Neighborworks Todd Pousley Named Neighborhood Revitalization Manager

The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) named Todd Pousley, Neighborhood Revitalization Manager at NeighborWorks Northeastern Pennsylvania (NeighborWorks), to participate in the 2022-2023 class of the Appalachian Leadership Institute, a free leadership and economic development training opportunity for individuals currently living and/or working in one of ARC’s 13 Appalachian states. The 2022-2023 class comprises a diverse network of professionals representing all 13 Appalachian states and a wide spectrum of perspectives and sectors, including tourism, healthcare, education, civil service, and more.

The nine-month curriculum is anchored by six multi-day seminars across the Appalachian region focusing on each of ARC’s strategic investment priorities, which aim to strengthen economic and community growth in Appalachia. The fourth class will run from October 2022 through July 2023, focusing on skill-building seminars and best practice reviews to prepare fellows to:

• Design effective economic development project proposals
• Integrate community assets into long-term economic development strategies
• Identify resources available to spark economic and community development
• Locate and access investment capital from a variety of public and private sources
• Prepare competitive applications for public grant opportunities
• Use expanded connections and leadership skills to create strong regional partnerships

“Congratulations to the incoming 2022-2023 class of Appalachian Leadership Institute fellows! These leaders are already growing their Appalachian communities and will be even better equipped to drive positive change after their work with this program,” said ARC Federal Co-Chair Gayle Manchin. “I am eager to see this class of fellows collaborate across state lines to set big goals that will help the entire Appalachian region thrive.”

Appalachian Leadership Institute fellows were selected via a competitive application process to reflect the Appalachian region’s wide range of economic development challenges, opportunities, and strategies.

Upon completion of the program, Pousley will automatically become part of the Appalachian Leadership Institute Alumni Network, a peer-to-peer working group of experts helping foster collaborative solutions that will build a stronger future for Appalachia.

“I’m thrilled for Todd to be included as a fellow in this year’s Appalachian Leadership Institute class,” said Jesse Ergott, President & CEO of NeighborWorks. “His deep experience and commitment to community development make him a great fit for this exciting program. We look forward to utilizing what he learns from the sessions in various communities to advance our work on behalf of our neighbors here in northeastern Pennsylvania.”

Joining Pousley in representing Pennsylvania are fellow local area expert Holly Pilcavage, CEO of Coal Creative in Wilkes-Barre, and Amanda Craig Bradley, Business Outreach Manager of DRIVE in Danville.