Foundation for Free Enterprise Education Supports Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week

Our organization’s #1 priority? Ensuring our businesses have a knowledgeable, skilled workforce. That’s why we support Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (PFEW). Offered by the Foundation for Free Enterprise Education (FFEE), PFEW uniquely prepares our students for successful careers right here at home.

PFEW 2023 graduate Maddie Miller from Henderson HS in Chester County explains why PFEW is so important,

“My experience at PFEW was amazing. I went into the program without any real interest in business and came out as a changed person. I had no idea the tools I would gain from this. I also made incredible friends. Building a company from scratch with eighteen people that you just met was nothing short of a challenge. Throughout my time, I saw my company grow closer as a group but also grow individually as people. Personally, I developed leadership, speaking, and collaborative skills that I will take with me throughout my career endeavors. We were lucky enough to listen to some incredible speakers during our time at PFEW and their words were very influential. I am so thankful I got to participate in this amazing experience.”

PFEW is entirely funded and taught by the PA business community and is open to all rising juniors and seniors in PA. It’s a powerful hands-on program that teaches students to understand modern business and the American free enterprise system. Students form teams and manage a manufacturing company competing with other companies. Along the way, they gain the knowledge and skills that uniquely prepare them for successful careers and lives right here in PA. Since its inception, over 50,000 students have participated in this award-winning program.

FFEE offers two additional programs that prepare students for success. The Stock Market Game (SMG)is a hands-on in-class program for students in grades 4-12 that focuses on financial literacy, investing and capital markets. The Speaker Series helps students explore careers, discover regional scholarship and career opportunities, build a mentor network, and more.

FFEE’s three-pronged approach to youth and workforce development promotes the finest ideals of business and free enterprise and creates our next generation of productive, engaged employees and leaders.

To support PFEW or to learn more about these vital FFEE programs, visit or contact VP of Marketing & Development Scott Lee at (814) 833-9576 ext. 8, or

Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week – Preparing tomorrow’s workforce!

For years we’ve supported a program that arms high school students with the tools to be our next great employees – Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (PFEW). PFEW brings together students and businesspeople for a powerful hands-on learning experience where students are immersed in the exciting world of modern business and free enterprise. The goal is to properly prepare our young people for the demands of the 21st century workforce.

At PFEW, students make the same decisions real executives make as they run a simulated manufacturing company. Each team is paired with a volunteer business mentor who imparts invaluable real-world perspective as they explore all facets of business operations and develop the skills that today’s employers seek. Teams are responsible for two judged presentations where they must demonstrate in-depth knowledge of all facets of business operations. The week is highlighted by Speakers delivering inspiring messages directed at the students’ personal and professional development. An ethics case study, other business-related activities and the college experience round out this exciting week. Since 1979, more than 46,000 young Pennsylvanians and countless PA companies have benefitted from this unique program.

There’s no more urgent work than preparing our young people for careers in our community, but why PFEW? In the words of 2019 PFEW graduate Brina Cartagenova: “This week at PFEW will resonate with me for years to come, for it is an eye-opening experience for Pennsylvania youth. Arriving as wide-eyed, eager children and leaving as empowered, confident leaders, PFEW students go through an academic cultivation like no other.” Brina describes PFEW perfectly – cultivating our next great generation of empowered, confident leaders. No other model educates students like PFEW, and that’s why we proudly support it.

Every student attends PFEW on a fully tax-deductible $625 sponsorship donated by a business, foundation, organization or individual, but real value of PFEW is immeasurable. I encourage you to provide these vital sponsorships for our local students and, if possible, volunteers for the sessions. FFEE is an approved Educational Improvement Organization through the PA Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program, and all programs are eligible to receive EITC funding.

FFEE offers two additional programs that prepare students for success and provide incredible value to our young people and our business community. The Stock Market GameTM (SMG) teaches students in grades 4-12 about investing and financial literacy, and the Speaker Series helps students explore careers and fulfill state mandated Career, Education and Work (CEW) standards. All Foundation programs have one goal in mind – preparing our young people for successful careers in Pennsylvania. If you would like to learn more about PFEW or their other educational offerings, please visit the Foundation’s website,, or contact Scott Lee, vice president of marketing & development for the Foundation for Free Enterprise Education at (814) 833-9576 ext. 8, or