkheiser, Bear Creek Township, PA; Amy Lynn White, Waymart, PA; Gabriella Beaba Williams, South Abington Twp., PA; Kyra Stephan Wojtkielewicz, Moscow, PA; Lorna  Yushinsky, Archbald, PA, and Ronald Zaykowski, Old Forge, PA.

Area residents named to the Dean’s List from the College of Professional Studies, as declared by Dean James J. Sullivan, M.ARCH, RA, AIA, include:
Rye Ahronson, Scranton, PA; Alex Joseph Amorine, Lake Ariel, PA; Adam Jackson Anderson, Berwick, PA; Anthony J. Antonitis III, Throop, PA; Michael K. Aronica, Scranton, PA; Andrew John Babinski, Scranton, PA; Mai Bach, Wilkes Barre, PA; Kayla Barbara Becchetti, Scranton, PA; Daniel Becker, Honesdale, PA; Morgan Amelia Bialy, Scranton, PA; Kiarra Rose Bonning, Harding, PA; Emily  Borosky, Scott Twp., PA; Maxwell Ellis Brewer, Scranton, PA; Jennifer Irene Brown, Wapwallopen, PA; Kailey Browning, Scranton, PA; Caitlyn Marie Burdick, Waymart, PA; Colin James Burke, Carbondale, PA; Jacob C. Burkhart, Old Forge, PA; Brennan Patrick Burnside, Scranton, PA; Joseph Burridge, Swoyersville, PA; Oneisha Cabrera, Scranton, PA; Brianna Elizabeth Campbell, Jessup, PA; Enzo Dennis Cicco, Scranton, PA; Jake Gabriel Ciullo, Scranton, PA Ashdon Mary Clark, Gouldsboro, PA; Isabella Louise Coleman, Factoryville, PA; Nicholas  Colombo, North Abington Twp., PA; Tyler J. Connor, Scranton, PA; Courtney Connors, Old Forge, PA; Douglas Allen Cooke, Throop, PA; Julianna Cotroneo, Blakely, PA; Nickolas Racht Curtis, Waymart, PA; Vincent Anthony D’Auria, Scranton, PA; Matthew B. Davis, Saylorsburg, PA; Joel Christopher Decarli, Archbald, PA; Collin Patrick Dougherty, Shavertown, PA; Nicholas Dubinski, Mountain Top, PA; London A. Durkin, Peckville, PA; Collin Raymond Eisenhower, Sugarloaf, PA; Grace Deanna Feeser, Dummore, PA; Dominique Rae Ferraro, Jessup, PA; Landon James Firmstone, Waymart, PA; Lucas D, Flederbach, Honesdale, PA; Alison Dorothy Fortuner, Carbondale, PA; Jolie M. Fraggetta, Milford, PA; Abagaile Brittany Gerba, Scotrun, PA; Bryanna  Gifford, Scranton, PA; Hadley Grace Gilbert, Mayfield, PA; Paige M. Gill, Honesdale, PA; Josh Godlewski, Taylor, PA; Estrella Gonzalez, Scranton, PA; Nathan D. Grosvenor, Kingsley, PA; Madison Guelho, Stroudsburg, PA; Caleb James Hamm, Scranton, PA; Joseph Anthony Harrington, South Abington Twp., PA; Rae Kimberly Hatala, Old Forge, PA; Samantha Madison Howey, Honesdale, PA; John Louis Iacobacci, Scranton, PA; Julia Loraine Kanavy, Archbald, PA; Connor Kelleher, Clarks Summit, PA; Iain J. Kerrigan, Old Forge, PA; Megan G. Kielar, Taylor, PA; Sarah Judith Kinback, Factoryville, PA; Michael J. Kobierecki, Dickson City, PA; Victoria R. Kotcho, Jermyn, PA; Kaylee Marie Kresge, Clarks Summit, PA; Matthew J Kubasti, Hunlock Creek, PA; Madison Shelby Kuzdro, Peckville, PA; Becca Laboranti, Olyphant, PA; Cydney Peyton Lahr, Scranton, PA; Connor T. Laity, Lake Ariel, PA; Matthew John Lastauskas, Waverly Twp., PA; Trynity Virginia Lehman, Scranton, PA; Kathleen Bridget Lynott, Scranton, PA; Connor J. Madsen, Matamoras, PA; Brooke Dove Manley, Old Forge, PA; Nina Lee Markle, Scranton, PA; James William Marsh, Duryea, PA; Sarah  Martin, Archbald, PA; Lauren L. Matarazzo, Milford, PA; Alexandra  Matyjevich, Spring Brook Twp., PA; Tyler McAlpine, Scranton, PA; Kaitlin Ann McConnell, Mayfield, PA; Ann Marie McGrogan, Hazleton, PA; Nicolas A Mendez, Mount Pocono, PA; Christina Kelly Brinley Mercadante, Duryea, PA; Shayne Robert Mizok, Scott Township, PA; Lauren Paige Munch, East Stroudsburg, PA; Maria Francesca Nicastro, Scranton, PA; Caitlin N. Nicodemus, Mehoopany, PA; Eimi Nishihira, Scranton, PA; Rachael S. North-Mozda, Olyphant, PA; Caitlin M. Pagnotti, Scranton, PA; Jarrod Daniel Palmer, Scranton, PA; Karen Pan, Stroudsburg, PA; Casey Michael Penzone, Jermyn, PA; Ava Marie Perrins, Throop, PA; Kinsey M. Petcavage, Dalton, PA; Sara J. Petrochko, Elmhurst Twp., PA; Logan Nathaniel Pfaff, Scranton, PA; Victoria Ruth Potoski, Throop, PA; Michael Paul Prebola, Monroe Twp., PA Tyler Joseph Prudente, Scott Twp., PA; Ashley Ann Reddock, Eynon, PA; Dimitri Steven Reggie, Lake Ariel, PA; Elizabeth Catherine Rembecki, South Abington Twp., PA; Erik  Rinkunas, South Abington Twp., PA; Dylan  Rudisail, Lake Winola, PA; Haneet Saini, Scranton, PA; Amanda  Sakulich, Jessup, PA; Abigail Maria Sankus, Wilkes Barre, PA; Autumn Elizabeth Savitski, Shavertown, PA; Molly Maureen Schaefer, Scranton, PA; Christian Demarco Scotti, Tunkhannock, PA; Mackenzie Sarah Semken, Dalton, PA; Mackenzie Morgan Senatore, Dunmore, PA; Kathryn Shea, Scranton, PA; Jada Vinness Siino, Newfoundland, PA; Gradon Michael Silva, Spring Brook Twp., PA; Amandeep Singh, Hawley, PA; Matthew Gary Smith, Old Forge, PA; Olivia Noelle Smith, Archbald, PA; Miranda R. Smith, Exeter, PA; Gabrielle Snee, Olyphant, PA; Sara J. Sorensen, Scranton, PA; Elizabeth A, Stone, Old Forge, PA; Katelyn Stoppe, South Abington Twp., PA; Milana  Straub, Shickshinny, PA; Ryan Joseph Strony, Dickson City, PA; Molly Rose Sweeney, Archbald, PA; Alexandra Christina Taffera, Moscow, PA; Brooke Elizabeth Thomas, Scott Twp., PA; Gabrielle Lee Troch, Newfoundland, PA; Faith Elizabeth Ursich, Union Dale, PA; Robert Anthony Van Brunt, Covington Twp., PA; Ethan M. Verne, Covington Twp., PA; Jillian Frances Vito, Dupont, PA; Lauren Ann Walsh, Jessup, PA; Natasha Rose Walton, Moscow, PA; Victoria Evelyn Weber, South Sterling, PA; Dylon White, East Stroudsburg, PA; Elizabeth Williams, Honesdale, PA, and Rachel R. Yackobowitz, Moosic, PA.

The Scranton Cultural Center Presents FREE Concert

Enjoy a concert given by the United States Air Force Heritage of America Concert Band at the Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple on February 13 at 2:00 p.m.  The concert is free and open to the public.

For eight decades, the USAF Heritage of America Concert Band has educated, inspired and entertained over 1.5 million people annually, by providing music for events that support Airmen and their families, honor our Nation’s veterans and build relationships of trust between the American people and their Air Force. The Concert Band is comprised of over 40 professional Airman-musicians who captivate audiences on regular tours throughout the East Coast with a variety of renditions of great orchestral classics, marches, Broadway hits, jazz standards, movie music and patriotic favorites.

PLEASE NOTE: As per the guidelines of the United States Air Force, all attendees eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination must show proof of vaccination to gain entry to the performance. All non-vaccinated attendees must show proof of a negative FDA-approved COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of the performance to gain entry.  Additionally, masks are required inside the Scranton Cultural Center for all patrons.

The United States Air Force Heritage of America Concert Band concert is presented by Gibbons Ford and sponsored by LT Verrastro.  It is supported by Lackawanna County and the PA Council on the Arts.

The concert will take place in the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Theatre at 2:00 p.m. with the doors opening at 1:30 p.m.  Concessions will be available for purchase.  Tickets are free to the public and are required for admission.  They can be acquired at the Fidelity Bank Box Office at the SCC in person or by calling (570) 344-1111, or via Ticketmaster. Convenience charges apply when claiming online or by phone.  For additional information and a full schedule of events, visit