JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting Celebrates Milestone Anniversary

JAN-PRO Franchise Development in NEPA/Lehigh Valley celebrated its 15th anniversary on Saturday, July 1, 2023.

Owned by Stephen and Lori Zirnheld, JAN-PRO Franchise Development in NEPA/Lehigh Valley, has been helping individuals start their own JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting franchise businesses since 2008. These independent commercial cleaning business owners offer commercial cleaning services to local businesses in Luzerne, Lackawanna, Lehigh, Northampton, Monroe, and Carbon Counties.

“We are excited to be celebrating our 15-year anniversary helping the community in the Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, and Lehigh Valley Areas,” said Stephen Zirnheld owner and president of JAN-PRO Franchise Development in NEPA/Lehigh Valley. “We would like to thank these customers for their support and business, our JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting certified business owners for their professionalism and cleaning services, and our Regional Development team members for their constant drive for excellence. We look forward to seeing what the future holds. Thank you to everyone involved in our business.”

HNB Celebrates 185 Years of Supporting Local Communities

On December 26 The Honesdale National Bank officially celebrated 185 years in business. The Bank recognizes the milestone as an example of its achievements, but considers it more a testament to its ability to support the financial needs of the local area for years to come.

Earlier in December, Thomas E. Sheridan, Jr. rejoined HNB to reprise his role as president and CEO of the oldest financial institution headquartered in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Back at the helm, his sights are set on establishing the course for the Bank’s promising future by harnessing tradition.

The historical financial institution based in Honesdale, Pa has done anything but remain stagnant since its inception, often bringing the first of improved customer experience offerings to the area such as the first TV Auto Bank Drive-Up system in 1968, to its most recent deployment of a checking product suite that focuses on benefits that enable their customers to take advantage  of all aspects of their life, including protection, wellness and promotion of shopping in our local communities through exclusive deals and discounts. 

“The benefits that community banks bring to the areas we serve is a point of pride,” said Sheridan.  “The directors, management team, and staff at HNB have done an outstanding job in moving the bank forward.  They have targeted their efforts on helping our area to prosper by focusing on what is best for our customers.  In each and every role, HNB’s people are truly concerned with assisting our customers and willing to provide the extra effort to help.” 

Sheridan believes that bankers serve a unique and important role in helping communities grow. Ultimately, aiming to elevate all of the factors that make our communities such a desirable place to live, play and work

In the Bank’s historic service span, Sheridan noted there have been many extreme challenges to the economy.  He shared how HNB not only persevered, but more importantly, helped improve many difficult situations for local businesses and families to help the area forge new beginnings. 

“Experience has taught us that the greatest innovations are often the result of the need to overcome some significant challenge.  The pandemic has forced many of us to face changes.  With many people being relieved of the need to live within commuting distance of work, our area is now a residential option for telecommuting.   We are very fortunate to live in an area that still embraces the spirit of community.   We look forward to providing banking services for the business opportunities of an expanding area and new customers providing that growth,” he said. 

“The HNB team spends their time and talents thinking of ways for the Bank to better meet the needs of our customers at every stage of life,” said Sheridan.

Facing what could be a turbulent year ahead with prospects of inflation, recessions, regulatory scrutiny and more, HNB bodes confidence in its service model as it also prepares to crest $1 billion in assets.

Echoing the steps that have been taken in recent years by the Bank’s leadership team, Sheridan stated, “We will continue our quest to stay ahead of the technology curve.   With each advancement in technology the ease, speed and security of meeting our customer’s needs is improved and with that comes a better banking experience. Most importantly, we will not lose sight that personal service will always be important in meeting our customer’s needs.”

“Our concern for the wellbeing of the people and businesses who bank with us has been the foundation upon which we have built such a long history,” Sheridan said.  “This is the standard that has been set and passed on throughout the years among employees and board members.   I am looking forward to having the opportunity to contribute to progressing that mission.”