Lackawanna College’s Robotics Program Announces Amatrol Partnership

Lackawanna College’s Robotics & Integrated Technologies Program partners with Amatrol and Allegheny Education Systems.   The partnership allows the Center for Technology Innovation’s Robotics & Integrated Technologies Program students to receive hands-on experience with Amatrol equipment such as robotics, automation systems, industrial electronics, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and many more.  
“This partnership will assist our students by bridging the gap between the electrical side of robotics and programming,” Robotics & Integrated Technologies Program Director Rob Crane said. “Included in this partnership is troubleshooting, critical thinking skills and PLC work, which we will be performing with Amatrol equipment and educational material as well.”  
The Robotics & Integrated Technologies Program will use the Amatrol robotics/automation curriculum to educate students on the full scope of building and maintaining automation.   “Students will be given material at a level where they can understand it and if they are having trouble learning the concepts, they have the option to go back and review past lessons or another section entirely,” Crane said.          
The Robotics & Integrated Technologies Program is built with a hands-on approach with students spending 60 percent in the lab. Students will train on the equipment from Amatrol similar to on the job training. The program will align with the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute (ARM), a national expert in robotics and workforce development.     
“The class material and equipment we will have in the lab is going to have a factory feel with hands-on learning versus only learning in the classroom,” Crane said. “We get more than the scope of learning robotics, we get extra access to everything Amatrol does and this partnership will eventually blend into other programs, such as Electric Vehicle & Advanced Automotive Technologies and the School of Petroleum & Natural Gas.”            
Amatrol is a global leader in technical education, offering different levels of study in the manufacturing processes starting with the basics and building into more complex technology applications. Within the program are different levels of credentials for students to earn and take into the workforce. These credentials include Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA) certificates for PLCs, basic electrical theory and advanced manufacturing/motor control. Within these certificates are also micro credentials students will receive, keeping them innovative for the future.  
“We have gone out and done our due diligence to find one of the best educational training equipment and material providers,” Crane said. “We can get a novice student to a very high-level education in a short amount of time.”  
On March 30, Lackawanna College will host a STEM fair for local high school students to increase student financial literacy and career awareness through a hands-on, immersive experience.
The event is coordinated by Lackawanna College’s Business Division, Career Services and Pre-College Departments. Students will balance a monthly budget, compare careers and salaries, and “try out” some of our programs to experience each from the point of view of our students, including CTI programs.
The event will run from 8:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.   Media are requested to RSVP prior to attending event, please contact Eric Eiden, Media Relations Coordinator at (570)961-7807 or to register.