DK USA Inc. Announces New Product

DK USA Inc is the outpost of global sourcing, sales and marketing from stationery to automotive maintenance products. Every person likes to drink to their fullest and embrace the party until the next day. Introducing BYS Wellness, a dietary supplement based on Eastern herbology that can offer full recovery from excessive drinking.  It is a perfect solution for party lovers, bar patrons as well as occasional drinkers who are looking forward to enjoying the night and not experience any after-effects the next day. This wellness supplement is made of specialized formulas that utilize ancient Korean remedies to solve modern dilemmas of intoxication and post consumption experiences. Composed with the practices of age-old cures and timeworn treatments, this is the perfect solution for everyone that includes no side effects but only the wellness of organic elements.

Led by a renowned Korean chemist and engineer, BYS Wellness thrives to offer herbal solutions to consumers which lend to the potency of traditional antidotes. The herbal dietary supplement comes with a unique blend of organic ingredients like DHM, GMT-ALC, Korean Dendropanax leaf, ginseng, turmeric root, and many others. These elements are medically proven to rehydrate the human body
while promoting good gut and liver health. All the ingredients are collected from nature as the agency promotes organic elements and ancient recovery techniques.

DHM or Dihydromyricetin is an extract from a Japanese Raisin Tree that has been used as an anti-alcohol herb for centuries. Similarly, GMT-ALC is collected from an extract of fermented soybean and rice germ. This compound helps to boost the good bacteria level and promotes good gut health. It also helps to get rid of the bad breath that is caused by excessive drinking. Dendropanax leaves
are widely known for detoxifying the digestive system and improving liver health. It is also used in the treatment of cancer, and paralysis as well as to treat migraine and dysmenorrhea. Lastly, there is turmeric which is considered a strong anti-inflammatory ingredient. It can block any kind of action by the inflammatory molecules in the body. A well-balanced blend of all these ingredients makes BYS one of the best organic recovery supplements in the market.

BYS Wellness offers the best hangover supplement for drinkers and it also justifies its title Before You Start as it offers a boost of energy to start the next day in a healthy way. Highly effective and fairly reasonable, this organic supplement helps to recover after a night out, and dehydration while promoting good liver health. Whether one has to hit the gym in the morning or needs to attend an early meeting at the workplace, this supplement can help everyone start fresh with any effects of a hangover. Occasional drinkers find it very difficult to deal with intoxication and uneven drinking patterns. With help of Before You Start, one easily deals with such issues.

“As a former professional NFL player, I’m always seeking the best things for my body and mind. BYS gives me that edge everyday.” BYS COO, Mr. Sean James.
Before You Start, better known as BYS, is currently available on Amazon, Shoprite, Gerrity’s Supermarkets, and local liquor stores. Those who want to purchase it online can find more information at and opt for a suitable pack.