Regional Manufacturers Report Significant Results from NEPIRC Engagements

Throughout 2021, regional manufacturing firms attributed over $120 million in revenue impact, $11.7 million in cost savings and $21.2 million in expansion, modernization and workforce training to their successful engagements with the Northeastern Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center (NEPIRC). Those financial impacts allowed the firms to create and retain 1,200 full-time manufacturing jobs – bringing our region’s industrial employment to nearly 44,000. NEPIRC clients reported those impacts during surveys administered by the Fors Marsh Group under the guidance of the U.S. Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards & Technology.

As a result of the dynamic results reported by NEPIRC clients during 2021, the organization maintained its placement among the top performers in the Manufacturing Extension Partnership National Network. NEPIRC also received a Sliver Award for Excellence in Economic Development from the International Economic Development Council during the year.

“We’re proud of the impacts that our offerings have had upon our manufacturing clients during this critical time of rebound and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. These results speak to the expertise of our staff and the dedication of our manufacturers to continue to thrive amidst adversity, retain their existing workforce and create new good-paying jobs,” said Eric Joseph Esoda, NEPIRC’s President & CEO. “Our manufacturing economy has already returned to near pre-pandemic levels of employment and hundreds of job opportunities are still listed on our Manufacturing Job Board,” he added.

In addition to capturing client financial and employment impacts, the Fors Marsh survey process assessed NEPIRC client overall satisfaction levels and their reasons for choosing NEPIRC for their consultative service needs. Most NEPIRC clients partnered with NEPIRC due to their staff expertise, reputation for results, exclusive focus on the manufacturing sector or practical cost of services. NEPIRC’s Annual Impact Report can be found at > “Our Impact”.