Geisinger Honors 195 Providers for High Patient Satisfaction Ratings

Geisinger recently honored 195 caregivers for being named among the best in the country by their patients, according to national surveys.

Geisinger providers — including physicians, physician assistants and certified registered nurse practitioners — were recognized for ranking in the top 10% nationally for patient experience at the health system’s annual Top Patient Experience Clinicians Awards, which were held virtually this year.

Scores were based on Press Ganey survey results, which gives patients an opportunity to grade the service and care they received from a provider.

“There’s no better indicator of being a truly exceptional provider than to hear it from your patients,” said J. Edward Hartle, M.D., Geisinger’s executive vice president and chief medical officer. “Each year we have more Geisinger providers ranking in the top 10% nationally for patient experience, all while the standards keep getting tougher. The bar keeps getting higher, and our care providers continue to excel in making better health easier for our patients.”

Among the 195 clinicians honored, three were spotlighted for exemplary work, receiving Geisinger awards for going above and beyond when it comes to compassionate patient care.

Shane Daniel Newhouser, DO, family medicine physician at Geisinger State College, and Akiko Kawamura, MD, pediatrician at Geisinger Mount Pocono, received the Victor J. Marks Award for best Primary Care Physician and Outpatient Specialty Physician, respectively.

The award was established in 2002 to honor Dr. Victor Marks, who served as Geisinger’s interim CEO from 2000 to 2001, and his commitment to making patients the primary focus of the health system. It is given to the primary care physician and the outpatient specialty physician at Geisinger who have the highest overall scores on the care provider section of the patient satisfaction survey.

Debra Kaleta, PA-C, in family medicine at Geisinger Mount Carmel, received the Christina Appleman Award. The award is named in honor of Christina Appleman, certified registered nurse practitioner, and is given to the advanced practitioner at Geisinger with the highest overall score on the care provider section of the patient satisfaction survey.

The 90th percentile Geisinger winners are:

Central region:
Robin L. Adams, CRNP, Obstetrics/Gynecology
Kenneth Wayne Altman, MD, Otolaryngology
Madiha Mubarik Alvi, MD, Endocrinology
Christina Jo Appleman, CRNP, Obstetrics/Gynecology
Amy Gregory Barrett, PA-C, Pediatrics
Maria C. Bermudez, MD, Nephrology
Judith Bianchi Bowser, OD, Ophthalmology
Thomas J. Bules, CRNP, Cardiovascular Disease
Greg F. Burke, MD, Internal Medicine
Joyce A. Burnside, MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Ronald Byerly, PA-C, Internal Medicine
James Tran Connolly, PA-C, Orthopaedic Surgery
Michelle Annabella Cornacchia, MD, Internal Medicine
Nicole Deckard, LGC, Genetics
Devin M. Conrad, PA-C, ConvenientCare
Kendall Dobbins, MD, Ophthalmology
Dan Lawrence Dometita, DO, Internal Medicine
Cassondra A. Ellison, MD, Dermatology
James R. Elmore, MD, Vascular Surgery
Matthew A. Facktor, MD, Thoracic Surgery
Tammie Christine Ferringer, MD, Dermatology
Henry F. Fesniak, MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Brant R. Fulmer, MD, Urology
Christine Anne Gallagher, OD, Ophthalmology
Tullika Garg, MD, Urology
Keith Gibson, MD, Family Medicine
Nathalie M. Guibord, MD, Ophthalmology
Michael John Halupa, Dental Surgery
Charles Eugene Heid, MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Eric John Hodgson, MD, Maternal & Fetal Medicine
Neil Robert Holland, MD, Neurology
Dawn R. Hornberger, CRNP, Endocrinology
Elyssa M. Johnson, PA-C, Family Medicine
Debra M. Kaleta, PA-C, Family Medicine
Rosalind L. Kellum, CRNP, Cardiovascular Disease
Joel C. Klena, MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Erin Elisabeth Kohrherr, PA-C, Reproductive Endo/Infertility
Benjamin Robert Kuhn, DO, Pediatric Gastroenterology
Lauren Elizabeth Samuels, PA-C, Convenient Care
Mark R. Lentz, MD, Internal Medicine
Jenna Marie Lindenmuth, PA-C, Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports Medicine
Lindsay Anne Hauser, CRNP, ConvenientCare
Kevin Carl Long, MD, Colon & Rectal Surgery
Robert Blake Lowe, DO, Family Medicine
Michele S. Maroon, MD, Dermatology
Shannon M. McShea-Johansson, PA-C, Gastroenterology
Robert Alain Meloy, MD, Internal Medicine
Brittany Eve Meyer, PA-C, Obstetrics/Gynecology
O. Fred Miller III, MD, Dermatology
Brian Richard Monroe, MD, Anesthesiology, Pain Management
Megan Marie Moran, DO, Pediatrics
Donald C. Moyer, DO, Pediatrics
Misha Matongo Mutizwa, MD, Dermatology
Eric D. Newman, MD, Rheumatology
Jess W. Oren IV, MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Matthew Lee Palmer, MD, Dermatology
Rajiv P. Panikkar, MD, Medical Oncology
Lori A. Parke, CRNP, General Surgery
Mayur A. Patel, MD, Medical Oncology
Priyanka Pathak, MD, Hematology
Howard B. Pride, MD, Dermatology
John Stephen Quick, MD, Anesthesiology
Arsalan Rafiq, MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Marylou Rainone, DO, General Surgery
Jodie Alton Reider, MD, Endocrinology
Wells T. Reinheimer, DO, Ophthalmology
David D. K. Rolston, MD, Internal Medicine
Dana L. Rubin, PA-C, Plastic Surgery
Lisa Lorrae Schroeder, MD, Internal Medicine
Elizabeth Keslar Scott, CRNP, Cardiovascular Disease
Mark Alan Seeley, MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
John A. Semian, MD, General Surgery
Keith E. Shalongo, OD, Ophthalmology
Matthew J. Shellenberger, DO, Gastroenterology
Catherine Terese Shoff, DO, Pulmonary Disease
Dennis Randall Smith, MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Jordan Bennett Southern, MD, Urology
Randle H. Storm, MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Alexis Svokos, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology
Jill Susan Sweigard, CRNP, Pediatrics
John Robert Tomedi Sr., MD, Family Medicine
Tyler William Baran, PA-C, ConvenientCare
Tyler Raymond West, DO, Anesthesiology, Pain Management
Caitlin Jean Wiscount, MD, Pediatrics
Sandrina Dawn Womer, CRNP, Cardiovascular Disease
Jessica Gidaro Yancoskie, CRNP, Ophthalmology
Kathya Michelle Zinszer, DPM, Podiatry

Mark Judson Rockwell, PA-C, ConvenientCare
Melissa Jean Kireski, CRNP, ConvenientCare
Tena Delores Miller, PA-C, Family Medicine
Nicholas Showman, PA-C, Dermatology
Dana M. Smith, DO, Pediatrics
Roy Erroll Tuller, DO, Ophthalmology
Jessica Ann Zozos Stehman, PA-C, Obstetrics/Gynecology

Christian Stephen Adonizio, MD, Medical Oncology
Alexander M. Piczon, PA-C, Ortho & Sports Medicine Urgent Care
Joseph Patrick Bannon, MD, General Surgery
Louis C. Blaum Jr., MD, General Surgery
Elizabeth A. Bordy, PA-C, Family Medicine
Pranjal Kumar Boruah, MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Mary Catherine Brady, MD, Dermatology
Laurie Campfield, DO, Pediatrics
Jose I. Castillo, MD, Medical Oncology
Peter Joseph Cawley, MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Charlea Natasha Pedro, CRNP, ConvenientCare
Stacy J. Conway, OD, Ophthalmology
Kelly Jo Dalton, OD, Ophthalmology
Brian A. Delvecchio, DO, Rheumatology
Laurel Foxworth Dodgson, PA-C, Anesthesiology, Pain Management
Mitchell J. Gross, MD, Neurology
Collin Douglas Hair, MD, Ophthalmology
Megan Ward Harris, PA-C, Dermatology
Julia Ann Zafia Carey, PA-C, ConvenientCare
Karla Grace Dalious, PA-C, ConvenientCare
Akiko Kawamura, MD, Pediatrics
Amanda Katherine Keegan, PA-C, Urology
Eric J. Kemmerer, MD, Radiation Oncology
Kimberly Kaminsky, PA-C, ConvenientCare
David J. Kolessar, MD, Orthopaedic Surgery
Kimberly A. Kovalick, DO, Family Medicine
Michael A. Kovalick, DO, Family Medicine
Melissa Laporte, CRNP, Endocrinology
Leopoldo Legaspi, MD, Pediatrics
Lauren Nicole Polanin, PA-C, ConvenientCare
Kara Anne Levandoski, PA-C , Cardiovascular Disease
Maya Lillyan Lichtenstein, MD, Neurology
Paul R. Long, MD, Dermatology
Benoit Mapa, DO, Obstetrics/Gynecology
David R. Mariner, MD, Vascular Surgery
Vernon H. Mascarenhas, MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Martin Eugene Matsumura, MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Evan Lee McClennen, DO, Obstetrics/Gynecology
Sandeep Mehrok, MD, Family Medicine
Elizabeth Erin Miller, DO, General Surgery
Carl Andrew Nieweld, MD, Pulmonary Disease
Kathleen Marie Noss, DO, Pediatrics
Frank C. Olshemski, MD, Family Medicine
Mark Peter Pallis, DO, Orthopaedic Surgery
Sandra L. Pensieri, DPM, Podiatry
John Mark Prater, MD, Family Medicine
Brogdan Protyniak, MD, Colon & Rectal Surgery
John Robert Ramey, MD, Urology
Waqarun Nisa Rashid, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology
Jamian M. Ryan, DO, Pediatrics
Lakshmi Neeharika Saladi, MD, Pulmonary Disease
Thomas Spencer Samuelsen, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology
Sarah Ann Brown, CRNP, Urgent Care
Kenny Alan Schwartz, MD, Neurology
Shreya Sinha, MD, Oncology, Medical
Alessandro G. Smeraldi, MD, Surgery, Vascular
John Joseph Sobuto III, DO, Critical Care Medicine
James A. Tricarico, DO, Family Medicine
Cassandra Lynn Tunis, DO, Family Medicine
Justin Gerard Tunis, MD, Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports Medicine
Daniel William Upton, MD, Ophthalmology
Pugazhendhi Vijayaraman, MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Kathleen Iezzi Walsh, MD, Pediatrics
Mary Rachel Wolf, PA-C, Surgical Oncology
Jason Raymond Woloski, MD, Family Medicine
Joseph Alexander Wong, MD, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Sarah Ann Worsnick, PA-C, Cardiovascular Disease
Bonnie Tong Young, CRNP, Cardiology (Interventional)
Shane Steven Young, MD, Family Medicine

Lorraine L. Rosamilia, MD, Dermatology
Trevor Sherrick Smith, DO, Family Medicine
Natalie Rebeccah Steffen, PA-C, Family Medicine
Michelle Jane Thal, PA-C, Allergy & Immunology
Kathleen Mary Zazzali, DO, Cardiovascular Disease