The Children’s Advocacy Center is Raising Awareness of Red Sand Project

On Friday, July 29, the Children’s Advocacy Center of NEPA (CAC/NEPA) will be creating a sidewalk art installation outside of its Mulberry Center location in support of the Red Sand Project. The installation is designed to raise awareness of human trafficking that happens domestically and across the globe. 

The event, located at 1630 Mulberry St., Scranton, PA at 1pm will be free and open to the public, and attendees will be able to help spread the Red Sand Project’s iconic red sand throughout sidewalk and walkway paths. Attendees in the process will also learn facts about modern human trafficking and actively aid in the conversation to stop it by creating a unique piece of art.

The Red Sand Project was founded in 2014 by Molly Gochman to increase public awareness and engagement in finding a solution to contemporary slavery. The organization uses a symbolic approach of spreading red sand in and around sidewalk cracks, representing those individuals who fall through the cracks of our society.

(CAC/NEPA) will also leave a basket of the remaining packets of sand in front of the main center building 1710 Mulberry for anyone who wishes to take sand and add to the sidewalk art at a later date.

Since 1998, the Children’s Advocacy Center of Northeastern Pennsylvania has helped more than 18,000 children and adolescents by effectively assessing and treating child abuse and neglect. Often experiencing shame and guilt, these children undeniably need the special treatment they receive at CAC/NEPA to repair their broken childhood…and keep it from having a lasting effect on their adulthood. Now in existence for over twenty years, CAC/NEPA continues to strive to expand its services for child and teen victims of abuse in our region, including Forensic Medical Examinations and Assessments, Forensic Interviews, Trauma Therapy, Counseling Coordination, Child Advocacy Services, and Child Abuse Prevention Education.

If you have any further questions about the event, please contact the CAC/NEPA through the information below.