The Dime Bank Transitions to ‘.Bank’

The Dime Bank recently transitioned their website from to domain to provide customers with an even more secure banking experience. This change provides another layer of enhanced security and verification requirements to reduce the risk of cyber threats and enable The Dime Bank to provide a greater level of digital security.

The American Bankers Association (ABA) reports that banking has consistently been one of the most targeted industries for phishing for over a decade. The accessibility of publicly available, unregulated, and affordable domains like .com and .net allow malicious entities to acquire similar-looking domains effortlessly for conducting business email compromises, phishing, and spoofing attacks, resulting in data breaches, identity theft, and financial fraud.

The Dime Bank’s email addresses and website URL will now use ‘.bank’ as their ending. has enhanced security requirements which help mitigate the risk for fraud. There is an extensive vetting process in place so that only legitimate banking institutions can utilize ‘.bank’, thereby preventing bad actors from creating imposter domains.

To verify the authenticity of The Dime Bank’s emails and website, customers can easily spot the ‘.bank’. With the ‘.bank’ in place, consumers can quickly confirm emails and websites are real, and avoid interactions that could lead to identity theft and financial fraud. This authentication is also an additional layer of protection for internal and vendor communications, helping to further secure against potential breaches.

President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Bochnovich stated, “Customer security is a paramount concern at The Dime Bank, encompassing both personal and financial information. The ‘.bank’ domain is a gated domain, like .gov, and is exclusive for verified banks. Providing cutting-edge technology that caters to customers’ need for high-speed convenience along with security remains a key consideration in all our choices. By transitioning our domain name to ‘’ from ‘’, customers can interact with confidence when they see the ‘.bank’ at the end of The Dime Bank’s email address and website URL.”

Emails from will be forwarded to the new addresses, and the website previously ending in ‘.com’ will now redirect to the new ‘.bank’ site. Customers are advised to update their address books and bookmarks for