The Dime Bank’s Ferdinand Feola Appointed to ICBA Cyber and Data Security Committee

Independent Community Bankers of America® (ICBA) announced that Senior Vice President Chief Technology Officer Ferdinand Feola of The Dime Bank, was elected to serve on ICBA’s Cyber and Data Security Committee.

“What an honor to represent The Dime Bank and all community banks as part of the ICBA Cyber and Data Security Committee. I look forward to helping to create an environment where community banks, and the communities we serve, continue to flourish. Community banks, as relationship lenders, prioritize the needs of their customers and serve as trusted stewards of their financial future,” said Feola. “I’m proud to be a community banker and honored to be called upon to help ICBA safeguard our industry by underscoring the vital role community banks serve in our nation’s economy and working to ensure a strong, diversified financial sector that benefits every American.”

In addition to helping shape and promote ICBA’s national policy positions and programs, Feola’s duties include engaging in grassroots activities in Pennsylvania to advocate pro-community bank policies and serving as a liaison between community banks and ICBA leadership in Washington, D.C.

“Ferd is an esteemed civic leader and dedicated community banker, generously contributing his time to champion and advance the crucial role of community banks within our financial system,” said ICBA Chairman Lucas White, president of the Fountain Trust Co. in Covington, Ind. “We are honored to leverage Ferd’s talents and resources in support of ICBA’s efforts, and we extend our sincere gratitude for his unwavering commitment to securing a vibrant future for community banking.”