City of Scranton to Present $339,000 in Loan to Grant Awards

Scranton Mayor Paige G. Cognetti is announcing $339,000 in HUD (CDBG) funds for the development of three Scranton-based small businesses.

WHAT: Members of the media are invited to a press conference including Mayor Cognetti and multiple grant recipients.

WHEN: Friday, October 27, 2023, at 3 p.m.

WHERE: Mutant Brewing, 121 N. Washington Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503

WHY: New Scranton businesses applied for funding through the Loan to Grant Program through the City of Scranton’s Office of Economic and Community Development (OECD). After a thorough review, a group of three local businesses has been selected to receive grant funding. In the last three years, the City has awarded $989,000 in funds to Scranton businesses from the Loan to Grant Program.

Keystone Mission uses Grant Funds

In June 2022, Keystone Mission received an $18,500 grant through the Scranton Area Community Foundation’s Spring 2022 Community Needs grant cycle. The funds were used for the operation of the Scranton Innovation Center for Homeless & Poverty and for expanding programmings such as the Go Green Team and Pathfinders Program.