NeighborWorks NEPA Receives Grant from AllOne Foundation & Charities

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NeighborWorks Northeastern Pennsylvania (NeighborWorks) is pleased to announce it has received a $100,000 grant from the AllOne Foundation & Charities to be used towards expansion of Aging in Place services. The goal of this program will be to provide resources to help older adults overcome social isolation and health issues.

These funds will be used to increase and expand Aging in Place services with a focus on social isolation prevention. NeighborWorks will additionally be increasing the volunteer opportunities available to older adults through an expansion and reorganization of the volunteer program.

The Aging in Place program has worked with the Ignatian Volunteer Corps (IVC) through a two-year funding partnership with the Moses Taylor Foundation to recruit, train and support volunteers for the Friendly Visitor/CARE calls program to combat social isolation. This program connects volunteers aged 55 and over with older adults to engage, provide resource connection, virtual activities and someone to connect with.

This program will be modified in the coming year to use recommendations from the larger senior social isolation prevention plan being undertaken by the United Way of Lackawanna & Wayne Counties and funded by the Moses Taylor Foundation. As restrictions continue to lift from the COVID-19 pandemic and individuals become more comfortable interacting with others, NeighborWorks will reorganize and expand volunteer opportunities for civic organizations, community clubs, students, churches, schools, businesses, individuals and families. This is all with a focus on direct service to improve the lives of older adults in the community.

“We are most thankful to the AllOne Foundation for their support as a key partner of our Aging in Place program,” Jesse Ergott, NeighborWorks Northeastern Pennsylvania President & CEO, said of the award. “Over 400 older adults have received Aging in Place services since the start of the program, and this funding will allow us to make more improvements for older adults in areas that include critical safety modifications, financial coaching, and senior isolation prevention.”

Funds from AllOne Foundation & Charities will be used to serve approximately 225 older adults aged 60 and over who are at or under 80% of their home counties’ area median income. The redesigned NeighborWorks Volunteer Program will increase volunteer opportunities for various projects for older adults including the Friendly Visitor Program, expanded small home repair services and smart home device installation. Over 4,700 volunteers have been deployed by NeighborWorks over the past decade.

“AllOne Foundation & Charities looks to our partners to measurably improve access to health care in our community. The Aging in Place programs offered by NeighborWorks NEPA are an outstanding example of the power of front-line, community-based services directly reaching our senior family members, neighbors and friends. The impact of their innovative, agile and compassionate service is significant,” said John Cosgrove, Executive Director of AllOne Foundation & Charities.”

Additionally, to increase mobility and ability to provide volunteer services to older adults, a cargo van will be purchased through funds acquired by the AllOne Foundation & Charities and co-branded with the foundation.