Marywood University Student Breaks School Track Record…Twice

Marywood University freshman, George Thompson, Montrose, Pa., recently broke two school records for track and field within a week of each competitive event. First, Mr. Thompson broke Marywood’s school record in the Men’s 400 Hurdle, and then was a member of the Men’s 4×1 400-meter relay team, where a school record was once again broken.

Mr. Thompson is a freshman math education major. He graduated from Montrose Area Junior/Senior High School, where he was also a member of its track and field program. Knowing that he wanted to continue to run track in college, Mr. Thompson explored opportunities where he could find a college that had both math and education majors, and that also had a strong track and field program.

Mr. Thompson said, “Marywood was one of the few schools that offered a math education program, where I could graduate with a double major. What confirmed for me that I wanted to attend Marywood was the personal outreach from Robert Ahrens, head track and field/cross country coach for Marywood University.”

Finding time to participate in the track and field program at Marywood came more easily for Mr. Thompson, as he stated it’s an easier sport to find time to train on one’s own. While other sports teams need to work together, track and field provides the opportunity for more individual practice and training. In addition to being a member of the University track and field team, Mr. Thompson also serves as an alumni assistant on campus, where he writes letters and makes phone calls to alumni of the University.

Mr. Thompson said, “When I was applying for work study jobs, I was hoping to work at the gym, where I would be able to both work and train, freeing up some of my personal time. However, the alumni office was the first to reach out to me. While I knew it would be more difficult, the position offered me the opportunity to refine myself as a person and to make lifelong friendships and connections. I’m really glad that I took this path.”

As a freshman, Mr. Thompson has a few years to make additional favorite memories, but his favorite to date is of breaking a school record with his teammates in the 4×1 relay race, as he was able to share that experience with other teammates.

While Mr. Thompson emphasizes the personal importance of doing well, both with running and with his academic career, he feels that the connections and bonds he’s made on campus have been the most important, as they have enhanced his college experience.

Post-graduation, Mr. Thompson plans to take the tests necessary to pursue an actuary profession. Having a double major in both mathematics and education, Mr. Thompson feels that the education major will serve him in his professional goals, to enhance his knowledge and experience in his interactions with others.

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