Geisinger Honors 237 Providers for High Patient Satisfaction Ratings

Geisinger recently honored 237 caregivers for ranking in the top 10% nationally for patient experience at the health system’s annual Top Patient Experience Clinicians Awards on Thursday, Dec. 1, in Danville, Pa. 

Geisinger providers — including physicians, physician assistants and certified registered nurse practitioners — were ranked among the best in the country by their patients, according to Press Ganey’s 2022 medical practice survey results. This survey gives patients an opportunity to grade the service and care they received from a provider.

“There’s no better indicator of being an exceptional provider than to hear it directly from your patients,” said J. Edward Hartle, MD, executive vice president and chief medical officer for Geisinger. “Year after year, we have more Geisinger providers ranking in the top 10% nationally for patient experience, all while the standards keep getting tougher. We’re very proud to see our care providers continuing to excel in making better health easier for our patients.”

Among the 237 clinicians honored, three were spotlighted for exemplary work, receiving Geisinger awards for going above and beyond when it comes to compassionate patient care.

  • Kara Anne Levandoski, PA-C, in cardiology at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, received the Christina Appleman Award. The award is named in honor of Christina Appleman, certified registered nurse practitioner, and is given to the advanced practitioner at Geisinger with the highest overall score on the care provider section of the patient satisfaction survey.
  • Greg Francis Burke, MD, Geisinger’s chief patient experience officer and internal medicine physician at Geisinger Medical Center, and Jason R. Woloski, MD, family medicine physician at Geisinger South Wilkes-Barre, received the Victor J. Marks Award for best Outpatient Specialty Physician and Primary Care Physician, respectively. The award was established in 2002 to honor Victor Marks, MD, who served as Geisinger’s interim CEO from 2000 to 2001, and his commitment to making patients the primary focus of the health system. It’s given to the outpatient specialty physician and primary care physician at Geisinger who have the highest overall scores on the care provider section of the patient satisfaction survey.

The 90th percentile Geisinger winners in the Northeast Region are:

Amanda Maria Ketusky, PA-C

Alyson E. Evans, LGC

Alyssa Marie Callela, PA-C

Atul Bali, MD

Barry G. Bernstein, DPM

Bianca Maria Cerminaro, PA-C

Birju Bhatt, MD

Bogdan Protyniak, MD

Brianna Maglio, PA-C

Bryan E. Martin, DO

Cassandra Lynn Tunis, DO

Charles David Peters Jr., MD

Christian Stephen Adonizio, MD

Christina Lynn Feldmann, PA-C

Christopher Giddings Connolly, MD

Collin Douglas Hair, MD

Courtney Shingler, CRNP

Daniel William Upton, MD

David J. Kolessar, MD

Debra A. Lehr, OD

Dennis Michael Fisher, MD

Eileen Marie Rattigan, MD

Eric J. Kemmerer, MD

Erin Alexandra Colarusso, PA-C

Evan Lee McClennen, DO

Falan Eileen Glynn, PA-C

Fernando S. Carlos, MD

Gehred D. Wetzel, DO

George Ruiz, MD

Halime Ibrahim El-Hajmoussa, MD

Holly Maria Drutarovsky, PA-C

Jacob Adam Baber, MD

James A. Tricarico, DO

Jan M. Golden, DPM

Jason Raymond Woloski, MD

Jennifer Lynn Riccardo, PA-C

Jennifer Lynn Balinas, PA-C

Jillian M. Roush, PA-C

John Francis Danella, MD

John Joseph Sobuto III, DO

John Mark Prater, MD

John Robert Ramey, MD

Kaitlyn Elizabeth McDonough, PA-C

Kara Anne Levandoski, PA-C

Kathleen Quigley Whitney, PA-C

Karina Geronilla Phang, MD

Katrina Laura Kincel, PA-C

Kelly Jo Dalton, OD

Kenneth Louis Koury, MD

Kimberly A. Kovalick, DO

Kimberly Kaminsky, PA-C

Lakshmi Neeharika Saladi, MD

Laurie Campfield, DO

Leopoldo Legaspi, MD

Mary Catherine Brady, MD

Mary Rachel Wolf, PA-C

Matthew Gerard Mullen, MD

Megan Ward Harris, PA-C

Melissa Laporte, CRNP

Michael Andrew Kovalick, DO

Norma Michelle Boechat, PA-C

Ogechukwu Ndum, MD

Paul Anthony Arkless, MD

Paul R. Long, MD

Peter Joseph Cawley, MD

Renae Ann Keiper, PA-C

Sandeep Mehrok, MD

Sandra L. Pensieri, DPM

Shane Steven Young, MD

Shreya Sinha, MD

Stacy J. Conway, OD

Stanley John Yanik, PA-C

Steven Andrew Sluck, DO

Theodore James Tomaszewski, MD

Thomas I. Miller, PA-C

Timothy Jude Farrell, MD

Vernon H. Mascarenhas, MD