Maria Conigliaro Traino Offering ELEVATE Program

Maria Conigliaro Traino, a Certified NeuroCoach™ and the owner of Inspired Studio, is offering ELEVATE, the region’s first personal and professional development program for entrepreneurs and rising star employees based on the science of neuro coaching.

ELEVATE is an 18-week personal and professional development group program that combines self-study with live group Zoom calls. “As a neuro coach, I help business professionals design a life they love and achieve the success they seek by leveraging the power of brain-science. My ELEVATE program will nurture, develop and improve participants’ emotional intelligence, confidence, work-life balance, resilience and performance by defining and clearing limiting beliefs and redesigning a customized success-based mindset,” said Traino.

The ELEVATE program offers two tracks: one for entrepreneurs and business owners who are seeking deeper fulfillment in their work and personal life. “Many of my clients love the idea of personal development and have tried working with coaches before yet haven’t been able to truly implement the changes and therefore didn’t grow into their fullest potential,” she said.

The other track is for companies interested in helping employees feel fulfilled, productive, appreciated and ignited in the work they do. “Companies are always investing in traditional training for their top employees, including leadership training, finance and operations. These types of training programs are important, but focus on improving the business, not the employee. The ELEVATE program will change the way these rising stars approach their work and life — increasing their job satisfaction and performance that is mutually beneficial to the employee and the company,” said Traino.

Utilizing small group settings, individuals enrolled in the ELEVATE virtual program have the opportunity to work alongside other high achievers, build their network and learn from their peers. The sessions will be a mix of self-study, along with live bi-weekly Zoom calls held during the typical midday lunch hour, training videos and email support.

The Employee Cohort track will meet via Zoom sessions at noon EST while the Entrepreneur Cohort track will meet via Zoom at 1 p.m. The Zoom sessions will be held every other Wednesday.

The 18-week program begins on January 3. Enrollment is limited to the first 20 individuals in each track. Participants who enroll by December 15 will receive a complimentary 45 minute one-on-one coaching session to use prior to or within one month after the completion of the course. The cost of the program is $2,000 per person. To learn more, visit or email