Lackawanna College Receives Grant Funding

Lackawanna College received a grant award of $20,000 as part of the Pennsylvania’s Office of the First Lady and the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s 2022-23 PA Hunger-Free Campus grant program.

Joining 27 other postsecondary institutions across the state, Lackawanna College will work to reduce student hunger insecurities on campus, provide awareness programs, create student advocacy opportunities and supply access to healthy food options so students can continue to learn and grow in the community.

“At Lackawanna College we are grateful to receive the PA Hunger-Free Campus grant for this year,” Lackawanna College President Dr. Jill Murray said. “The funds from this grant will be used to address any student food insecurities through education and school resources to make Lackawanna College a hunger free campus.”

The grant will provide information for students on how to get the help they need to not go hungry and issue Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. SNAP helps lower income Pennsylvanians purchase food through an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) ACCESS Card and students can sign up for the program if eligible.

“One-third of post-secondary students are at risk of hunger and are potentially forced to withdraw from school,” Associate Vice President of Student Engagement Dr. Dan LaMagna said. “We have the resources to help students at the Student Life Office and this grant will help us communicate with students, getting the assistance they need to not go hungry.”

First Lady Frances Wolf launched the PA Hunger-Free Campus campaign in August, 2022, inviting postsecondary institutions to support efforts on addressing student hunger needs on campus. The Governor’s PA Hunger-Free Campus grant program’s goal is to support postsecondary institutions’ efforts to demonstrate their commitment to addressing these needs and diminishing barriers for learners.

“There are many great initiatives at Lackawanna College but this one is special in that it is a tool to help students focus on their education, not their next meal,” Dr. LaMagna said. “The grant program will be open to everyone, if there is a need at Lackawanna College, we will fill it and continue to build a culture of care on campus.”

Lackawanna College will utilize the funding from the PA Hunger-Free Campus now through December 31, 2023.