Designs by Olivia Grey to Host Scent Madness Event

Every year, we release five to six new scents. You don’t become the area’s largest candle company with the best selection without doing so. We take great pride in our selection but getting there and deciding which scents to release is one of the most difficult parts about our job. It takes so long to master the perfect scent. Everyone is so different, and we are always striving to make the perfect scent for you! This inevitably leads to making way too many new scents. Of course, we want to release them all but that is not always possible. This leaves the difficult part, choosing which ones to release. That all changes this year. We are beyond excited to now include our customers in the process!!

Join Designs by Olivia Grey either Saturday March 23, 2024, 6-8pm or Sunday March 24, 2024, 12-2pm for our first ever Scent Madness!! Just like basketball’s March Madness, we have 40 teams (scents) that will battle it out to reach the top 6 spots. Which ones make it is decided by you. The elimination process will be rigorous, but so much fun! We have so much in store. The six winners will be 2024’s new releases. We will even have opportunities for you to suggest names for the scents. How cool is that! You may be the lucky winner who names our next big release!! The event is $15 per person. All materials and instructions will be provided. Full dinner is provided for our 6pm class and a full lunch is provided for our 12pm class. Light refreshments are also provided. You may also BYOB. You must be 21 years or older to consume alcohol. We hope you can make it. This is sure to be a fantastic night out and a memorable experience.

Holiday Candles Arrive at Noteology

Holiday Candles are here!
Holiday candles are here!
Find your favorites. Love the classics.Try something new!
Image of Home for the Holidays Candle
Home for the Holidays Candle Juicy oranges, sweet persimmons, zest from ginger and a hint of Christmas pine give us all of the ‘Home for the Holidays’ feels in one festive candle.
Image of Balsam + Fir Candle
Balsam + Fir Candle A tried and true classic, our Balsam + Fir candle is a Christmas tree in a candle! Fraser fir, sweet balsam, and classic pine make this candle a fan favorite!
Image of Pomegranate Fig Candle
Pomegranate Fig Candle Sweet luscious notes of pomegranate and fig intertwined with orange peel, rhubarb and juicy bartlett pear. It’s been a staff favorite for the moment we poured it!
Image of Cranberry Clementine Candle
Cranberry Clementine Candle This one is juicy, fruity and citrus based from the clementine and sweet orange notes. The addition of cranberry gives it just the right amount of tartness for a bright holiday sparkle.

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