Kost Tire and Auto Supports Law Enforcement Departments

“Kost for Cops” is a program to thank our local law enforcement community for keeping us safe and making us proud!                                                           

                                                     Phase One

The Kost organization schedules visits with local law enforcement agencies and delivers meals to be enjoyed by members (including K-9 members of the force) and support staff.

Erwin Kost Sr. is committed to supporting our law enforcement communities and expressing thanks for their efforts.  As a Vietnam era veteranhe served our country, wore the uniform with pride, honor and respect.  However when he was coming home his uniform was not respected.  Years later, he saw the same attitude emerging with people’s disrespect of our law enforcement community.  He said “NOT on my watch!”

Erwin Kost Jr. attended a Sunday Mass honoring our local law enforcement.  Members of the departments were in their dress uniforms.  When a representative of the group addressed the congregation, people stood and showed a massive appreciation of support and sincere thanks!  Erwin Jr., thought to himself “our community truly supports our law enforcement.”

Both Erwin’s had very different experiences however they both arrived at the same crossroads and agreed to put forth an effort to support our local Law Enforcement.  “Kost for Cops” was created, an action plan was established, put in place and implemented.

“Our law enforcement communities need to know how much they are appreciated and how thankful we are that they are holding the line in our neighborhoods.”So, the Kost family and organization is going to say “Thank you, for keeping us safe and making us proud.”   

The Kost organization has delivered meals to over 40 departments in the last 12weeks to express their sincere thanks for the service and commitment on the part of law enforcement that protects our residents and communities. An additional 8visits arebeing planned over the next two months.

We want to promote our police and law enforcement personnel in all areas and express thanks for their efforts. We must all support, trust and honor local law enforcement andlook to our efforts to encourage other companies, organizations, and private citizens to do the same.                                                             

Phase Two

The Phase Two mission consists of helping our law enforcement departments keep in touch with the communities they serve and assisting in the development of new levels and channels of connectivity.

In many cases, when police are called to a location, people are NOT having a good day.  The tension and anxiety may be high, and the ability to communicate as one member of the community to another may help defuse the situation,Enhanced communications build stronger and safercommunities.

The Kost organization is developing plans that would supportcommunity-oriented events and activities sponsored by our law enforcementagencies. Such activities includethe “National Night Out”, the first Tuesday in August.Additional department sponsored events and activities throughout the year will be supported.

As an example, a few members of a local police department started a food pantry in their neighborhood.  Erwin Kost Jr immediately suggested that we setup food drop-off containers in a Koststore location near that police department. “Help comes in a number of ways, “said Kost.“This is an extension of and consistent with our 85 years of being in business, supporting local communities, and family to family service projects.”