OneTech360 CEO Published in ChannelProNetwork

OneTech360 CEO, Luis A. Aponte Jr., was recently published on ChannelProNetwork for his article, “Your Security-Minded Playbook to Retaining Recession-Minded Clients,” discussing current economic pressures tightening budgets, and how to prioritize client outreach to ensure they understand the demonstrable cost-benefit value your security services deliver.

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OneTech360 CEO Published in “ChannelProNetwork”

Luis A. Aponte Jr CEO of Onetech360 LLC, and a member of the IGNITE Program, the entrepreneurship and business incubation program of The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce, was recently published in “ChannelProNetwork”. Onetech360 is a managed service provider with offices in New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

The article “Your Security-Minded Playbook to Retaining Recession-Minded Clients” delves into the current economic pressures that have companies tightening budgets across the board, and clients with no security expertise (they rely on you for that) are ready to inadvertently put their own safety and yours on the table.

Some headlines from the article are as follows:

-Helping clients understand what they are getting, it’s a shame to lose business to a competitor that’s inferior in everything but their bid. 

-Developing Mutual Client-MSP Understanding. and Offering Clients Some Control. Make it a goal to help clients become informed stakeholders who actively participate in their security. 

-Use storytelling, MSPs swap stunning stories about the surprising risks clients face all the time.

-Letting your clients know why your price is right . Allowing clients to nickel-and-dime you on your services is a recipe for security breaches

For additional information on the Cyber Security Services offered by Onetech360 please visit their website at , email Luis A. Aponte Jr. or call 800.394.9423