Peoples Security Bank & Trust Announces Participation in EVERFI Financial Literacy Bee

Peoples Security Bank & Trust Company (PSBT) today announced that it is sponsoring the EVERFI Financial Literacy Bee, taking place April 5-19, 2024. The EVERFI Financial Literacy Bee is a nationwide financial literacy challenge for students in grades 8-12.

With 85 percent of Americans feeling stressed about the state of their finances according to a 2021 survey by the National Endowment for Financial Education, the EVERFI Financial Literacy Bee provides an opportunity for students to learn the critical importance of saving and budgeting for short-term and long-term financial goals.

The virtual challenge, created by Impact-as-a-ServiceTM education innovator EVERFI, and supported by leading financial institutions nationwide, features four short digital lessons followed by a capstone essay contest in which students share a short-term or long-term savings goal and outline their plan to achieve that goal. Three winners of the EVERFI Financial Literacy Bee will receive a $500, $250, or $100 prize to jumpstart their savings goals. By competing in the challenge, participating students will gain new skills to create a personalized financial decision-making framework that they can apply to their lives now and in the future. Topics include how to save, set financial goals, budget, and invest.

In addition to supporting the EVERFI Financial Literacy Bee, PSBT’s partnership with EverFi allows local school districts the opportunity to provide an important educational supplement and gives children the best possible chance to achieve financial wellness.

To learn more about the EVERFI Financial Literacy Bee, visit and