PennDOT Enhances Customer Information with New Database

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) announced today that it has enhanced transparency for customers by launching a new database showing which vehicle inspection stations, inspectors, dealers, and issuing agents are under suspension for infractions of state inspection regulations and laws as well as contract violations.

“Vehicle inspections, license plate issuance, registration and titling are an integral part of ensuring the safety and proper registration of all who travel our roadways, and consumers can use this new tool to help in making an informed decision about those services,” said PennDOT Secretary Yassmin Gramian.

Visit the Suspended Inspection Stations and Inspectors page to see what stations or inspectors are under suspension. Visit the Suspended Issuing Agents page for a list of dealers or issuing agents under suspension. 

These webpages consist of a daily up-to-date listing of suspended inspection stations, inspectors, dealers, and issuing agents within the commonwealth. Suspensions are levied upon an inspection station and/or inspector for a violation of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Equipment and Inspection regulations and/or Emissions Inspections regulations. Suspensions imposed on a station or inspector are the result of violation(s) uncovered during audits or from investigation(s) into complaints regarding a station or inspector. Suspensions only affect a business’s ability to perform vehicle safety and emission inspections, not their ability to offer other services. Dealers and issuing agents can be suspended for a variety of reasons when they infringe on the provisions of their contract with PennDOT.

Approximately 17,000 safety inspection stations and approximately 7,700 emission inspection stations are registered in Pennsylvania, monitored by PennDOT Quality Assurance Officers (QAOs). Through regularly scheduled and unannounced visits to inspection stations, these QAOs ensure compliance with the regulations governing the inspectors, vehicle safety inspection and emissions inspection programs as well as the administrative requirements of these programs. They also investigate customer complaints against inspection stations or inspectors reported to PennDOT.

There are approximately 8,000 dealers or issuing agents in the commonwealth contracted to provide services to customers on behalf of PennDOT. They are monitored by PennDOT’s Driver and Vehicle Services’ Regulated Client Services Section through unannounced audits, scheduled site inspections, analysis of internal reports of title transactions and public reports of suspected wrongdoing via the website.

In cases involving criminal activity by inspection stations or agents, PennDOT turns to the Pennsylvania State Police for investigations.

For concerns regarding inspection stations within the 42 non-emission inspection counties, call 717-787-2895. For concerns regarding inspection stations within the 25 emission inspection counties, call 800-265-0921. You may also call or email the PennDOT tip line at 717-705-9913 or email Customers with concerns with agents should call 717- 412-5300 or lodge them through a driver/vehicle contact.

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