Wright Center’s Dr. Eisenberg Named Senior Advisor at the Center for Healthcare Innovation

Dr. David Eisenberg, the deputy chief medical officer for value-based care, health informatics and operational sustainability at The Wright Center for Community Health, has been named a senior advisor by the Center for Healthcare Innovation.

The Center for Healthcare Innovation is a nonprofit research and educational institute based in Chicago, Illinois, that brings diverse global leaders together to work on improving health care for everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, gender, race, ethnicity or other social determinants. Its members include health care providers, executives, caregivers, authors, entrepreneurs, researchers and more who work collaboratively on the common goal of reducing health disparities.

At The Wright Center, he leads value-based care contracts across four major payers and three Medicaid managed care organizations for primary and behavioral health service lines; collaborates with executive leadership on business development and sustainability, and engages in cross-functional initiatives that drive integration and alignment to improve operational and financial performance.

Eisenberg earned his Bachelor of Science in neuroscience from the University of Pittsburgh and his Doctor of Medicine from Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine. He served an internship in The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education’s Psychiatry Residency and is a candidate for his Master of Management in clinical informatics from Duke University. In addition, Eisenberg has clinical and administrative experience in developing and implementing interoperability workflows across multiple disciplines of health care.

Overall, the Center for Healthcare Innovation advocates for those who are vulnerable, at-risk and underserved by developing collaborative relationships that make health care more equitable for all patients; increases understanding and metrics of health equity; produces impactful research on trends and challenges to health equity; analyzes and disseminates best practices for reducing disparities, and develops ideas for policymakers that work to eliminate obstacles to care and reducing health disparities.

It accomplishes its objectives by hosting educational events for global health care innovators, conducting independent research, and advising leaders and teams on how to solve strategic health care and health equity challenges in the industry.

For more information about The Wright Center for Community Health, please go to TheWrightCenter.org or call 570-343-2383.