Lackawanna College to Bring Back Blitzen for the Holiday Season

Lackawanna College is thrilled to announce a partnership with Dallas Shaw to bring back the unique and creative space known as Blitzen this holiday season! Best of all? This is happening right in downtown Scranton at 409 on Adams, the student-run restaurant at Lackawanna College! Last season over 5,000 guests were welconed, but more help is still needed to expand the space so even more guests can be welcomed!

What is Blitzen you may ask? It is where the famed and mysterious reindeer spends his off-season. Guests are invited into his dimly lit home for a cocktail surrounded by his collection of antiques and clues about his life tucked into every corner of his den. Everything tells a story, from his paintings to his book collection and all allude to the feelings he carries about the other reindeer. How does Blitzen really feel about leading the pack from the back this whole time? Look around and learn a little more upon every visit. Our student bartenders and chefs create magic and guests tend to break out in song around a charmingly untuned piano. Let the reindeer games begin!

When you show support for Blitzen, you are not just supporting Lackawanna College, you are giving back to our students. The College uses proceeds from Blitzen and other projects to do things like: 

  • Increase mental health support for students including the addition of a therapy dog on campus in Fall of 2023.
  • Address food insecurity among the student body through on campus food banks with a program called The Common Kitchen which utilizes culinary kitchens outside of classroom hours and gives resident and commuter students basic staples and lessons to prepare meals for themselves to eat at home or bring back to their dorms.
  • Increase fellowship opportunities: the appointment of third and fourth-year students to roles in key College offices whereby they receive a $3,000/semester scholarship and receive real-world workforce training and professional and leadership development.