Lackawanna College Awarded $150,000 Grant to Further Assist Parenting Students

Lackawanna College received the Parent Pathways Grant for $150,000 from the Pennsylvania Department of Education Office of Postsecondary and Higher Education. The funds from this grant will expand existing resources for parenting students to directly impact the persistence of parenting students with tuition assistance, emergency funding, and support services.

“We are thrilled to receive the Parent Pathways Grant, allowing us to grow our support services for parenting students,” Brian Costanzo, vice president for government affairs & special projects said. “At Lackawanna, we are dedicated to ensuring that all students, regardless of their family responsibilities, have the resources and support they need to succeed academically and personally.”

The Parent Pathways grant aims to provide essential resources directly tailored to the needs of parenting students, ensuring their success in academic endeavors. Initiatives in the grant include childcare costs, scholarships, emergency funds for parenting students who require assistance with an academic or basic need affecting their education.

These enhanced support services will benefit approximately 21% of Lackawanna’s parenting learners, providing them with the necessary assistance to navigate the demands of both parenthood and higher education.

“We strive to offer as much support as possible to our students, and initiatives like the Parent Pathways Grant help further our mission to provide a quality education to all persons who seek to improve their lives and better the communities in which they live,” Costanzo said.

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