Dime Bank Announces Website Redesign Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that our redesigned website is scheduled to launch on June 30th!

Our team worked hard to create a site with an updated look that is easier to navigate with useful information at your fingertips. Scroll down the homepage just like a news feed. Find our products and services listed together on product cards and explore your options for more details. All of your favorite features are still there: log in to online banking, open accounts, find security tips, apply for The Dime Bank job openings, plus learn all about various ways to bank on one easy to read page, and more!

The web address hasn’t changed, you will still find us at www.thedimebank.com.

This is the first phase of our upgrade. Later in the year, more exciting features are coming to make 24/7 banking with us even better. We hope you enjoy our fresh improved look. Thank you for choosing The Dime Bank!