Julie Sidoni to Serve as Moderator on WVIA’s Call the Doctor

WVIA News Director Julie Sidoni will serve as moderator of the upcoming 34th season of WVIA’s television series Call the Doctor. The season will feature an updated look and presentation when it premieres Wednesday, March 2nd at 7 p.m. on WVIA TV.

The new season will feature 16 episodes that will premiere Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. on WVIA TV.

“Call The Doctor is a program that viewers have come to rely on for more than 30 years,” said Sidoni. “The newly-formed WVIA News team is ready and excited to report on a number of health and medical topics, contributing to the show in a way that hasn’t been done before.” 

“We believe having the show premiere in consecutive weeks along with Julie’s experience reporting health issues in our region allows us to better serve our audience and address their medically related questions,” said Carla McCabe, WVIA President, and CEO. 

“We are excited to premiere a new look and style for this program this season while still presenting the information our viewers look for each week,” said Ben Payavis II, WVIA Chief Content Officer. 

The new season of Call the Doctor will kick off with “Missed Health Screenings Due to COVID-19” on March 2nd, followed by “Lung Cancer on the Rise: Types and Treatments” on March 9th, “All About Alzheimer’s Disease” on March 16th, and “The Future of Telehealth” on March 23rd

Show topics to be featured later in the season include obesity/bariatric surgery, prostate cancer, breast cancer, COVID-19 side effects, joint replacement, back injuries, arthritis, sleep disorders, and more. More information on the upcoming season can be found at wvia.org/ctd. Watch a preview for the first episode of the season here.

Viewers can call in with their questions ahead of time to have them answered on-air by calling 1-833-408-9842.

Nicole Strauser – EMPOWER Conference Moderator

Vice President, Beneficiary Fulfillment, Prudential Enabling Solutions

Presentation Moderator: Managing Conflict Panel

The ability to resolve conflict in the workplace is an essential ability for leaders in any organization. When there is open and transparent processes for identifying, resolving, and managing conflict, it is proven to improve productivity and job satisfaction of employees. In this session, our panelists will discuss techniques on how to engage in meaningful conversations and manage conflict in the workplace.


Nicole Strauser, vice president, beneficiary fulfillment, has over 20 years of experience with Prudential. In her current role, Nicole is responsible for delivering final promises for group insurance, individual life insurance, annuities, and retirement customers. She has been focused on strengthening Prudential’s operational discipline and empowering associates via ideation and customer obsession to transform our customer experience.  

Prior to her current role, Nicole held various roles across Prudential’s retirement organization including the contact center, client services, and all back office operations from money in, money out, to complex record keeping.   

Nicole holds a  bachelor’s degree in business administration from Marywood University. She is a Series 6, 99, and 26 registered principal.  

Nicole currently sits on the board for Leadership Northeast, a local non-profit focused on creating servant leaders in the community.  Nicole also serves as the Prudential executive site lead for the Scranton office and the executive sponsor of the Scranton PRIDE BRG.