WVIA Receives SAGE Impact Award for Community Outreach

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The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce announced WVIA as the recipient of the Impact Award for Community Outreach at this year’s SAGE Awards.

“WVIA is honored to receive this award,” said Carla McCabe, President/CEO of WVIA. “We are uniquely positioned to be able to help businesses and organizations collaborate, convene, and discuss the issues that face our region, and we are proud to use our resources to help serve as a catalyst to improve the quality of life in our communities.”

The SAGE Impact Award for Community Outreach recognizes creative expansion, collaborations, or adaptations within a business or organization for the purpose of addressing significant community needs. 

In the past year, WVIA produced over 80 hours of original television content and developed a news department to cover local stories. WVIA serves the citizens of the greater Scranton area by providing thoughtful and insightful programs that bring together area experts, leaders, and change agents to inform and educate audiences about the important topics facing our region and to create a platform for positive change. WVIA focuses most of its creative energy, time, and financial resources on creating these programs as they help further WVIA’s mission: WVIA educates, inspires, entertains and fosters citizenship, diverse cultures, and perspectives to nurture community.

In the past year, WVIA partnered with over 100 community organizations, highlighting the issues that are important to the people of the region and providing answers and resources to our community’s most pressing questions. WVIA News has highlighted stories of our region and brought them national attention, having been featured on NPR stations across the country multiple times.

Putting together these programs requires a large investment on the station’s part. Thousands of staff hours and thousands of dollars were invested, all with the goal of better informing our region and building connections for greater prosperity.

About The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce

Established in 1867, The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce is the largest business network in northeastern Pennsylvania, with more than 1,500 member companies representing a variety of businesses.  By becoming a Chamber member you become part of a community of businesses that seeks to ensure a high quality of life for all those living and working in the region.

In addition to traditional Chamber services, such as networking, referrals, and cost-saving programs, The Chamber is also the parent organization to a number of affiliates. These affiliates support economic development, provide small business lending services, facilitate leadership development programs and guide workforce development initiatives.

The Chamber and its family of affiliates support our members’ success, creating opportunities for the region and helping business owners and executives address the issues they face each day.