Geisinger Health Foundation Launches Beyond the Bricks Campaign

Geisinger has provided unwavering care to the community for more than 100 years, including for mothers and families. With the launch of the “Beyond the Bricks”fundraising campaign, Geisinger Health Foundation plans to “go beyond” by providing more impactful, innovative and patient-centered care that addresses many of the most pressing needs faced by young people and families from our region.

“Throughout its first quarter-century, Geisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital has been synonymous with excellent care,” said Gary and Sandy Sojka, campaign co-chairs for Beyond the Bricks. “With philanthropic support, we will empower care providers as they address emerging concerns in pediatric medicine and work in our communities to combat growing problems. We hope you will recognize the importance of these and other pressing issues — and join with the pediatric and women’s health teams at Geisinger to make a difference for your friends and neighbors.”  

The campaign aims to continue Janet and Sigfried Weis’ mission to provide the best care to children and families across the Geisinger footprint through the creation or expansion of programs and services that align with the campaign’s five guiding commitments:

  • Protecting our children
  • Enhancing care across our footprint through access and innovation
  • Improving access to behavioral healthcare
  • Caring for mothers and babies
  • Promoting education and scientific inquiry