The Country Club at Woodloch Springs Selected as Distinguished Golf Destination

The Country Club at Woodloch Springs, a nationally-recognized golf course in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, has been awarded the prestigious Distinguished Golf Destination award, as determined by the Annual Distinguished Golf Destinations award program conducted by BoardRoom magazine in partnership with Forbes Travel Guide.

For fine resorts, semi-private, daily fee, and public golf courses that operate at the highest standards, BoardRoom magazine’s entirely merit-based Distinguished Golf Destinations award program uses a facility-specific rating system that recognizes the facility, its management, and its staff based on a proprietary criteria and validation process that distills and measures a facility’s Exceptional Golf Experience.

As defined by Distinguished Golf Destinations, “Exceptional Golf Experience” is that special combination of “qualities” that a destination provides its golfers. It is not just the quality of service, of the facilities, nor of the product provided; it is also the quality of the staff and of the management. The most important quality, however, is that of the intangible. While difficult to measure, the latter is comprised of those magic moments experienced — the guests befriended, the memorable events attended, as well as the facilities’ traditions, history, and heritage proudly recognized at Woodloch Springs.

“On behalf of BoardRoom magazine in partnership with Forbes Travel Guide, we’d like to congratulate The Country Club at Woodloch Springs for earning Distinguished Golf Destination status for their efforts in providing an exceptional golf experience,” said John Fornaro, Publisher of BoardRoom magazine. “This is a great honor for the whole team at Woodloch Springs and the entire Woodloch family,” said John Pillar, PGA, Director of Golf at Woodloch. “We’ve always been proud of our club, and this recognition helps reinforce that.”

Woodloch Springs is one of three properties that encompasses Woodloch Resort, which also features an award-winning family resort (Woodloch Pines) and a luxury destination spa (The Lodge at Woodloch). Spanning 438 acres, the course features unparalleled views of scenic mountain landscape and manicured green. There is also a state-of-the-art driving range and 16-acre teaching and practice facility. The semi-private course is open to members and guests of Woodloch, and limited outside tee-times are available.

YMCA 2023 Summer Day Camp

The Greater Scranton YMCA’s 2023 Summer Day Camp Program kicks-off on June 12th! Early bird registration closes on March 24, 2023. To register for Summer Day Camp, visit the Y’s facility in Dunmore, Pennsylvania. To learn more about the program, check out the 2023 Summer Day Camp Handbook!

It is the goal of our YMCA to provide a healthy, safe and secure environment for all day camp participants. The YMCA teaches us core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Children who attend the program are expected to follow the behavior guidelines and to interact appropriately in a group setting.

The goal of the Greater Scranton YMCA programs is to build strong kids, strong families and strong communities. Our summer camp program reflects these values and is designed to help our campers grow mentally, physically and spiritually within a fun camp environment. Our trained camp staff leads campers in challenging activities that help your child grow and learn.

The goals and principles of the Summer Camp Program are firmly based on the specific objectives from which our programs operate. We work on developing these principles within each child and in how they interact and develop relationships with others. The principles of Summer Camp are:

  • The achievement of personal growth in spirit, mind and body
  • The formation and practice of socially constructive habits and attitudes
  • The development of an appreciation of nature and a love of the outdoor environment
  • The strengthening of family relationships through parent/guardian participation
  • To continue educational development through our Summer Learning Program

Character Development: At the Greater Scranton YMCA, character development and values are part of who we are. The Y is committed to embracing and demonstrating character through our four core values: caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Our goal is to challenge the children and staff to believe in and act on these positive values.

Caring: To love others; to be sensitive to the well-being of others, to help others.

Honesty: To tell the truth; to act in such a way that you are worthy of trust; to have integrity; making sure your choices match your values.

Respect: To treat others as you would have them treat you; to value the worth of every person, including yourself

Responsibility: To do what is right; what you ought to do; to be accountable for your behaviors and obligations.

The Greater Scranton YMCA is proud to incorporate QUEST into its Summer Day Camp Curriculum.  As staying mentally engaged during the three-month summer educational gap is crucial to the continued academic development of students, QUEST was created to help close the achievement gap. The innovative curriculum offers participants unique academic opportunities while engaging in increased social engagement. This combination provides the opportunity for students to meet, and sometimes exceed, grade level expectations come the beginning of their next school year. QUEST is generously supported by businesses contributing to the EITC Program.

Montage Mountain Hosts Music Monday

Montage Mountain Resort is hosting Music Monday on January 9, 2023.

Music Monday stage for a night of music from a genre that shaped the 90s and brought us many great bands and songs! Flannel embodies the grunge vibe playing songs from Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains, Rage Against the Machine. Montage Mountain is excited to jam with you starting at 7 p.m.

Marywood University Announces Dean’s List

Marywood University announces the regional students who were named to the Fall 2022 Dean’s List from each of its colleges, including the College of Health and Human Services, Insalaco College of Arts and Sciences, the and the Reap College of Professional Studies. Students who earn a semester GPA of 3.50-4.00 on 12 or more graded credits merit this academic honor. Students who believe they may have been omitted from this list in error should contact the Dean of their respective college. 

Regional students named to the Dean’s List from the College of Health and Human Services, as declared by Interim Dean Shelby W. Yeager, M.Ed., LAT, ATC, CSCS, include:

Joanna Aguirre, Wilkes Barre; Katelyn Ainey, Jessup; Mia Amorino, Friendsville; Ava Aulisio, Old Forge; Rachel Beidler, Scranton; Megan Bidwell, Honesdale; Alyssa Bollard, Kingsley; Vanessa Bompane, E Stroudsburg; Elizabeth Buczek, Tobyhanna; Branielle Butwin, Harding; Caroline Cadden, Scranton; Ariana Campbell, Scranton; Maria Castaldi, Moosic; Roxana Castillo, E Stroudsburg; James Cawley, Moscow; Izabella Chmil, Scott Twp; Samantha Christian, Pittston; Julia Cicco, Scranton; Bailey Cinamella, Covington Twp; Jose Collado, Scott Twp; Jenna Collins, Duryea; Sarah Connor, Scranton; Laci Connor, Archbald; Michael Cost, Scranton; Meadow Curyk, Scranton; Skylar Dearie, Carbondale; Molly Devine, Scranton; Talia Donati, Wyoming; Mandy Duplessis, Carbondale; Ayla Eckersley, Greentown; Gabrielle Eldridge, Nanticoke; Noah Fontanella, Archbald; Madison Fox, Dalton; Madelyn Franceski, Vandling; Skylar Gagnon, E Stroudsburg; Angela Genter, Scranton; Makayla Gregory, Waymart; Amanda Gross, Moscow; Nina Grushinski, Peckville; Kortney Harry, Noxen; Stephanie Hicks, Throop; Ashley Hrywnak, Spring Brook; Abbey Jackson, Olyphant; Kylee Jezorwski, Dunmore; Justice Johnson, Laceyville; Sarah Kagan, Hanover Twp; Tristen Kalt, Jermyn; Daelyn Karboski, Olyphant; Kathleen Kennedy, Dunmore; Julia Kistler, Scranton; Emma Kobylanski, Olyphant; Carissa Kopenis, Hanover Twp; Alyssa Kornish, Pittston; Athena Legates, Thompson; Kaylyn Lewis, Hallstead; Keanna Locatelli, Madison Township; Lily Mackarey, Archbald; Alyssa Marion, Peckville; Gianna Marturano, S Abingtn Twp; Morgan Mayne, Eynon; Erinn Messner, Temple; Skylar Milovcevich, Dingmans Fry; Lizbeth Moctezuma, Scranton; Emily Mondak, Peckville; Christina Monroe, Olyphant; Grace Murtagh, Olyphant; Allison Nealon, Clarks Green; Emily O’Brien, Montrose; Celeste Orchard, Lake Ariel; Rebecca Ottensman, Nanticoke; Alexis Overholtz, Dunmore; Nadia Palevac, Peckville; Sarah Pavlovicz, Scranton; Elizabeth Pfohl, Scranton; Nicole Piccoletti, Pittston Twp; Marzinete Pilch, Archbald; Jack Rafferty, Scranton; Yva-Marie Ramos-Febus, Scranton; Allison Rempe, Moosic; Spencer Renwick, New Milford; Camille Rillstone, Ransom Twp; Emily Rinaldi, Duryea; Tatiana Roldan, Milford; Gabrielle Roote, Tunkhannock; Jocelyn Ryan, Mountain Top; Tiara Sanchez, Scranton; Meredith Santiago, Scranton; Gracie Secor, Avoca; Olivia Sellers, Wyoming; Taylor Seprosky, Archbald; Bethany Serio, Archbald; Allison Sidiropoulos, Peckville; Riley Skelton, Honesdale; Sydney Skrutski, Archbald; Laura Slivinski, Scranton; Alysha Smigiel, Pittston; Meghan Smith, Duryea; Gianna Snell, Jermyn; Abigail Stalter, Jermyn; Megan Stledger, Jessup; Allison Strelecki, Kingston; Kacie Szczech, Dickson City; Oliwia Szumniak, Pocono Manor; Gesileny Taveras, Scranton; Rachel Totten, Milford; Marie Traverse, Milford; Emily Turlip, Archbald; Delaney Valinski, Waymart; Kirsten Van Louvender, Moscow; Sydney Vanorden, Scranton; Stephanie Ventura, Wilkes Barre; Nikolas Verdugo, Lake Ariel; Michaela Wall, Olyphant; Kathryn Walsh, Springbrook Township; Leigha Welsh, Honesdale; Kyra Wojtkielewicz, Moscow; Leah Zambetti, Yatesville; and Emma Ziminskas, Jessup.

Regional students named to the Dean’s List from the Insalaco College of Arts and Sciences, as declared by Dean Jeffrey Johnson, DMA, include:

Elizabeth Adams, Brackney; Madeline Adams, Brackney; Tatiana Amaral, Roaring Brook Township; Michael Antoniacci, Moosic; Paul Appolt, Scranton; Olivia Arcuri, S Abington Twp; Jason Ardan, Scranton; Nathaniel Armstrong, Clarks Summit; Cassidy Asinski, Waymart; Adele Banfield, Pocono Lake; Shannon Baransky, S Abingtn Twp; Gavin Beck, Moosic; Bria Beggin, Jessup; Emily Bergamino, Old Forge; Madison Bialy, Dickson City; Angel Bieloski, Thompson; Olivia Bloskey, Scranton; Marlena Bompane, E Stroudsburg; Logan Bowling, Luzerne; Margaret Breznay, Pittston Twp; Caitlyn Brown, Meshoppen; Emma Budnovitch, Roaring Brook Twp; Noah Budnovitch, Roaring Brook Twp; Max Burke, Dunmore; Eric Burnett, Eynon; Joel Cali, Old Forge; Olivia Canfield, Honesdale; Joseph Cardillo, Dunmore; Phoebe Cheesman, Dalton; Maxwell Christian, Scranton; Vito Ciullo, Scranton; Caroline Coar, Dunmore; Ryan Coleman, Archbald; Chloe Conway, S Abingtn Twp; Ariel Corrigan-Mills, Clarks Green; Seth Croll, Milford; Jacqueline Cunha, Scranton; Mardan Daurilas, East Stroudsburg; Francheliz De Jesus Correa, Carbondale; Ashley Deabreu, Henryville; Mia Demarco, Pittston; Sarah Demchak, Carbondale; Nichol Denison, Clarks Summit; Delayne Depietro, Archbald; Tehya Dietrich, Carbondale; Todd Dotter, Thornhurst; Madison Doyle, Throop; Kyle Driscoll, Roaring Bk Tp; Molly Driscoll, Roaring Bk Tp; Emily Duris, Monroe Twp; Myia Evans, Elmhurst Twp; Emma Eynon, Dunmore; Jaden Fedorchak, Carbondale; Nick Ferraro, Dickson City; Margaret Fields, Scranton; Bridgette Flannery, Lake Ariel; Samantha Frable, Scranton; Jennifer Gable, Kingston; Evan Gedrich, Scranton; Elizabeth Gething, Old Forge; Kaitlyn Gingerlowski, Scranton; Josh Godlewski, Taylor; Austin Griffith, Jefferson Twp; Priscilla Grill, Scranton; Colton Grohs, Dunmore; John Guichay, Scranton; Zohal Gul Mohammad, Scranton; Mason Gumble, Tafton; Mara Hamm, S Abingtn Twp; Natasya Handijaya, Scranton; Matthew Hartz, Hazleton; Caleah Hawley, Eynon; Tyler Hewett, Scott Township; Allison Hewitt, Meshoppen; Hunter Hildebrand, Waverly Twp; Sierra Holbert, Stroudsburg; Emma Holbrook, Clarks Summit; Marilyn Hoskins, Moosic; Zachary Houston, Exeter; Allison Huegel, Scranton; Colby Hughes, Scranton; Corey Iyoob, Jessup; Ty Jackson, Olyphant; Lindsey Jason, Olyphant; Aiyanna Jean, Canadensis; Gabriel Jenceleski, Nanticoke; Kyle Jenkins, Scranton; Jake Jones, Duryea; Kaeleb Jones, Honesdale; Olivia Kaschak, Archbald; Evangeline Kelly, Milford; Kaitlyn Kenney, Effort; Rebecca Klemovitch, Waymart; Eleanor Kloss, Sprng Brk Twp; Andrew Kohut, Dickson Cty; Ian Kovatch, Archbald; Diane Kraus, Covington Twp; Kathryn Kraycer, Peckville; Carrie Kraynak, Mountain Top; David Kuzmick, Blakely; Sara Labar, Scranton; Grace Lehman, White Haven; Kristen Lello, Avoca; Kamryn Liuzzo, Carbondale; Madison Loscombe, Scranton; Sarah Macdonald, Scranton; Catherine Maholick, Gouldsboro; Jaylene Maisonet, Tobyhanna; Nicholas Mancuso, Old Forge; Vanessa Mancuso, Olyphant; Aubrey Mangan, Scranton; Marissa Manza, E Stroudsburg; Kelsey Martin, Honesdale; Nelly Martinez, Scranton; Noah Mauro, Carbondale; Sara McCormack, Scranton; Allison McDermott, Lake Ariel; Willow McDonald, S Abingtn Twp; Grace McDonald, Avoca; Jordyn McDonough, Spring Brook Township; Nathan McLane, Scranton; Nicole Melesky, Olyphant; Kirsten Melton, Shickshinny; Alayna Miller, Shavertown; Nevica Molinaro, Taylor; Jillian Mooney, Dunmore; Paige Morgan, Olyphant; Isabelle Morris, Hallstead; Samantha Mushak, Scranton; Rebecca Navin, Forty Fort; Shania Nelson, Scranton; Kaitlyn Newberry, Jessup; Bethany Newell, Mountain Top; Alex Ni, Moscow; Joseph Nocera, Old Forge; Lauren O’Brien, Pittston; Thomas O’Keefe, Milford; Emily Orlando, Scranton; Nick Oruska, Montrose; Molly Owings, Clarks Summit; Jessica Palauskas, Scranton; Michelle Pan, Stroudsburg; Polina Pastushenko, Scranton; Thi Ai Lien Phung, Scranton; Kaya Pickering, Hunlock Creek; Gabrielle Ponce, Scott Twp; Angel Popko, Dickson City; Vanessa Pruzinsky, Olyphant; Savannah Purdy, Sweet Valley; Maria Quinones, Scranton; Emily Raffaele, E Stroudsburg; Jessica Raharjo, Scranton; Jacob Rasimovich, Scranton; Brandon Reed, Taylor; Joanna Regalbuto, Lake Ariel; Jenna Reilly, Archbald; Fiona Reinhard, Kunkletown; Natalie Rinaldi, Tobyhanna; Sawyer Rippon, South Abington Township; Jalieza Rivera-Cordova, Scranton; Abigail Robson, Old Forge; Nikki Rosiak, Taylor; Madelynn Ross, Wyoming; Elizabeth Rothwell, Factoryville; Kelly Royer, Weatherly; Emma Rushworth, Meshoppen; Ashley Rusinko, Tunkhannock; Mahnoor Sami, Jessup; Breanna Sanon, Cresco; Maricruz Saucedo, Old Forge; Lia Schwenk, Dunmore; Alexander Shields, Scott Twp; Carl Shygelski, Taylor; Todd Snyder, Meshoppen; Julian Sochoka, Covington Twp; Shannon Sohl, Lake Ariel; Alexandra Solimine, Lake Ariel; Sage Sott, Hughestown; Dax Sowul, Tobyhanna; Lillie Spencer, Hunlock Creek; Eric Spivak, Scranton; Merison Stecik, Taylor; Kailey Stevenson, Montrose; Ruiwen Su, Dunmore; Jonelle Symonies, Carbondale; Vicky Tang, Scranton; Courtney Toroni, Peckville; Nicola Veniamin, Waverly Township; Anthony Viscomi, Scranton; Elizabeth Vito, Dupont; Lilly Vito, Dupont; Julia Walsh, Scranton; Breanna Walsh, Scranton; Isabella Watson, Honesdale; Colby White, Jermyn; Taylor White, Scranton; Abigail Wilson, Scranton; Samantha Wilson, Dickson City; Zachary Witte, Lakeville; Caitlynn Woyshnar-Hunsinger, Scranton; Drew Yanni, Scranton; Lauren Youngken, E Stroudsburg; Rachel Zarubski, Dunmore; and Jenna Zerilli, Effort.

Regional students named to the Dean’s List from the Reap College of Professional Studies, as declared by Dean James J. Sullivan, M.ARCH, RA, AIA, include:

Annabel Adams, Brackney; Mariah Addis, Peckville; Rye Ahronson, Scranton; Alex Amorine, Lake Ariel; Adam Anderson, Berwick; Michael Aronica, Scranton; Zoe Badner, Greentown; Danielle Banfield, Pocono Lake; Jack Baronski, Peckville; Jake Barrett, Peckville; Lauren Beemer, Dalton; William Berlew, Courtdale; David Biscontini, Shavertown; Kiarra Bonning, Harding; Maxwell Brewer, Scranton; Alesha Buchleitner, Covington Township; Caitlyn Burdick, Waymart; Colin Burke, Carbondale; Jacob Burkhart, Old Forge; Ava Butcher, Pittston; Brianna Campbell, Jessup; Ashley Capone, Scranton; Jordan Carty, Mount Pocono; Maria Cicerini, Jefferson Twp; Jake Ciullo, Scranton; Olivia Ciullo, Dunmore; Isabella Coleman, Factoryville; Brianna Conniff, Archbald; Christopher Conserette, Peckville; Douglas Cooke, Throop; Julianna Cotroneo, Blakely; Layla Crane, Duryea; Shannon Croll, Milford; Dhan Dahal, Scranton; Joel Decarli, Archbald; Gianna DiPietro, Dunmore; Jacob Dolinish, Scranton; Macrina Dolinish, Old Forge; Collin Dougherty, Shavertown; Collin Eisenhower, Sugarloaf; Samantha Farry, Scranton; Dominique Ferraro, Jessup; Landon Firmstone, Waymart; Lucas Flederbach, Honesdale; Alison Fortuner, Carbondale; Jolie Fraggetta, Milford; Denville Francis, Tobyhanna; Abagaile Gerba, Scotrun; Riley Gibbons, Eynon; Hadley Gilbert, Mayfield; David Girman, Dupont; Frank Golden, Dunmore; Daniel Gomez, Scranton; Kelsey Green, Nescopeck; Alyssa Green, Nescopeck; Nathan Grosvenor, Kingsley; Madison Guelho, Stroudsburg; Sophia Guerriero, Berwick; Destiny Hallock, Throop; Caleb Hamm, Scranton; Shawna Heckman, Old Forge; Alex Hernandez, Wilkes-Barre; Samantha Howey, Honesdale; Michael Ingenito, Scranton; Bo Judson, S Abingtn Twp; Julia Kanavy, Archbald; Connor Kelleher, Clarks Summit; Larry Kendricks, Scranton; Iain Kerrigan, Old Forge; Megan Kielar, Taylor; Sarah Kinback, Factoryville; Elsa Kovatch, Archbald; Rachel Kranick, Scranton; Matthew Kubasti, Hunlock Creek; Madison Kuzdro, Peckville; Becca Laboranti, Olyphant; Samantha Labrosky, Taylor; Connor Laity, Lake Ariel; Matthew Lastauskas, Waverly Twp; Thomas Lee, Scranton; Sage Lesh, Scranton; Jeremy Liptai, Scranton; Tristan Luczak, Hanover Twp; Isabella Luongo, Old Forge; Kathleen Lynott, N Scranton; Connor Madsen, Matamoras; Mia Mandarano, Dunmore; Brooke Manley, Old Forge; Justin Mantilla, Blakeslee; Nina Markle, South Abington Township; James Marsh, Duryea; Lauren Matarazzo, Milford; Alexandra Matyjevich, Sprng Brk Twp; Michael McCann, Dallas; Kaitlin McConnell, Mayfield; Ann Marie McGrogan, Hazleton; Nicolas Mendez, Mount Pocono; Christina Mercadante, Duryea; Giavana Mercatili, Archbald; Thomas Milewski, Jefferson Twp; Dennis Miley, East Stroudsburg; Shayne Mizok, Scott Township; Kevin Morales, Scranton; Owen Morgan, Jermyn; Riley Mulherin, S Abingtn Twp; Donia Nazmy, Wilkes Barre; Joshua Neary, E Stroudsburg; Rachael North-Mozda, Olyphant; Alexandria O’Halloran, Jessup; Caitlin Pagnotti, Scranton; Manshi Patel, Scranton; Het Patel, Danville; Megan Pavlowski, Dunmore; Casey Penzone, Jermyn; Corey Perkins, Clarks Summit; Ava Perrins, Throop; Kailee Perry, Carbondale; Matthew Pfohl, Scranton; Morgan Phillips, Shohola; Isabella Pliska, Jermyn; Alexis Pliska, Jermyn; Tyler Prudente, Scott Township; Joshua Quijada, Long Pond; Ashley Reddock, Eynon; Dimitri Reggie, Lake Ariel; Elyse Rehder, Clarks Summit; Elizabeth Rembecki, S Abingtn Twp; John Russo, Milford; Haneet Saini, Scranton; Amanda Sakulich, Jessup; Abigail Sankus, Wilkes Barre; Mia Santarelli, Archbald; Mackenzie Senatore, Dunmore; Jada Siino, Newfoundland; Gradon Silva, Sprng Brk Twp; Amandeep Singh, Lake Ariel; Matthew Smith, Old Forge; Olivia Smith, Archbald; Miranda Smith, Luzerne; Gabrielle Snee, Olyphant; Elizabeth Stone, Old Forge; Andrew Straka, Peckville; Milana Straub, Scranton; Ryan Strony, Dickson City; Michael Strouse, Stroudsburg; Emily Tansley, Scranton; Samantha Thomas, Factoryville; Gabrielle Troch, Newfoundland; Faith Ursich, Union Dale; Kaylee Urso, Taylor; Tyler Utnick, Effort; Robert Vanbrunt, Covington Twp; Ethan Verne, Covington Twp; Caleb Vigil, Mayfield; Nick Vilogi-Slayton, Jessup; Jillian Vito, Dupont; Lauren Walsh, Jessup; Natasha Walton, Moscow; Olivia Watson, Bethany; Elizabeth Williams, Honesdale; Brenda Zakarias, Scranton; and Anna Zuby, Peckville.

Online Voting Open in PennDOT District 4

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) District 4 invites the public to vote on 13 plows decorated by Lackawanna, Luzerne, Pike and Susquehanna counties high school students as part of the annual Paint the Plow program.

Paint the Plow is a statewide outreach aimed at promoting winter driving safety and fostering appreciation for high school art programs and student creativity.

Earlier this year, PennDOT invited students to paint plow blades based on the statewide theme “Put Down the Device in Snow and Ice.” The theme was chosen to draw attention to the need for motorists to give driving their full attention and eliminate distractions, like cell phones, especially during winter weather events.

Teens/students from 13 high schools participated.

After a two-year hiatus, members of the public are once again invited to vote for their favorite plow. This year, voting will be done through the PennDOT website at: Voters should click on the Paint the Plow icon which will redirect them to a survey site where they can pick their favorite plow.

The plow photo that receives the most votes between today, January 3, 2023 and Tuesday, January 10, 2023 will be deemed the “Fan Favorite.”

Schools and participants are encouraged to share the link to the contest to promote voting. PennDOT will post the pictures on statewide and regional Facebook and Twitter accounts, however, responses on social media will not count toward the voting totals.

During the winter weather season, the blades will be used to maintain area roadways. Along with the “Fan Favorite” award, the blades are also eligible for the “Judges’ Pick” honor that will be determined by PennDOT personnel.

Motorists can check conditions on major roadway miles by visiting 511PA, which is free and available 24 hours a day, provides traffic delay warnings, weather forecasts, traffic speed information, and access to more than 1,000 traffic cameras.

511PA is also available through a smartphone application for iPhone and Android devices, by calling 5-1-1, or by following regional Twitter alerts accessible on the 511PA website.

Subscribe to PennDOT news and traffic alerts in Lackawanna, Luzerne, Pike, Susquehanna, Wayne and Wyoming counties at

Information about infrastructure in District 4, including completed work and significant projects, is available at

Follow local PennDOT news on Twitter and like the department on Facebook and Instagram.

MEDIA CONTACT: Jessica Ruddy, 570.963.4044

Johnson College Earns Designation by Pennsylvania Department of Education

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has designated Johnson College as a “Hunger-Free Campus.” This pilot program, spearheaded by Pennsylvania First Lady, Frances Wolf, aims to build a coalition of colleges and universities focused on addressing hunger and other basic needs for their students.

Johnson College received the designation in October before becoming eligible to apply for grant funding through the Department of Education to support student initiatives to address food security.

“We know that food and other basic need insecurities act as barriers that hamper our students’ abilities to focus on their education,” Amy Driscoll McNulty said. Amy is currently the Associate Director of Student Success at Johnson College and will lead the campus-wide initiative. “With this designation and related efforts moving forward, our goal is to lessen or remove those barriers, increase awareness of resources, and provide healthy food options so that students spend less time worrying about their next meal and more time pursuing their educational goals.”

According to national studies, over one-third of students know someone who dropped out of college due to food insecurity during the pandemic, and roughly 52 percent of students who faced food or housing insecurity in 2020 did not apply for support because they did not know how. Colleges and universities across the country are taking steps to address these issues.

Students who may need assistance at Johnson College may stop into the Office of Counseling and Disability Services in the Moffat Student Center on campus to access the student food pantry and to discuss other options and resources such as local food banks and the State’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

For more information about this initiative, visit