Treasurer Garrity Celebrates #MadeInPAMondays Anniversary

Treasurer Stacy Garrity today announced the first anniversary of her #MadeInPAMondays social media campaign, which highlights the great work of manufacturers and makers all across Pennsylvania.

“Pennsylvania’s manufacturers and makers are such a vital part of our economy, and it’s so much fun to share the great work they do,” Garrity said. “Manufacturing is the backbone for so much of our state’s rich history, it’s a vibrant part of our present – and a strong manufacturing base is essential for our future.”

“Pennsylvania’s manufacturing sector employs more than a half-million people on the plant floor, sustaining millions of additional jobs among suppliers, distributors, and vendors,” said David N. Taylor, President and CEO of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association. “Manufacturing creates over $92 billion in value for Pennsylvania’s economy every year, while also offering the highest wages and benefits in the marketplace. Our manufacturing employers anchor the local tax base, too, upholding the quality of life in our communities. The people who make things in Pennsylvania have amazing stories, and we are grateful to Treasurer Garrity for sharing them every week.”

The #MadeInPAMondays campaign has put the spotlight on companies both large and small across a wide array of industries, including athletic apparel, automotive, batteries, candy production, concrete, control systems, data storage, glassware, iron, leatherworking, locomotives, medical, military & national defense, pottery, steel, woodworking, and many more.

So far, #MadeInPAMondays has included 53 businesses representing 50 counties. Yesterday’s feature highlighted Wilson Forest Products in Greene County. The family-owned company has been in business since 1931 and produces premium grade cooperage stock for a world-wide marketplace, including recent expansion of premium cast production for the wine and spirits industry.

All of the highlighted businesses can be seen on this interactive map.

“It’s been great to connect with these impressive Pennsylvania businesses and highlight some of the many products made right here in PA,” Garrity said. “I’m excited to visit more businesses and continue promoting all that our great state has to offer.” To recommend a Pennsylvania-based business to be highlighted as part of the #MadeInPAMondays campaign, email