Northeast Title & Tag Announces Peeling Plate Rally

Northeast Title & Tag, in cooperation with the Office of Senator Marty Flynn, is pleased to announce the Peeling Plate Rally, an initiative aimed at streamlining the replacement process for illegible, peeling license plates within our community. Our proactive approach involves assisting individuals in completing the necessary paperwork more efficiently than if done independently and mailing the forms to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT).

Event Details:
Date: Saturday, November 18th
Time: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Location: Northeast Title & Tag Office, Keyser Oak Shopping Center, 1726 N Keyser Ave, Scranton, PA

In support of the Pennsylvania State Police there will be an officer on-site to inspect peeling plates and sign off on the required forms, certifying the plate as illegible. The forms will be provided on-site to individuals seeking to replace their peeling plates.

During the Peeling Plate Rally, Northeast Title & Tag is waiving all service fees associated with this type of transaction. It is important to note that PennDOT will replace the plates free of charge, resulting in no cost whatsoever for customers.

Additional Details Required from Participants:

  • Copy of valid vehicle registration card and Driver’s License/Photo ID
  • Both owners must be present if two individuals are listed as vehicle owners
  • For vehicles registered in a company’s name, an authorization letter allowing the present
    individual to sign on behalf of the company is required, along with the aforementioned
  • Once all necessary information is collected and confirmed, Northeast Title & Tag will handle the
    paperwork and messenger it to PennDOT for processing. Once processed, the new plates will be sent
    back to Northeast Title & Tag’s office for customer retrieval at their convenience.