Greater Scranton YMCA Announces Virtual Wellness Platform Through A Regional Collaboration

The Greater Scranton YMCA is proud to announce a new online wellness platform to benefit their members and the community. On January 25th, the Greater Scranton YMCA launched Y Wellness 24/7, providing live and on-demand group exercise, and sports and play programs online, free to their members. Over 150 live classes and 100s of new on-demand classes led by over 120 nurturing and motivating YMCA instructors will be available weekly. The platform also provides access to 1000s of additional on-demand classes from leaders in the fitness industry nationwide. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in mandated closures and strict safety protocols, the need for outstanding virtual wellness offerings has been on the rise. Recognizing this need in our communities, Y Wellness 24/7 is the result of a collaboration among 29 YMCA associations from throughout the northeast United States. Involved in the partnership are many Pennsylvania YMCAs including those in Bloomsburg, Bucks County, Lancaster, Lebanon Valley, York and York County as well YMCA of the North Shore and YMCA of the Twin Tiers in Massachusetts and New York, respectively. 

Y Wellness 24/7 provides live and on-demand classes in training, mindfulness, nutrition, and stress management. With the collaboration, YMCAs are able to serve youth, adults and seniors through a variety of class formats such as strength training, cardio, kickboxing, cycling, Tai Chi, yoga, dance, bootcamp, balance, core and more.    

“We are so pleased to partner with YMCAs from across the northeast region,” said Trish Fisher, President & CEO, Greater Scranton YMCA. “By working together, we are able to meet the needs of our members across the region by offering more classes and a greater variety of classes.” 

Since the March pandemic shut down, the Y has made it their mission to meet community needs in new ways. The creation of this virtual wellness platform is another step toward serving YMCA members from across the region.