HRC Director of CPS Services to Attend Capacity Building Institute

Allison Daniels

Human Resources Center, Inc.’s Director of Community Participation Support (CPS) Services, Allison Daniels, has been accepted into the Capacity Building Institute’s (CBI) 2022 program. The Capacity Building Institute is a training program provided by the Office of Developmental Programs (OPD) and Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS). The curriculum will be presented by ODP Medical Director, Dr. Gregory Cherpes, and Dr. Beth Carol to a select group of professionals.

The CBI’s goal is to address how to assist individuals with a dual diagnosis (individuals with an intellectual disability and a co-occurring mental illness) lead more fulfilling and well-rounded lives. According to ODP, the program seeks to educate service providers on best practices through “training, integration of knowledge into practice, and opportunities to build a statewide cohort to work together to effect change and build capacity.” Training topics will include healing lifestyle and social therapy, biographical timelines, impact of trauma, psychotherapeutic interventions, psychopharmacology and diagnosis, creative and expressive therapies, and Functional Behavioral Analysis.

Allison Daniels, M.Psych (Clinical) and licensed behavior specialist, will be the third HRC staff to complete the CBI training. As Director of CPS Services, Allison oversees a variety of programs that support individuals of the intellectual and developmental disability community. The CBI training curriculum will not only offer Allison the ability to expand her dual diagnosis knowledge, but also share the information learned with her team. Regarding her interest in the CBI, Allison remarks, “Many people struggle with both diagnoses and the pandemic has certainly exacerbated mental health conditions. I’m excited to gain more knowledge in this field of work.”

HRC Inc. values continued education and is proud of Allison’s display of drive and ambition. The agency would like to congratulate Allison on her acceptance into the CBI program and wish her luck as she learns alongside industry professionals. HRC Inc. looks forward to supporting Allison in her latest academic endeavor.