Northeast Regional Cancer Institute Receives Donation from School District

Riverside School District hosted a colon cancer awareness t-shirt fundraiser in March to sell to students, teachers, and families in the school district to support the Northeast Regional Cancer Institute’s colon cancer education and awareness campaign, CASUAL (Colon Cancer Awareness Saves Unlimited Adult Lives) Day. This is the third year the district has hosted this fundraiser.

The event was led by a Riverside School District Mother, Kim Owens. She has been a longtime supporter of CASUAL Day as her husband Dennis passed away from colon cancer at a young age. She started her own CASUAL Day team to honor him.

Mad Tees in Dupont has been instrumental in the design, creation and distribution of the products. The school sold the specially designed colon cancer awareness t-shirts and donated the proceeds to support the work of the Cancer Institute. Several families in the Riverside school district have been affected by colon cancer.

Proceeds from CASUAL Day benefit the Northeast Regional Cancer Institute efforts to raise colorectal cancer awareness and support colorectal cancer screenings for low income, un/underinsured individuals.