Tobyhanna Army Depot Single Shelter Switch

Tobyhanna Army Depot (TYAD) can add the Single Shelter Switch (SSS) to its list of ever-growing workloads.

Part of the Tactical Network Transport – At The Halt (TNT-ATH) system group, the SSS is a shelter system that provides robust voice, video, and data communications for global data exchange from anywhere on the planet between various United States Military Units, as well as other friendly coalition forces. Tobyhanna provides diverse support for this system including overhauls, minor resets and repairs.

The SSS is very similar to another TYAD workload, the AN/TTC-59 Joint Network Node (JNN). Once upon a time, the Army used these two systems for different purposes. The SSS was used more for phone communications and the JNN for network communications. As time passed and technology evolved, the SSS has grown to also feature network communication capabilities.

The SSS workload was acquired based on TYAD’s proven ability to adapt to network and information technology (IT) heavy related systems. Although the internal components of the SSS are now very similar to that of a JNN, TYAD employees would not have ever developed an understanding of how to maintain a SSS without its counterpart.

IT Specialist Dan Harnden said he believes IT and network heavy workloads will be prominent at TYAD in the future, so this is a positive sign for the kinds of work depot employees can successfully handle.

“Doing successful work on these systems is a sign of how TYAD is adapting to the needs of the United States Army,” said Harnden. “Gaining this knowledge really opens up our possibilities here at the depot.”

C4 & Logistics Engineering Division Chief Chester Tracewski and Division Operations Manager Anthony Brandi agreed, saying they believe Tobyhanna has the capability to support the many customer needs.

“Tobyhanna’s full-scale support of satellite communications systems provides our diverse customer base with a ‘one-stop shop’ for their readiness needs.”

The Network Integration Technology Enhancement (NITE) modernization effort refreshes the Army’s widely fielded TNT-ATH equipment, which is reaching end of life. TYAD engineers have regularly assisted CECOM engineers to locate suitable replacement parts no longer available, as well as added insight for ways to achieve smaller tactical footprints of the equipment for future developments.