Clarks Summit University to Host Spring Concert

On April 29 at 7 p.m. and April 30 at 6 p.m., Clarks Summit University will present their 2023 Spring Concert “A New Day Has Begun” in the historic Murphy Memorial Library on the Clarks Summit Campus. This concert will have an underlying theme of spring, hopefulness and positive reflection. 

Attendees will experience a very broad spectrum of repertoire at the concert. With everything from classical to jazz to bluegrass, the 2023 Spring Concert spans many musical genres to appeal to a wide audience. This musical array will be performed by Music Education and Worship Studies majors, and also students from many of CSU’s other programs. The evening will feature duets, a women’s choir, solos and much more. 

Aside from the concert’s vast musical offerings, the 2023 Spring Concert provides a chance for everyone to reflect on themes of hope communicated through music.

Music Department chair and professor Adam Schwamb, said, “in the busyness of life, a concert like this is always a good time to re-center oneself by hearing beautiful things. We have a gem in the community in terms of the arts.”

At CSU there’s an active arts scene recognized for its quality. According to Schwamb, many community musicians recognize CSU as a place of high levels of musicianship. “We should be intensely proud of how hard our students are working for something that’s not part of their degree audit. They do it because it’s valuable to them and they want to share it with others.”

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