Barry Isett & Associates Appoints New Positions

Brandon Trate

Founded in 1977, Barry Isett & Associates has expanded its multi-discipline engineering and consulting services to enrich local communities and provide all-encompassing services for its clients. Over years of growth, the company’s shared values of service, balance, team, and ownership have remained at the forefront. Since its establishment in Lehigh Valley over 45 years ago, Isett has expanded to nine offices and 250+ associates.

Chris Kotch

To support company growth and client success, Isett has appointed three associates to assume new positions across several offices. Brandon Trate, PG will assume the role of Vice President of the Lehigh Valley Region. Mr. Trate, former Vice President of the Field Division, has extensive knowledge across environmental, forensic, geotechnical, survey, construction materials testing, and project management disciplines. As Vice President of the Lehigh Valley Region, Mr. Trate will provide executive-level project and client management across Isett’s multi-discipline services. Formerly serving as Isett’s Vice President of the Southeast PA Region, Chris Kotch, PG, will assume the position of Vice President of the Field Division. Mr. Kotch brings years of experience in environmental sciences along with client and project management. Mr. Kotch will be overseeing Isett’s Environmental Consulting, Forensic Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Survey, and Construction Materials Testing departments and services.

Erin Burke

“I am excited for my new role as Vice President of the Field Division and look forward to supporting our field services and client’s success,” Mr. Kotch shared.

With over 20 years of experience in marketing and client management, Erin Burke will serve as the company’s Vice President of the Southeast Pennsylvania Region. As a Delaware Valley native, Ms. Burke emphasizes her support of the local community and is engaged within the region. As Vice President, Ms. Burke will focus on providing executive-level communication and oversee the management of multi-disciplines projects.