Precision Software Innovations To Meet Restaurants Across the US

Precision Software Innovations has been developing technology solutions for the
hospitality and restaurant industry since 2009. The founder and CEO, Gino Piccolino is a
former restaurant owner and knows the struggles restaurant owners face on a daily
basis. That is why he created a company designed to help grow and improve
restaurants with their personalized solutions. They are currently set up in restaurants
across the US and Canada.

Precision offers an array of solutions for a variety of restaurant types. They are known
for their Cloud POS Systems, but they also offer 3rd party integration, Handheld Tablets,
Online Ordering/Branded Apps, a Management Platform on multiple formats, Self-
Service Kiosks and much, much more!

“Our team loves traveling to demo our products for restaurant professionals across
the country. It gives us the opportunity to show potential customers how we can
simplify their business and solve their daily challenges. We also get to network with a
range of business and integration partners that help us see new ways to improve our

In the upcoming weeks, Precision will be attending culinary and restaurant tradeshows
across the US showcasing their Cloud POS and other restaurant solutions to potential
clients. They will have their newest product, Self-Service Kiosk, on full display at all
tradeshows, which they offer in free standing, tabletop, counter and wall.

“Tradeshows allow us to meet a wide variety of restaurateurs who share their
experiences and how they operate.

As a result, it is a win-win for Precision since we gain new clients and use their
expertise to enhance our offerings.”