Pennsylvania American Water Announces Pipe Project in Scranton

Pennsylvania American Water today announced a $6 million project to provide redundant drinking water supply from its Lake Scranton Water Treatment Plant to the city of Scranton.  The project, which is slated to begin in mid-August, involves rehabilitating an existing water line that runs through the East Mountain area of Scranton.

As part of the project, company contractors will be lining and reinforcing an existing 48-inch transmission line with high-density polyethylene pipe.  The transmission line was originally installed through East Mountain in 1908 to serve the city.  It was taken out of service in 2018 after a new transmission line was installed through the mountain. 

“The original cast-iron pipe served us for well over 100 years,” said Rich Dudek, project manager, Pennsylvania American Water.  “The second line was installed to provide redundancy should any repairs be needed on the original pipe, and now we are making these improvements to extend the service life of the water main and add resiliency and redundancy to our Scranton water system.” 

The project is expected to start in mid-August and be completed in the spring of 2024.  Customers’ water service will not be impacted by this work.

In preparation for the project, part of the walking path around the Lake Scranton reservoir will temporarily close to pedestrian traffic beginning Monday, July 31 as contractors begin delivering material and equipment for the project.  The walking path will be closed from the area where the path meets the roadway at the small stone bridge to the dam near the fishing pier.

The walking path will be closed as a safety precaution due to increased truck traffic on the roadway until August 4.  The path will be reopen Saturday, August 5.

For more information, contact Pennsylvania American Water’s customer service center at 1-800-565-7292.