Johnson College’s 103rd Commencement Ceremony to be Held May 20 at the Circle Drive-In

Johnson College will confer degrees to over 180 graduates at commencement exercises to be held at the Circle Drive-In on the Scranton Carbondale Highway in Scranton on Saturday, May 20, 2022 (Rain date: Thursday, May 19, 2022). The ceremony will begin at 10 a.m. and will be live streamed on the College’s YouTube channel at Graduates will be awarded Associate in Science degrees (A.S.), Associate of Applied Science degrees (A.A.S.), and academic certificates.

Nicholas J. Scarnato, CCO at Producto, graduate of Johnson College, class of 1980, and Old Forge, PA native, will give the commencement address. Degrees will be presented by Katie Leonard, Ed.D., president and CEO of Johnson College, and Marianne Gilmartin, Esq., chairperson of the board of directors.

Evan Wilcox, a graduate of the Radiologic Technology program and recipient of the Johnson College Award for Academic Excellence in the Associate in Applied Science programs will serve as the student speaker.

Matt Cirba, Johnson College Computer Information Technology program instructor and alum of the Class of 2009 will give the alumni address to the newly graduated Johnson College class of 2022.

Following is a list of the 2022 Class of Johnson College:


Computer Information Technology

Jacob Brodowsky                     Lake Ariel                                Pennsylvania

Casey Deaton                           Pittston                                     Pennsylvania

Michael Frazier                        South Abington                        Pennsylvania

Brandon Graham                      Clifford Twp                            Pennsylvania

Justin Greenberg (ABK)           Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Mason Hoeffner                       Exeter                                      Pennsylvania

Justin Kemble                          Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Brian Langieri                          Clarks Green                            Pennsylvania

John Lee (S)                             Old Forge                                 Pennsylvania

Ryan Mascaro                          Olyphant                                  Pennsylvania

Aidan Mullen (ABK)                Clarks Summit                         Pennsylvania

Max Rubart                              Greentown                               Pennsylvania

Jamar Rymer                            Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Michael Salansky (H) (S)          Susquehanna                            Pennsylvania

Emily Williams (ABK)             Scott Township                        Pennsylvania

Physical Therapist Assistant

Alexander Calabro                    Exeter                                      Pennsylvania

Ian Farr                                    Mehoopany                              Pennsylvania

Danny Fuentes (C)                    Edwardsville                            Pennsylvania

Brittany Gilley (H) (M) (ABK)  Pittston                                     Pennsylvania

Brianna Ketcho                        Dupont                                    Pennsylvania

Helga Linhares (C)                   Clarks Green                            Pennsylvania

Lauren Miskell (C)                   Archbald                                  Pennsylvania

Darius Powell                           Jefferson Township                  Pennsylvania

Ireland Reilly                           Thornhurst                               Pennsylvania

Hailey Taylor                           Kingsley                                  Pennsylvania

Radiologic Technology

Jessica Cann                            Larksville                                 Pennsylvania

Hailey Cruser                           Dunmore                                  Pennsylvania

Tamar Elba-Kops (H) (C)         Easton                                      Pennsylvania

Brittany Doran                         Avoca                                      Pennsylvania

Alexis Drab                              Friendsville                              Pennsylvania

Michelle Gibbons                     Trucksville                               Pennsylvania

Justin Hall                                Wilkes-Barre                            Pennsylvania

Kristen Kasa                            Mocanaqua                              Pennsylvania

Christine Margavitch                Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Hope Miller                              Catawissa                                 Pennsylvania

Alexander Mros (C)                  Wilkes-Barre                            Pennsylvania

Tanya Patterson                        Monroe Township                    Pennsylvania

Allana Warner                          Montrose                                 Pennsylvania

Veterinary Nursing

Brittany Bethel (S)                    Dallas                                      Pennsylvania

Lauren Cann (C)                       Larksville                                 Pennsylvania

Jasmine Deitrick                        Aberdeen                                 Maryland

Kayla Dishong                         Browndale                               Pennsylvania

Kyler Kephart                          Woodland                                Pennsylvania

Megan Krakosky                      Shavertown                              Pennsylvania

Kaitlyn Littzi                            Dallas                                      Pennsylvania

Moriah Lovell                          Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Jaime Martinek                        Greeley                                    Pennsylvania

Alexander Nallin* (H) (S)         Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Cassidy Payton                         Williamsport                            Pennsylvania

Victoria Pettinato (ABK)          Carbondale                              Pennsylvania

Tresa Savidge (ABK)               Danville                                   Pennsylvania

Kiran Singh                              Lords Valley                            Pennsylvania

Robert Thompson                     Courtdale                                 Pennsylvania               


Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Brendan Chandler                     Honesdale                                Pennsylvania

Samuel Hopkins                       Honesdale                                Pennsylvania

Aden Cardone                          Clarks Summit                         Pennsylvania

Brian Marianelli                       Taylor                                      Pennsylvania

John Wesnesky (H)                   Clarks Summit                         Pennsylvania

Architectural Drafting & Design Technology

Corey Desanto                         Jermyn                                     Pennsylvania

Rocco LaCapra                         Dunmore                                  Pennsylvania

Cody Mackin (S)                      Taylor                                      Pennsylvania

Evan Wilcox** (H) (S) (ABK)  Milanville                                Pennsylvania

Automotive Technology

Jason Chilko (H) (S)                 Bartonsville                             Pennsylvania

Justin Fay                                 Dunmore                                  Pennsylvania

Michael Fordham                     Greentown                               Pennsylvania

Keith Jacob                              Gouldsboro                              Pennsylvania

Zachary Kearney                      Greenfield Township                Pennsylvania

Colby Kogan                            Tobyhanna                               Pennsylvania

Allison Petty                            Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Jacob Price                               Throop                                     Pennsylvania

Michael Santarsiero                  Moscow                                   Pennsylvania

Michael Sklareski                     Archbald                                  Pennsylvania

Riley Teel                                Montrose                                 Pennsylvania

Nicholas Wilson                       Stillwater                                  Pennsylvania

Biomedical Equipment Technology

Hannah Acevedo                      Old Forge                                 Pennsylvania

Kelly Barron (ABK)                 Dickson City                            Pennsylvania

Vincent Bonello                       Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Nico Colachino                        Olyphant                                  Pennsylvania

James Goetz                             Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Tyler Nolan                               Olyphant                                  Pennsylvania

Blake Sphabmixay                    Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Benjamin Terry (H) (S) (ABK)  Richmondale                            Pennsylvania

Carpentry & Cabinetmaking Technology

Joshua Bilinski (C) (ABK)        Covington Township                Pennsylvania

Jonathon Dutter                        Greenfield Township                Pennsylvania

Carl Galavitz                            Carbondale                              Pennsylvania

Tyler Gries (H) (C) (ABK)        Honesdale                                Pennsylvania

Timothy Gromelski                  Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Spencer Jones                          Clarks Summit                         Pennsylvania

Fantajah LaRoche                     Carbondale                              Pennsylvania

Andres Ledee                           Pittston                                     Pennsylvania

Nathan McKane                       Archbald                                  Pennsylvania

Diesel Truck Technology

Nicholas Dutter                        Hudson                                    Pennsylvania

Michael Frey                            Barryville                                 New York

Austin Fromert                         Moscow                                   Pennsylvania

Antonio Gay                            Carbondale                              Pennsylvania

Joseph Ingraham (H) (M)          Binghamton                             New York

Vincent Kearney                      Taylor                                      Pennsylvania

Nicholas Neiger                        Narrowsburg                            New York

Dylan Rinker                            Canadensis                               Pennsylvania

Robert Rodriguez                     Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Electrical and Construction Technology

Jalen Alston                              Saylorsburg                              Pennsylvania

James Ambrosia                       Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Kyle Barrett                             Jessup                                      Pennsylvania

Matthew Calvey                       Clarks Summit                         Pennsylvania

Ethan Campbell (C)                  Shavertown                              Pennsylvania

Tyler Chesla                             Dalton                                      Pennsylvania

Devin Coombs                         Taylor                                      Pennsylvania

Philip Davitt (H) (S) (ABK)      Dickson City                            Pennsylvania

Brandon Doherty                      Archbald                                  Pennsylvania

Sean Eidenberg (ABK)             Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Jason Enger                              Lakeville                                  Pennsylvania

Luke Falcone (C)                      Dalton                                      Pennsylvania

Nicholas Ferraro                       Dunmore                                  Pennsylvania

Tyler Ford                                 Jermyn                                     Pennsylvania

Matthew Foytack (ABK)          Madison Township                   Pennsylvania

Liam Galloway                        Equinunk                                 Pennsylvania

Michael Hannah                       Dunmore                                  Pennsylvania

Jack Islas                                 Peckville                                  Pennsylvania

Peter Jakubiak                          Bartonsville                             Pennsylvania

Jonathon Kaville (M)                Old Forge                                 Pennsylvania

Ryan Lesh (ABK)                    Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Anthony Marsico                      Old Forge                                 Pennsylvania

Jack McCabe (D)                     Old Forge                                 Pennsylvania

Dondy Normil                          Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Nichole Nye (C)                       Archbald                                  Pennsylvania

Tyler Purdy                              Dalton                                      Pennsylvania

Patrick Redman                        Peckville                                  Pennsylvania

Alexander Reese                      Dunmore                                  Pennsylvania

Matthew Romanowski              Harding                                    Pennsylvania

Matthew Rosengrant (S)           Lake Ariel                                Pennsylvania

Derrell Sapp                             Honesdale                                Pennsylvania

Shawn Smith                            Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Jakob Snopkowski                    Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Calvin Sutcliffe                        Moosic                                     Pennsylvania

Anthony Tarantini                     Springbrook                             Pennsylvania

Matthew Urda                          Carbondale                              Pennsylvania

Shawn Van Fossen (C)             Plymouth                                 Pennsylvania

Zachary Walter (C)                   Clarks Summit                         Pennsylvania

Matthew Warden                      Dunmore                                  Pennsylvania

Gavin Williams                        Taylor                                      Pennsylvania

John Wilson                             Olyphant                                  Pennsylvania

Electronic Engineering Technology

Dominic Allan                         Dickson City                            Pennsylvania

Carla Bustamante                     Tobyhanna                               Pennsylvania

Alec Ciaglia                             Roaring Brook                         Pennsylvania

Cody Emrey                             Tobyhanna                               Pennsylvania

Jacob Hansen (H)                     Clarks Summit                         Pennsylvania

Matthew Parry                          Wilkes-Barre                            Pennsylvania

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Dante Clark                              Olyphant                                  Pennsylvania

Andrew Demming                    Scott Township                        Pennsylvania

Ken Francis                              Moosic                                     Pennsylvania

Joseph Healey (C) (ABK)         Throop                                     Pennsylvania

Ethan Hosier                            West Pittston                            Pennsylvania

Al-Mauriece Ingram                 Dunmore                                  Pennsylvania

Jordan Kazmierski                    Clifford Township                    Pennsylvania

Nicholas Klapatch                    South Abington Township        Pennsylvania

Omar Maldonado                     Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Damon Martin                          South Abington Township        Pennsylvania

John McDonald (H) (M)           Pittston                                     Pennsylvania

Michael Mondlak                     West Pittston                            Pennsylvania

Francis Moran                          Moosic                                     Pennsylvania

Jonathan Nicholoff                   Old Forge                                 Pennsylvania

Jake Norris                               Thornhurst                               Pennsylvania

Gage Nudo                               Wilkes-Barre                            Pennsylvania

Jamie Spindler                         Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Caleb Tratthen                         Scott Township                        Pennsylvania

Arthur Vitagliano                     Prompton                                 Pennsylvania

Daniel Walsh (ABK)                Spring Brook Township            Pennsylvania

Alec Yanisko (ABK)                Dunmore                                  Pennsylvania

Heavy Equipment Technology

Leonard Nardozzo                    Nanticoke                                Pennsylvania

Julia Price (H)                          Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS                       

Building & Property Maintenance

Joseph Church                          Hawley                                    Pennsylvania

Derek Segear                            Wilkes-Barre                            Pennsylvania

Welding Technology

Charles Atherton-Ely                Old Forge                                 Pennsylvania

Ethan Coffay                            Wilkes-Barre                            Pennsylvania

Xander Davis                           Honesdale                                Pennsylvania

Isabella DeFlice (D)                 Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Bilal Floyd                               Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Naim Kendricks                       Scranton                                  Pennsylvania

Kadin King                              Tunkhannock                           Pennsylvania

Jason Kutch                             Honesdale                                Pennsylvania

Conor Leone                            Milford                                    Pennsylvania

Cole Maciak                             Clarks Summit                         Pennsylvania

Luke Noble (D) (H)                  Milanville                                Pennsylvania

Kenneth Rought                       Carbondale                              Pennsylvania

Joseph Siggins                          Thompson                                Pennsylvania

Philip Sprong                           Honesdale                                Pennsylvania

Wesley Stetler                          Nicholson                                Pennsylvania

Abigail Tirva                            Clarks Summit                         Pennsylvania

(D) Dual Enrollment (H) Departmental Honors (S) Summa Cum Laude: GPA of 3.90 or HIGHER

(M) Magna Cum Laude: GPA 3.89 – 3.80 (C) Cum Laude: GPA 3.79 – 3.70

Based on GPA to December 2020 (ABK) Alpha Beta Kappa Member

* Recipient of Johnson College Award for Academic Excellence, Associate in Science

** Recipient of Johnson College Award for Academic Excellence, Associate in Applied Science

Alpha Beta Kappa (ABK) is the premier national collegiate honor society for trades and essential occupations. The society honors excellence not only in the classroom, but also in shop, studio, and laboratory study. Additionally, students must be a member of a student organization or club to become an Alpha Beta Kappa member.

The appearance of the degree candidate’s name does not verify satisfactory completion of degree requirements.

Johnson College provides real-world, hands-on learning in a supportive environment and prepares graduates to enter into or advance their careers. Johnson College degrees become essential careers. Johnson College was founded in 1912 and is the region’s only technical college, offering 17 associate degree and 4 academic certificate programs. A low student-to-instructor ratio supports an emphasis on hands-on learning. Located in Scranton on a 44-acre campus, the College is an accredited, private, non-profit, co-educational institution with a strong tradition of working with regional businesses and industries to ensure a skilled and qualified workforce. For additional information on Johnson College, please call 1-800-2-WE-WORK, email, or visit