Dunmore Winery Holds Label Competition

Space Time Mead & Cider Works is sponsoring its 4thAnnual Label Competition to design a bottle label for specialty wine. The theme for this year’s competition is Unity;inspired by the work of people towards peace and justice for Ukraine.Strides toward unity exemplify our hope for people to come together in the future. All proceeds from the contest will be given to Doctors Without Borders to provide funds for Ukraine and other efforts globally.

Dan Schreffler notes, “Unity was chosen as a reminder of the past accomplishments we earthling have done when working together for a better world. The International Space Station’s (ISS) module called Unity was put in orbit in 1998. It connects the Russian and United States segments of the station and is where the crew eats meals together, even now.”

Prizes will be given to the Judge’s Selection and People’s Choice winners. Judge’s Selection will be chosen by contest’s sponsors. They will have their name and artwork featured on special release of wine and will receive a cash award of $250. The People’s Choice will be selected by voting. The top voted label will receive a cash award of $250. The competition submission deadline is June 1, 2022. All official competition rules, forms and dates can be found by visiting https://spacetimemeadworks.com/label-art-competition/.

Lackawanna County Commissioners Encourage Donations for Ukraine

As we all know, there is a horrific war going on in the Ukraine. St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Catholic Church is organizing a drive for medical supplies and monetary donations to help the military and the citizens of the Ukraine.

Items requested are: toilet paper, non-perishables, diapers, pain medicines (Advil, Tylenol), gauze, bandages, and any other basic first aid items.

If you wish to donate the medical equipment, it can be dropped off at the church on 430 N. 7th Avenue, Scranton.

The supplies and monetary donations will have to be submitted by Friday, March 4, at 9 a.m. A shipping airfreight company in Philadelphia will leave Saturday and will land in Poland. The supplies will then be sent to the Ukraine over the weekend.

Monetary donations are also accepted. You can Venmo Olena Shemchuk at @Olena-shemchuk with your donations. ALL the proceeded will go directly to where they are needed the most.