Keystone College Shares Statement on Status of College: President Remains Hopeful for the Future

On Friday, April 26, 2024, Keystone College President John F. Pullo, Sr. updated members of the college community on the status of the college.  

In letters to Keystone students and their parents and to faculty and staff, President Pullo emphasized that Keystone, as it has maintained in the past, is continuing to pursue discussions with an investment partner to secure an agreement which would be in the best interest of Keystone, its students, and the entire college community. While those talks are ongoing, President Pullo noted that he is “growing more confident in successfully concluding those discussions.”

While those discussions continue, President Pullo noted that Keystone continues to work with its accrediting organization, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), on elements of a “teach out plan” to protect students. The need for such a plan arose because of an  MSCHE requirement as a result of a “complex substantive change” after a planned partnership with the Washington Institute for Education and Research (WIER) concluded unsuccessfully in March. As noted in the past, such a procedure is a typical measure taken by accreditors in response to such changes being withdrawn. MSCHE also requested that the College submit a “Substantive Change for Closure” which is a procedural step required to enact a teach out plan. The “Substantive Change for Closure” can be withdrawn by the college if not needed.

While acknowledging this can be a stressful time for everyone, President Pullo, a 1969 Keystone graduate, encouraged Keystonians to remain optimistic about the future. For example, in his letter to students, he said, “I am proud of you all and applaud your persistence in staying the course in spite of the visibility we’ve received in the press and in social media. In the words of freshman Brock Kreider, ‘Keep your head high and keep going….Keep driving and keep doing what we are doing.’” 

He concluded: “That’s the Giant spirit, and what energizes me every day to keep fighting for this College, so many years after I was a student here just like you. Thank you for everything you are doing and your loyalty to Keystone.”