A United Front: County and Chamber Work Together to Expand Business and Workforce Development in the Region

Scranton, PA–June 7, 2024— Lackawanna County and The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce announced a strategic partnership focused on business and workforce development at a press conference on Wednesday, June 12.

Held at The Chamber, County Commissioners Bill Gaughan, Matt McGloin, and Chris Chermak, along with Chamber President Bob Durkin, presented The Chamber will primarily be managing business development, marketing, and lead management for Lackawanna County. These efforts will be in collaboration with the County’s Planning and Economic Development Office. The strong united front will allow a streamlined process, reduce duplication of efforts, and ensure a coordinated approach to economic development.

The Chamber’s Board Chair, Attorney Jerry Musheno, commented, “This partnership represents a significant step forward in our mission to attract, sustain, and grow business and jobs in northeastern Pennsylvania. By leveraging our combined resources and expertise, we will create a thriving economic environment for our community.”

In the multi-year plan presented at the press conference, Lackawanna County Commissioner Bill Gaughan emphasized the pledge of $495,000 to enhance economic development and entrepreneurship in the county. Over three years, the County will provide a total of $75,000 to support the program and administrative management at the Carbondale Technology Transfer Center (CTTC). The CTTC is an entrepreneur and light-industrial incubation program. The Chamber entered a management agreement with the CTTC board of directors over a year ago.

“The County and The Chamber have been partners on many projects throughout the years. What we are doing today is solidifying and formalizing the economic and workforce partnership for the future. Building on years of success at The Chamber and committing County resources to support small businesses—which are the economic engine of Lackawanna County,” shared Commissioner Bill Gaughan.

In addition, the County has allotted $420,000 to fund three additional cohorts of TechCelerator @LackawannaCounty—the 10-week entrepreneur training program for tech-based, for-profit ideation businesses. The County has funded two cohorts that graduated 15 entrepreneurs in conjunction with The Chamber, INGITE, Ben Franklin Technology Partners of NEPA, and tecBRIDGE.

“This collaboration aims to attract new businesses, support the expansion of existing ones, create job opportunities, and further bolster entrepreneurial support. We will focus on key industry sectors such as advanced manufacturing, food and beverage production, energy, technology, and bio/life sciences, aligning with Pennsylvania’s economic development strategic plan. Additionally, we are committed to providing entrepreneurs with the resources and support networks they need to succeed in Lackawanna County, enhancing opportunities for companies in light industrial and kitchen incubation,” shared Bob Durkin, president of The Chamber.

Lackawanna County and Chamber Hold Press Conference to Unveil Strategic Partnership Aimed at Expanding Business and Workforce Development

Scranton, PA–June 11, 2024 — Lackawanna County and The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce announce a joint press conference to be held at The Chamber on Wednesday, June 12, at 9 a.m.

Lackawanna County Commissioners Bill Gaughan, Matt McGloin, and Chris Chermak, in conjunction with the Chamber President Bob Durkin, will unveil a partnership on Wednesday, June 12, in which the partnership aims to expand the county’s business and workforce development through two strategic initiatives.

“I am encouraged and proud to unveil this partnership between Lackawanna County and The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce. For far too long we have duplicated efforts, and with this partnership we can be stronger together and make greater impacts in our County in training our workforce, supporting our existing businesses, and creating new opportunities for entrepreneurial growth here at home. It is our job to create opportunity for our residents and what better way than in collaboration with the Chamber due to their successful history. We look forward to working hard together and celebrating success moving forward”, said Commissioner Bill Gaughan

At the press conference, the Commissioners and Chamber leadership will present a multi-year plan, and under the partnership, the Chamber will take on the primary role of managing business development, marketing and lead management for Lackawanna County. Lackawanna County will continue to work in tandem with the Chamber on all opportunities to support workforce training, small businesses and the growth of entrepreneurship within the county through both collaborative ideas and financial investments. In addition, working in collaboration with the Lackawanna County Planning and Economic Development department will allow both organizations to streamline processes, reduce duplication of efforts, and ensure a coordinated approach to economic development.

“I am really excited about the initiatives unveiled here today, and the positive and collaborative relationship we have forged with the County Commissioners. This underscores our collective commitment to maximize the resources available to strengthen our regional economy, for the good of all the citizens of Lackawanna County”, said Chamber President Bob Durkin.